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You, together with other lifestreams in embodiment today who have come to a point of illumination where you at least believe in cosmic beings, ascended masters & angelic host & in the ability of a God-free being to speak thru one in unascended form who has been prepared to receive our words, you today have been freed from much of the accumulation of this psychic substance of discord before mentioned. Were this not so your mental bodies would be so closed & locked against the vibratory action of the ascended host that for you we would have no reality at all. Think of the millions of people who dwell in large cities & yet the I AM student body in those places who believe in us represent just a mere handful of people as it were. So, you may know that your four lower bodies are much more purified than the mass of mankind because of your faithful use of the violet flame all thru the years. This purifying activity of the violet fire is much more scientific & exact than any of the so-called sciences in your outer physical world today. This law is not only bsed upon but is actually God's truth in itself!

This instruction is simply the law of energy & vibration. Energy which is life is the body of God Himself & is everywhere present. Vibration sets that energy into action. The rate of vibration at which energy is caused to move determines the type of manifestation it will produce. So it is simply a matter of consciously governing the rates of vibration at which you allow your life to express, raising or lowering it by your attention upon that which you wish to draw into your world. Disease & distress of every kind are produced in your world by allowing your energies to vibrate too slowly. On the other hand the perfection which comes with God-mastery of your own life constantly flowing into & thru you can also be produced for you by keeping your attention upon constructive activities & qualities of life which bring to you God-mastery. To this end are we ready & willing to give to you at your call our feelings & actual substance qualified with our masterful feelings of victory. In order to be able to serve you thus we must have your attention rhythmically upon us for a few moments each day as your attention upon us is the open door into your world & gives us entrance into your energies there. Giving your attention to us & our perfection every day together with your faithful daily use of the violet transmuting flame will keep vibrations of your physical & inner bodies vibrating rapidly enough to repel slower rates of destructive human consciousness.

To have the benefit of the full release of perfection from your Holy Christ Self you must speed up the vibrations of each of your four lower bodies to their highest possible potential. Your emotional body is the largest of your four lower vehices & it contains about 80% of the energies of outer consciousness. It extends the farthest out from the physiucal form & therefore is the first one which is touched by the energies of the outer world. Therefore ofttimes you feel the pressure of emotional irritation long before thought itself is able to distinguish from when that feeling came, whether it was from your own world or the world of another.

The protection one receives from the use of the Tube of Light is so important here as its presence shields one's world from the destructive creations in the atmosphere in which he or she must move in this octave. This Tube of Light is instantly & perfectly formed about you when you call to your own beloved I AM Presence to do so. Were you to remain wholly harmonious thereafter within it that Tube of Light would be an invincible & eternal protection to you. However, since you have complete use of your God-given gift of freewill you may qualify energy any way you please. Then when you are inharmonious in thought, feeling, spoken word & deed it is broken thru & you are agin vulnerable to those destructive creations made up of lower vibrations of distress about you.

Your Tube of Light is not only a protection but can also be qualified as a magnet of light which will draw to you any & all good you may require to make you able to fulfill your divine plan more easily & express more of the glory of God's kingdom here on Earth. Please experiment with this, dear friends! Stay with the project of magnetizing one particular God-virtue of expression until it has manifested thru you & your world. You may also intensify your protection by calling to enfold your outer form in the luminous Presence in blazing white light of beloved Jesus, myself or any other ascended master. This not only protects you from discords in which you move but it also increases your feelings of mastery & acts as a magnet to draw to you the good you desire & require to fulfill your reason for being.

Always remember that the drive & power of the human will alone may bring temporary accomplishment for you but that will not be permanently sustained! However, you may freely express any God-virtue or perfection you desire by calling to the particular master who is the victorious embodiment of that virtue & at your call he or she will fill your emotional body with his or her grace & feeling of that virtue so that thereafter that grace & virtue become your own! In this way you more quickly build a pressure of the feeling of that God-virtue from inside yourself which will radiate forth to the mankind of Earth especially those whom you contact directly.

In general mankind are a very unhappy lot! If you could see from inner levels as we do the tears which flow & the cries & feelings of despair which radiate out from just one large city in one day you would know more of what I mean. Mankind has sought happiness along every avenue of emotional indulgence & pastime, in mental & physical impurity, but there is no permanent happiness for any lifestream until one finally comes again before the throne of his own divinity & humbly makes the complete surrender of his outer self thereto, until he asks the Father of life to illumine him as to his reason for being & allows his mental body to receive the reply from his Presence which reply will flow forth as ideas & illumination to his outer mind. Then the emotional body should develop those ideas in loving grateful enthusiasm, the etheric body should register them within its substance & the outer consciousness thru the physical body should make those ideas & instructions practical, bringing them into form which can be used for the blessing of all. We would appreciate it so much if you were to continue to call for the purification & illumination of the people of this planet & ask your own beloved I AM Presence to make you actual radiating suns of the feelings of God's divine love, light & happiness. Think often of the feeling of happiness which floods your own I AM Presence whenever it remembers that this is your last embodiment here & that you will soon be coming home into its heart to go out no more! Think upon the feelings of happiness of beloved Sanat Kumara in his recent freedom from his exile of millions of years upon this dear Earth. Think also upon the happiness of his beloved twin flame lovely Venus as well as the happiness of their people when at last their great Lord returns triumphant to his own star! Think of the happiness of the soul when it is freed from the heavy garment of flesh which it had worn so long!

Please, dear friends, please stay with the expanding of your feelings of happiness consistently for let us say just seven days & see what wonders it will work in your own world & environment. Your ability to hold peace against outer pressure of discordantly qualified energy which you contact from day to day will determine your mastery over your emotional world. Be alert against allowing to act in or thru your world the feelings of sudden anger or depression, also do not allow yourself to resurrect from your etheric body the hurts, seeming injustices, disillusionments & disappoints of this life alone, let alone those you have previously lived! Permit entrance into your mind only those pictures & ideas which will increase your capacity for happiness & which will enable you to bless life you contact with harmony & peace, thus also increasing your capacity to hold the immaculate concept for all you meet. This is not easy because for ages your blessed senses have judged according to appearances.

Now won't you please let me help you to arise into the dignity & mastery of feeling which completely controls those four lower bodies? So often we have seen students making application in such a haphazard manner, endeavoring to cover too many points of mastery at once. It is far better to stay with one application until one has mastered that particular virtue. As a result of so doing the feelings of confidence & victory which would enter those four lower bodies would be the reward in themselves for endeavors made. Now for just a moment let us return to a contemplation of the electron within the atom. Our beloved St. Germain has been desirous for so long of giving you visual instruction, for this is so much more efficacious. also were we now able to use the cosmic screen & project certain pictures upon it for your instruction it would be so very helpful. However, until such future blessings to the race are available we shall have to make use of the things of this world with which you are familiar.

If the attention of that individual is turned outward & allowed to rest upon & agree with the discord of the outer world in the mass consciousness of mankind that attention draws those discordant appearances & radiations into the four lower bodies. Eventually this forms an accumulation of heavy psychic substance which by the very force of such feelings sent out by the lifestream is actually wedged in between electrons slowing down their vibratory action so that they cannot spin at their natural rate of speed. this weight of discord has a very depressing effect upon the feelings of the four lower bodies which of course slows down the vibratory action of the individual's consciousness. Dear ones, the naturally rapid motion of electrons & their balanced rhythm which was originally set up by your Holy Christ Self is the vibration which makes & keeps your physical body buoyant, luminous & capable of wielding the powers of instantaneous precipitation; all powers which have been stored within your own Causal body may be drawn forth into the use of the outer self when it has been purified enough. This also makes a channel for the release into this octave of every God-activity & gift from the heart of the universal. However, when thought & feeling worlds of an individual are filled with vibrations of heaviness & depression which are always floating about in Earth's atmosphere, can you comprehend how much of that psychic substance is drawn into the four lower bodies thru magnetic power of one's attention?

I AM sure you have all had the experience of leaving yur home feeling perfectly well & happy. Then upon stepping out of your home & perhaps just walking down the street or entering some public conveyance suddenly it seemed as though you were enveloped in a cloud of some unhappy pressure of energy which feeling was not your own, for you did not know its presence until you contacted the world of others. When this has taken place it simply means that electrons within the atoms of your various bodies have been slowed down by the very weight of this pressure & your whole world is thus uncomfortably affected. Should such a thing happen to you in the future just square your shoulders & holdinging yourself in a positive attitude call again silently for your Tube of Light protection & use the violet transmuting flame up, in, thru & around you within that tube of Light protection. Of course if uninterrupted harmony were to be consistently held within that tube such light would be an invincible & eternal protection to you so that such tramp thoughts could not enter your world. You see, it is much easier to bar the door to your consciousness & protect it by the use of the Tube of Light than it is to get rid of such tramp thoughts once they have gained entrance into your consciousness.

Your Tube of Light can be of tremendous assistance to you by holding free from the discord of the outer world all substance & energy of your four lower bodies which must live, move & have their being in the lower atmosphere of Earth at this time. Thus the energies within that protective Tube of Light may be qualified with any God-quality you desire. You may ask your own beloved I AM Presence to completely saturate all energies of your world with any God-quality & make you a radiating center of its Presence & power to all you contact. As we have said, in addition to this you may call to some ascended master to charge your world with his own consciousness, feeling & fully-gathered momentum of that same quality. For a long time you have been calling forth & using your Tubes of Light as a protective feild of action, as a negative activity shall we say, protection from the impact & intrusion into your worlds of lower & astral realms of this planet. Now let us use it also as a positive radiating center to carry forth to mankind from your worlds the gifts & blessings they require so much. Thus you become a sun of radiating Christ-virtue right here while still unascended. Then watch your feelings & do not allow them to go off on a tangent from their assignment of holding & radiating happiness, for because of long habits of themselves they may choose rather to play with those feelings of rebellion & resentment.

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