Jesus Christ: On the Ruby Temple, excerpt, May 1953, dictated to G. lnnocente

I would like to describe the Ruby Temple to your outer consciousness. The Ruby Temple is such a glorious roseate hue. It was builded by the great builders of form together with the Elohim to whom you refer as Cassiopea to hold within it the momentum of the aspirations, prayers & hopes of mankind. Here thru divine alchemy the petitions of the masses become the answers to their prayers, the energy rising for instance in that prayer at the end of the Catholic mass, "Hail! Holy Queen, Mother of Peace & Hope, to thee we cry, to thee we offer up our sighs, petitions & tears." From these services the angels gather the rose clouds of hope & aspiration & draw them upward because there is not enough pressure from the hearts of the people to carry such prayers out of their own atmosphere.

In the Ruby Temple my own blessed Mother & many many beautiful dedicated beings, some whose outer selves are not yet ascended, join together in transmuting that energy & directing it into the rose flame of hope, happiness, healing & peace. Nada too serves here so often. The fragrance of the flame is like that of lovely roses, & you can imagine its size & concentrated power when you realize that since the first member of the human race incarnated it has been in existence.

The temple is large by human standards, it is colossal. It looks like a great roseate pearl with its domed central hall wherein the flame altar is located. As you enter the doors the entire interior is suffused with a delicate rose light. The altar is separated from the great cathedral by a soft golden mesh curtain thru which the rose flame is easily distinguishable, but it seems to mute the intensity of its power. If one approaches close to the altar, you can see my Mother & the great ascended beings together with the seven I AM Presences engaged in receiving the upreaching prayers from angels who are constantly sweeping thru the temple, carrying that soft roseate ephemeral substance. Then at rhythmic intervals they direct the rays eastward when the temple shines like a rose sun & the rays pour from its dome until the atmosphere of the sixth sphere looks like the dawn of a particularly lovely day. Now it is our hope that you will rise into this temple & remain as an outpouring of happiness to all who seek peace.

The Resurrection Temple, 1-1-1954, notes by (?) G. lnnocente

Beloved Sanat Kumara in honor of blessed Mary, mother of Jesus, who has been named co-sponsor with Master El Morya for the year 1954, has designated the Resurrection Temple as the first retreat to be honored by the Great White Brotherhood in the year 1954.

The Resurrection Temple is located in the etheric realm over the Holy Land. It is an exquisite circular temple of blazing white substance that is self-luminous & radiates the tones & melodies to be found within the "Ave Maria." The central flame room holds within it the concentrated focus of the Resurrection Flame guarded & sustained by Archangel Gabriel, whose cosmic service is to bring to life again the remembrance of the God-image in which every man was originally created & which it is each soul's destiny to outpicture & manifest thru the flesh form.

Together with beloved Gabriel, the Ascended Masters Jesus & Mary have taken the responsibility of drawing forth the sacred fire from the heart of God to sustain & expand that activity of the resurrection thruout the planet Earth, tying it into the souls of those who aspire to redemption & wish to return to their firstborn purity & perfection of design. The beloved Maha Chohan from this temple directs the Resurrection Flame thru the forces of nature to produce the beauty & opulence of the seasons of promise & of harvest.

The sincere student should ask that he be taken to the Resurrection Temple each night while his body sleeps & there look upon & observe his own Holy Christ Self in action. If the students could have this proximity to their own God-image for 30 consecutive nights, much of its nature would be impressed upon their etheric consciousness & drawn back into their waking consciousness & into their flesh forms as well. It is the kind office of Gabriel Archangel of Resurrection to flash the flame & ray of his own cosmic heart thru the consciousness & feelings of all who sincerely desire to know the glory they had with God before the world was. He performed this service for beloved Mother Mary when he brought to her the word that Jesus was to be born thru her physical form. If the students will ask beloved Gabriel to help them to realize & accept their own Holy Christ Self & to become that Christ Self in action, they will have the added assistance of his cosmic pressure & blazing consciousness which does resurrect the divine memory of the God-design in which all were made, & from which many strayed in the centuries of pursuing happiness in sense pleasures.

Immaculate conception from God's own blazing heart,/ We now accept thy glory--oh from us never part!/ In thee we're free from shadows that lead mankind astray--/We accept thy perfection in love's most perfect way.

-Supplement to Jan. 1954 Bridge to Freedom Journal

Morya El, 1-20-1954, Daytona Beach, Florida, dictated to G. lnnocente

Good evening, lovely ladies & gracious gentlemen. Happy indeed it is for those of us who may place our feet firmly on the bridge of light & know that as we proceed into your presence, it will not be swept from under us thru lack of faith or thru prejudice but we may build into our design the services that we choose to render.

Mankind has at rare intervals stretched forth a hand of friendship, cautiously opened the door of his consciousness of the Presence or to the Hierarchy & if the association is pleasing to the ego, may give us the questionable pleasure of hearkening to our words. More often than not however in the bringing forth of our light there was not enough personal comfort in the association to please aught but the few willing to stand the thrust for a purpose & upon these few have we depended for the continuity of consciousness by which the plan, design & hope of heaven might be sown into the world of thought, nourished by whatever voluntary energies could be coaxed from the keeping of a reluctant self, brought to harvest & offered to the cosmic law as a reason for sustaining a recalcitrant humanity on a groaning Earth as a part of our beautiful & shining solar system.

If you could have seen the pleas, the pledges, the arguments presented to the Lords of Karma year after year, century after century by the Brothers in an endeavor to secure mercy or an added allotment of time to awaken some members of the race to their responsibility, you would know the love divine that is in the hearts of those who serve. If you could have seen the harvest of each retreat which has been offered at the great council by the Brotherhood, you would realize that the endeavors & the manifestations of the past year were truly magnificent & you would understand the gratitude in the hearts of those of us who live in the belief that the light within your hearts can be encouraged & developed into a flame. We are grateful for your service to us, for your interest & confidence in us & for making your own lifespan part of this bridge which I offered to Hierarchy as a means by which they might enter the world of men.

In the course of the past year you have proceeded across bridges of one kind or another. You have availed yourselves of the energies of some other part of life which provided such a means of safe convoy for your feet. You have often trusted too well in the workmanship of human beings & more than once have been catapulted into the roaring torrent by reason of such trust.

It is no wonder that the mankind of Earth are wary & cautious & yet despite the pictures that the etheric records have shown, we have been able to coax you forth again over the bridge of life & you have grasped our hands in friendship.

I have offered mankind this bridge. I have offered it to the host of heaven, & between you & me I wonder why either group would ever find it secure enough to reach the further shore. With a prayer in my heart & hope in my spirit I gave of my life. Grateful I AM that it has sustained the weight of the people & it has also sustained the great & magnificent personages who have honored us by using it to give to you their word, the feeling of their reality, their joys, their fears, their doubts, their trials, their victories & the sweet experiences by which they gained their own freedom.

The endeavor of Lord Maitreya has been to bring to the student body a realization that every being who has ever trod the path to victory has had the same life experiences as your sweet & earnest selves. He has asked each one to convey to you his or her own feeling as they passed along the way of Earth in order that you may accept them as men & women & in that acceptance know the sweet association of friendship rather than the concept wherein the perfected being is vested with cosmic powers but separated from the evolving consciousness by awe.

Before each Master Presence is invited to a participation in the unfoldment of the divine plan to the consciousness of the student of life Lord Maitreya always gives each one the same instructions, & if you will look over the pattern of the past year you will see that the homely experiences of the daily living of the masters while on the earth plane has been their opening to the cosmic instruction on the law.

We have thought much about the presentation of the words of the Brotherhood. We have sat many an evening in Ceylon & counseled together as to how best we may reach the hearts of men. The hearts of men have been reached by occult literature & other metaphysical reading but it is the deep stirring of the heart by love, by the intimate confidences from within our own hearts that raises the outer self into the comradeship which is essential to our cooperative endeavor on behalf of our planet.

Witness the great Christian religion wherein the Master Jesus has held the position of God, & you will see that although the devotions & adorations have lifted the soul, except in very rare instances the devotee did not become the fullness of his Presence & his consciousness in action. & it is our desire & endeavor now to send every man back into his own heart wherein he may develop from within himself the mastery of energy & find us as fellow-workers, pilgrims upon the path, counselors, true, but no less friends & brothers.

You are a brave lot for you have chosen to apply to the universal First Cause for primal life, every electron of which is charged with the fire of the Sun itself, & the flowing stream of electronic light that I witness passing thru your inner bodies & your flesh forms tonight is the fire of creation. Someday each one of you will learn to master that fire & thru it fulfill the divine plan of your own great lifestream. We have all vowed to assist you!

I represent the will of God & my service & activity in the inner spheres is a delight indeed for every master, angel, deva, man & elemental in those inner spheres is in complete accord with that will & welcomes every opportunity to learn what new design is coming forth from the Silent Watcher in the 24-hour periord, rushing to meet that will & joyously sending their life-energy into the fulfilling & externalizing of it. But in the world of form I, representing the will of God, AM the least invited even by the most advanced of students because in the coming of the will of God there is no compromise with the human self, there is no compromise with human conditions, there is no compromise with personality.

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