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It is thru the lips of the humble that we must speak our words of remembrance to other spirits who have vowed to serve us but who have in the shroud of forgetfulness temporarily forgotten. It is thru the sensitive that we stir to life the embers of God-consciousness. We bless always the beloved Mary & the strong Presence of Joseph who had that devotion to God, who had that recognition of the angelic host & who had the faith to withstand the ridicule of their times, holding a vision of a Christ man grown from that innocent wide-eyed boy. Then one day beloved Jesus within himself was able to open his consciousness to my Presence. One day I looked down & into the recognition within his eyes I poured my soul as I said, "My son, o my son!" & he with those small white arms & those beautiful tapered upraised fingers said to me as he did so often later, "Father!" How can I describe the association between a guru & a chela? It is closer by far than any physical blood tie of mother & child because it is builded on the hope of the God-free to externalize thru the bound a divine plan & the energies of life from the consciousness of the One abiding in the full spirit of freedom. It depends on that frail thread of energy & that consciousness for fulfillment & externalization. But the one-pointedness, devotion & magnificent humility of Jesus built stronger & stronger the spiritual tie of cosmic communion between us. Wider & wider became the band of our contact, stronger & stronger the union, until my feelings were his, until my thoughts reflected in that mind quickly as the sun reflects on a still body of water, until my desire to bless or heal moved involuntarily his own physical arms & hands. We became that much at one.

All thru his years of development our oneness grew. In the simple song "Blest Be the Tie That Binds Our Hearts in Wondrous Love" you have a cosmic truth. I bless & bless & bless the energies from unascended beings like your sweet & hopeful selves that anchor into our octave & from out the recesses of your hearts draw on our consciousnesses & build those ties that bind--over which we pour the fullness of the kingdom. These are the receptive consciousnesses that are willing then to wield the energies of flesh, the energies of daily living into making of that vision fact.

It is not enough to contemplate the beauty of the inner spheres, it is not enough to share the communion of the saints, it is not enough to bask in the love of these friends who guard you. This is the day when you must give & consecrate your feeling world to your master, & at any moment allow him to flash thru it hope, confidence, courage or peace to anyone who requires it at any instant as you move along the daily pathway of your existence. Is your feeling world your master's or is it the servant of self? Is your mind the mind of your master? Too often the mind is a secondhand store where you mull over & over the things of no consequence. Still & calm, hear the master's words, follow his direction & join with him in joyfully externalizing the divine plan. Is your body the body of your master? Consecrate your lips thru which no energy pours that does not illumine, raise & purify. Consecrate your hands thru which no gesture should pass that would injure. Consecrate your eyes too pure to behold iniquity. Have you thought beyond the surface meaning of that phrase alone? Your consciousness, beloved ones, you have said belongs to the Holy Christ Self.

You have made a mental surrender but the Holy Christ Self is too pure to behold iniquity. The moment that you cognize imperfection you make the separation--the Holy Christ Self & you. The moment that you enter in again to that consciousness of perfection you unite. O the Holy Christ Self is not a body, it is a consciousness that must be cultivated thru the energies of your thinking feeling self. The Holy Christ Self becomes the activity of your hourly, daily, minutely & secondly thinking & feeling & thus you grow into its fullness.

You have considered this Christ Self as something apart, that independently takes command of you. It is cultivated thru your own conscious energy every day, beloved ones. Contemplate the activity of changing the quality of your energies & of becoming a consecrated vessel thru which the perfection of God may reach into the world of men. That is the mastery that Jesus achieved, the mastery which you all honor in his ascended master Presence. Surrender the energies of self! Be about the Father's business.

Up from Bethany came that humble few just prior to the Palm Sunday that you celebrate. Well do I remember that day, there were about twenty people among all that throng who knew the enactment of that great mystery which began its pulsation as the praises rose from many throats, as the palm fronds were placed before the feet of the little donkey. Yet of all that throng a few short days later who was present? Beloved ones, there is much to contemplate in the life of your master, there is much to embody thru the energies of your own world to intensify & increase the power of the Christ where you stand. Let us then be about our Father's business. Let those of us who profess to love God loose the Presence from within us, & let that Presence go free in active works! I summon you--where there once was one Christ there now must be many. Where there was one master of light there must now be ten billion strong. Where one white-robed figure, hair bronzed in the sun, rode triumphantly into Jerusalem, stopping every once in awhile to feel the soft ears of that sweet donkey & to give a blessing & a benediction as he passed, where there was one such now must there be many. Join then with the great beings of light in a consecration of yourself & of your life energies to service.

O beloved infinite Father of Light & Life! Standing in the Presence of the electronic stream of energy that flows into these hearts this morning I bow in gratitude for the Presence of God within them. Consecrate, o beloved Presence of God, their feeling worlds today. Let those feelings convey faith, hope, confidence & positive assurance to mankind. Consecrate their minds, o Presence of God. Purify them of all images of imperfection. Let them see the magnitude of the Christ Self, let them see the vision with sufficient clarity that the enthusiasm of the self joins with that vision & brings God-manifestations now. Consecrate these bodies, o infinite power of light, as you consecrated Jesus on the banks of the Jordan. Consecrate these men & women now as Legions of the Cosmic Christ carrying within their hearts the Presence of God. Give to them remembrance that in every circumstance is opportunity to invoke & externalize that Presence. Let not one stand silent before adversity when the Presence of God thru them can be master!

In the name of God, of Light, of Jesus & the hosts of heaven, I bid you Adieu but not good-bye. Thank you. MAITREYA

-Bridge to Freedom Bulletin, compiled & edited by Thomas Printz (a.k.a. El Morya).

Archangel Chamuel, May 2, 1954, dictated to G. I.

Hail to thee, beloved God-life, beloved infinite spirits of immortal flame! You are now cosmic beings! Have you thought on that? You really work & function cosmically while yet wearing garments of flesh. You have become by your very acceptance, by the very widening of the sphere of influence of your world cosmic forces & power while yet working out the final destiny of individual weaving in the world of form.

At the moment when the lifestream awakens to the point that the magnetic currents centered thru the heart are invoked, evoked & utilized to set into motion activities that affect the universal scheme of evolution & impersonally benefit great numbers of souls, the individual becomes a cosmic being. It is miraculous even before the law to see unascended lifestreams engaged in wielding power & drawing thru the magnetic action of love & invocation the attention of individual beings & intelligences who up to this time have had no contact with individuals incarnate. Besides this, that same power of love & invocation is changing the course of cosmic history, drawing dispensations & activities by which the entire evolution of the planet may pick up the 5000 years that was lost in this 14,000 year cycle alone due to the recalcitrance of the race & the blissful slumber of the guardian spirits!

I AM the angel of adoration, he who embodies that mighty fiat: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy spirit! The beloved Venetian who serves with me on this ray embodies the activity of which Jesus spoke when he said, "Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself." I bring to the remembrance of the flame that you hold within the chalice of your heart that its very nature is adoration to its source! Its way back home to unity with God is thru externalizing its divine nature. O immortal flame of life within these hearts! Arise! Let the song of thanksgiving, the paean of praise, the immortal gratitude to the eternal Father of Light sing thru the temple wherein thou dost dwell. Why sleep ye when all the universe & all the galaxies are in constant adoration to the God of Life & His messengers? O great & mighty flame within these hearts! Send it forth with the heartbeat, waking, sleeping, day & night until the perfume of spiritual adoration fills the aura, until the essence of love divine forms a protective shell around each one, until the music & paean of praise is so tangible that even to enter within the sphere of influence & touch the hem of the garment of each student is to experience the bliss of heaven for all the exiles that walk the way of earth & have lost the pathway home. Flame of adoration to God! Thou shalt love thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul & with all thy very self. I remind thee of this today. Flame of adoration within these hearts! Not in spurts of enthusiasm, not in spurts of religious fervor, but in a constant happy rhythm again assert your dominion thru these temples! Make of each holy temple, man, woman & child, a catehdral thru which resounds the worshipful songs of every electron that makes up the physical body, every electron that makes up the mind, every electron that makes up the feeling world & the etheric garment. Assemble the congregation of the individual cells & let gratitude rise for life, let gratitude rise for opportunity!

We are in the day of opportunity, opportunity not only to make things right but opportunity to spread the cause of freedom & its glorious effects across the face of the planet into the consciousness of mankind. Thus will this Earth be freed from limitations of every description. May there never again go forth from the heart of any lifestream who has been blessed by the Presence of St. Germain a vibratory action that is less than the joy, gladness, praise, thanksgiving & adoration to the God of Life for His goodness, for such sustained adoration is the consciousness of the kingdom of heaven. The primal difference between the kingdom of heaven & the realm in which you abide, children of Earth, is that the consciousness of heaven never knows anything less than praise, thanksgiving & gratitude to life. It never knows condemnation, discouragement nor depression. It is in a constant rhythm of gratitude & ever-expanding adoration for all the gifts & powers that are from the universal First Cause, spilled forth in great profusion, so much so that all the consciousness of the God-free beings put together could not grasp all of the ideas that are released from the mind & heart of the Father even in one minute.

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