Beloved ones, occasionally the great cosmic law allows us the privilege of drawing back the veil in order to reveal some memories of the past for just one reason, to give encouragement to the builders of the new world of today by making them realize that the builders of yesterday had similar trials, doubts & crucifixions of the outer self. The foundations of the great religions of the world were laid by the builders of yesterday who at that time were unascended beings like yourselves. Yet those great religions still stand today drawing multitudes into their teachings & therefore are a manifestation of the fact that humble & imperfect lives--sincere & willing to serve--while yet imperfect can at least begin the impetus which will later develop into greater & greater glory to God by service to man now & in ages yet to come. You see, I personally know something about this, for I too was once such an imperfect one. I was born of strong spiritual parentage but raised as you so well know in the Egyptian court of great ease & luxury. Thru that experience I knew the comfort which comes with luxury & authority. However, during that time there began to stir within my heart a certain restlessness of feeling which I later discovered was to arouse me into outer action to use certain powers of my own lifestream in order to be able to accomplish the tremendous task of bringing Israel out of bondage & the bringing of those people back to the worship of the One True God.

You will remember that after leaving the Egyptian court I spent much time in restless wandering in the desert. I seemed unable to fathom either the reason for that feeling of restlessness within my heart or to realize the real purpose for my being. One day the great cosmic angel of Unity, Micah, visited me in the desert. When he had parted the human veil for me & enabled me to understand the commands which were given me as to how I was to go before Pharaoh & his court to demand the release of the Israelites from their bondage in that land I was not only amazed but somewhat frightened as well, for in that embodiment as Moses of which I speak I was not eloquent of tongue. Right there I fell to my knees & said, "O Lord of Life! Send someone more qualified than I to persuade the might of Pharaoh!" Yet thru my acceptance of the truth in beloved Micah's tremendous message of the hour that the true name of God was I AM I was filled with sufficient strength, courage & power to return to Egypt & utilize those powers which were mine. So thru the assistance of the great angel Micah & my use of his instruction in the performing of various miracles which are chronicled in your Bible for your reading the chains of slavery were loosed from those people & we were able to leave the land of Egypt.

Until we had traveled quite a distance into the wilderness I had not realized that those Israelites did not come with me because they either believed my vision or because they thought I was a messenger of God. I found that they came out with me because they saw no other way out of bondage! So when the Israelites came to the place where the blazing sun heated desert sands so that they blistered soles of their feet & when we came to a place where that vast multitude had neither food nor water, I knew what it meant to feel resentments of reluctant energies of people & thousands of voices crying out in disappointment. During those times when I was the target for so much of their resentment & rebellion I knelt often before the Lord of Hosts & prayed for assistance will all my heart. In answer to those prayers & calls for help the water sprang forth from the very rock itslf, as you have often read, & manna fell from heaven! Thus were our physical needs immediately & satisfactorily met & we were able to survive.

Beloved Micah told me that we were to spend some time in the wilderness preparing for our entrance into the promised land. To this end he instructed me to ascend to the top of Mount Sinai where I would receive from God the law by which to govern this people. When those who were willing to accept this purification & spiritual instrtuction were ready to enter the promised land they would then come with a greater realization of the truth of the Word of God, acceptance of His reality & a desire to worship Him only. At the command of angel Micah I obeyed & ascended Mount Sinai where I received & recorded upon actual rock which was there the law for that cycle. While I was thus engaged right back into thoughts & feelings of the world of form, fleshpots of Egypt & worshipping of idols which they had known went my blessed people again!

Today you stand at about the same place as I stood then. There are more than three billions of people in embodiment on this Earth today chafing under chains of sorrow, sickness, lack & limitations of every conceivable description, & all calling for relief from their distress. Were you to suddenly loose them all from their chains after a short while you would know what I mean when I say that you will remember me & my experience in the coming days! When the weight of shackles is taken from their wrists, when they are able to stand erect again & when the greatest of the discomforts are alleviated, then will you see just how far they will go in pleading for spiritual enlightenment! Because I know so well the tendencies of outer human consciousness I come to you today to offer my assistance in advance so that where I suffered much, you need not if you will heed my words & give me opportunity to assist you. If you will so invite me, I shall move with you & bring you victory, beloved friends, helping you to be poised & controlled in my feeling of happiness as you henceforth begin to create & endeavor to sustain an atmosphere of happiness about you at all times.

Perhaps you would like to use a decree something like this: "Beloved mighty victorious Presence of Almighty God I AM right within my beating heart, I love your happiness! Help me this day & always to dedicate my life, all energies of my entire being to the drawing forth & surrounding myself with your flame of God-happiness. Saturate my entire being & world with its substance & feeling & help me to enfold all life I contact this day in its glorious radiance of golden flame from the heart of beloved Lord Ling, God of Happiness. Keep this eternally sustained, all-powerfully active & ever-expanding until all are wholly ascended & free!" If you will make this call earnestly & consistently every day, giving me your attention for a few moments so that I may answer it for you, I assure you that you will soon come to a point where rather than allowing discordant energies of the outer world to touch you when you enter the atmosphere of others, the radiation of your energy will be master control of all life you contact.

By some daily attention upon first your own beloved I AM Presence & then myself magnetize the feeling of happiness, dear friends. Every personal victory of Master Jesus over limitations & distresses of this world contributed a radiation of happiness from himself not only to his own life but to all life about him, his Mother, his disciples & then radiating out to bless all life. Think of the happiness of lepers whom he made whole again, of the so-called dead brought back to life again by his use of God's resurrection flame. all such feelings are just energy qualified by the very essence of joy. sincle like attracts like those feelings arise & are drawn into the sphere of happiness which is my honor & privilege to guard, directing its substance & feelings to any lifestream who will call for them. In this sphere is contained the feelings of happiness of the angelic hosts & the laughter of the Gods.

Have you thought upon the happiness of every lifestream who has been given the ascension under the dispensations which have been granted by the great cosmic law, having rendered during their embodiment here on Earth certain impersonal service to life to the best of their ability thru the giving of tremendous freeing decrees for some years past? Some of these lifestreams left Earth for the last time from bodies which were wracked with great pain & suffering. would that you could know of their feelings of gratitude when they knew themselves to be eternally free! The carefree laughter of every child on Earth & the joy from every soul to whose happiness you have contributed in your personal associations, all of that energy has come into our realm & become part thereof. By your faithful & loving service to the cause of freedom all thru these many years you have made much life happly not only here on Earth but in higher realms as well. Just think for a moment of the joy which is felt by beloved Alpha & Omega when you sing your loving gratitude to them in your song to the Great Central Sun! Many who now sing those words had never even heard the names of those great beings before!

You have also made your God-parents happy, beloved Helios & Vesta in your physical sun. Think of the happiness in their hearts when you are cognizant of them & send them your sincere feelings of gratitude. Do you realize that you have added too to the happiness of beloved St. Germain, Jesus, Mary, Morya & all who are serving together to raise Earth into freedom's star? Now we would like to reverse this procedure & give these feelings of actual substance of happiness back to you qualified & amplified by our feeling of that God-virtue! Remember! When your inner bodies are completely happy your physical forms will be buoyant & luminous expressing perfect health, eternal youth & beauty. You see, the physical body is but the repository of all vibratory actions of your inner bodies. Therefore if you are sincere in wanting to be an exponent of eternal youth & beauty & the magnificence of the divine expression of perfection of your own God-Self, please remember me!

Keep your mental body alert to refuse acceptance to some tramp thoughts or feelings of discord should they come knocking at the door of your consciousness for admittance. These may be just something floating in the atmosphere, they may come from a friend, from the radio, from television or newspaper! Be alert & give admission to your world only to that which will keep you happy, free, buoyant & poised in God-mastery at all times! In the name of the Most High Living God I AM, in the name of all life which has ever contributed to the cosmic happiness of creation since the beginning of time I now pour my happiness flame thru this group of beloved students of light who desire to radiate God-happiness to their fellowman. I now pour my happiness flame thru their physical, etheric, mental & emotional bodies & since all life is one I pour my feeling of happiness thru them into the people of Earth as well. According to your acceptance of this blessing shall it manifest for you in daily expression. Just know that I shall hear your every call & shall happily answer it instantly with my feeling & flame of that happiness which I AM! LORD LING

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