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Maha Chohan, Feb 11, 1951, dictated to G. lnnocente

In the creation of a race of intelligent beings destined ultimately for mature Godhood the process of individualization follows a definite & intricate design. Because of the unspeakable periphery & scope of creation it would be impossible for the finite mind to grasp more than a fraction of the universal chrysalis which ever exudes life & light. It has been my privilege to endeavor to condense & simplify for the illumination of your consciousness a portion of the cosmic activity which is the cause whose effect you are.

The endowing of a center of consciousness with the capacity of free will designed so that the instrument of growth, development & maturity might be anchored within the evolving life, & so that it might not be dependent on external environment, circumstances & unfoldment, was the initial design of the Creator.

The number of lifestreams to belong to the chain was determined preceding even mental picturization which would when coupled to the creative faculty of feeling project into the universal space new beings destined to ultimate godhood. The center of consciousness contained within itself within the primal flame of its initial being the dual principle of thought & feeling--the masculine & feminine element--that makes the completed soul. These activities of thought & feeling were not only the endowed powers of creation but were also the only way & means by which consciousness could receive, grow, expand & increase. In other words, thru the thought & feeling activity the individual consciousness could draw in the greater gifts of the universe as well as project forth the finished object of its own creation.

You have seen the thought & feeling bodies, & I have endeavored to describe in detail their service to creation thru substance & form, but we have not fully emphasized the fact that the only way & means by which the individual flame can receive is thru these very same bodies or mediums.

The individual focus complete in the masculine & feminine activity of the ego form the White Fire Beings, or the Cosmic Ego of the individual. When the twin rays descend below the cosmic fire line the division between the masculine & feminine aspect took place, one was predominantly a feeling creature & the other a predominantly mental creature. But even in the octave of light there was not a completeness owing to this division, & the subsequent descent into matter for the development & maturity of that portion of the creative principle of each ray which was not expressed in the original descent became the purpose of evolution & explains all of life's experience. Therefore we will find that the ensuing experiences of the twin flames thru the centuries must of necessity be divergent because the mental flame has to develop the love nature & the feeling has to develop precision of thought.

When one member of the dual flame achieves the complete mastery of mental & feeling faculties & embodies within himself the full ascended masters' perfection of the White Fire Being from when he first issued, such an one completes his cycle & enters again the ascended masters' octave. thus he went forth as half a flame & returns as a whole. When the succeeding member develops & balances the two activities within himself, he also is ready for that freedom. Then both bring back into the White Fire Flame that which they drew forth, plus its complement. MAHA CHOHAN

Kuthumi: excerpt of Sept 1, 1953 dictation to G. lnnocente

Can you then feel the depth of gratitude within our hearts when thru those sweet outer minds you even acknowledge our Presence, when in the deep recesses of your heart you breathe a prayer for remembrance & when your feelings weighed down with the accumulation of the centuries ask for the fire & courage & constancy to follow the vision, incorporating the energies of the self, helping us to externalize the God-plan which is for the blessing of all life!

You do not know what a stir you have made in the heavens! You do not know how eagerly we respond to the call of your hearts & how we discuss in detail the particular service & gift we may bring to leave a lasting impetus within your own lethargic consciousness which will carry you forward with no uncertainty & enable us thru you to press our reality & our purpose & design into the minds & feelings of your fellowmen.

The great law is such that when the lifestream stands at the door of freedom & accepts befre the great Karmic Board the ascension, that one no longer has a way & means of reaching back into the consciousness of the race except thru the love bonds that, builded thru the centuries, stir now & again in the heart of an incarnate friend. On those frail bonds we depend for continuity of our service & our endeavors.

Do you know how carefully are chosen the chelas who are borne to the feet of any one of the masters who are privileged to give their word, their confidence, the consciousness & their life to a collective group of lifestreams? From the morning of the day when we are to be present, each & every one of those chelas is enfolded in a mantle of actual light substance drawn & sustained by a member of the angelic kingdom, & every one of the inner bodies is tuned up to its own highest potential in order that thru those bodies the entire race might be blessed, & then in joining all of these lifestreams together as the word & the radiation goes forth, it becomes a pressure surging thru the inner bodies of the entire race & a permanent blessing to each such one.

Lord Maitreya:Palm Sunday Address, 4-11-1954, dictated to G. l.

Beloved children, do you know how much I love you? Within your hearts you carry the Presence of the Living God, the God who made me & who has sustained me & whose servant I AM before all life. Ah that the day may come when you may realize & recognize that infinite ever-Presence, the infinite power of God. Every place you move upon the planet Earth you carry with you the power of the majestic, victorious, eternal One. How much have you relinquished of yourself into the keeping of that Presence, how much have you relied upon the ever-Presence of God that stands in the midst of every circumstance that you meet?

How long has He wished the summons to release the fullness of Himself in mastery, in victory, in supply, in God-control! Why do you divide the allegiance between the appearances that beset you & the puny endeavors of the personal ego to cope with the shadows of this world when in the beat of your heart is the active living Presence of Almighty God? The Presence of God is waiting in your hearts today for the summons to burst the tomb of matter & to release the fullness of its vital life to transfigure your flesh, to vitalize your spirit & to eternalize the kingdom of heaven thru your orbit to the periphery of your spiritual influence. Must this God wait while century after century there is no allegiance in your feelings to His power?

O my beloved ones, my message to mankind thru every great teacher that has ever come to Earth has been to recognize, utilize & rely upon the ever-Presence, the ever-Presence connecting with the dynamo of universal life, bringing to life again a seemingly lifeless cause. This is the same Presence which Jesus drew forth in his ministry performing the miracles & the marvels of mastery. That Presence is within yourself this morning as I speak these words. It is not something that is to come forth in ages yet unborn from the womb of time. Each morning the Presence of God when you wake beats your hearts, vitalizes your mind, energizes your bodies & waits your summons to release the fullness of itself. O, I call you in the name of the God of Light whom I serve to draw forth that light & Presence. Draw forth that magnificent Godhood & let it fulfill itself thru your consecrated flesh.

Today all over the world hearts & minds & consciousnesses are turned toward the Easter season. Today the upreaching prayer force of mankind is greater than any time in the calendar year, & those mighty rivers of force flowing up from hopeful hearts make a beautiful sight at inner levels, gathered by mighty angels & devas, mighty beings whose service to life is to bring the prayers of man into the realms of light to the throne of the Eternal. Here in your great city this morning where congregations of thousands join their voices in song in the remembrance of the living Presence of Jesus, how many have summoned from within themselves this Presence of Almighty God?

So abstruse has the occult & metaphysical literature become that mankind have forgotten that the inward search can be accomplished by a child in arms. Opening your consciousness to the power of God lean on the everlasting arms & invoke your faith in the powers of the infinite to restore mankind to his own Christ estate!

Many many centuries ago the close of the Fifth Dispensation signified to the cosmic law that a new Master Presence would have to make his appearance upon the screen of life & draw thru the energies of his being the initial impulse of a new cycle. At inner levels, beloved ones, the closing of a cycle of time & the opening of another door thru which spiritual forces may flow to bless a planet takes considerable time & energy & the prayer-force of the God-beings who are dedicated to protecting & evolving this race.

With the opening of the sixth ray the devotional activity of life was decreed to supercede the activity of the scientific action of law--cause & effect, an eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth. The cycle of scientific exactitude, of karmic retribution without hope except thru the expiation of sin was to be superceded by an era where forgiveness & grace & mercy were to bring to those who had come to a fear of Jehovah new hope where the sins of the father would no longer be visited upon the children & the errors of one incarnation need no longer stretch on thru eons of unborn time.

It is in the repentence of the individual lifestream & in the invocation of the power of transmutation that each man might save his soul & free himself from the recoil of his own previous causes. A new era of hope was decreed to be brought to the sons & daughters of men thru some consciousness who would embody & live the course of a natural life & develop from within himself a remembrance of his mission. He would draw by the magnetic power of his invocation & contemplation the initial impulse of the new cycle which would live & grow to nourish the sons of men for two thousand long years. This was not an easy assignment, beloved ones, & yet over thirty great beings volunteered, thirty beings who had developed for centuries of time mastery & love & self-control & who were willing to take the initiation of the public crucifixion. When on the screen of life was showed the drama that was to be played, they stood forth, thirty sixth ray men qualified by their centuries of living. & from among them was chosen my pupil & your friend & master, Jesus, & around him then were drawn lifestreams who thru similarity of purpose, thru like training thru centuries might be the guard & might be the sustaining power of the love required to see him victorious.

Each such one passed before me. Each such one was tried by all the methods of initiation to see if the soul would be strong enough in the time of Earth life to withstand temptation of flesh & the more subtle temptations of thought & feeling. & there were chosen then the humble disciples, the beloved mother, the beloved father & all together they were prepared for the drama which you honor this holy week. One by one they were called to the Halls of Karma when the cycle of their life pattern was ready for their presentation upon the Earth. Beloved Joseph & beloved Mary & the beloved disciples, all were in their own appointed place, for the most part not conscious of the inner drama they would enact together. So the hour came for the birth of beloved Jesus. How can I describe to you the love which surrounded that master before he chose to envelop his consciousness in the earth shroud & pass from the blazing glory of light of the inner realms into a body of flesh?

How can I describe to you my feeling as I from behind the veil remained hopeful that at some time in his earthlife he might bring a remembrance of my Presence & reestablish the contact over which I should endeavor to direct the instructions to the conscious mind in developing within him the application which he would require to accomplish his victory? One of the saddest partings is when the soul is bound round, the shining wings pinioned, the blazing light of the eyes dimmed, the kiss of the master placed on the forehead, & down into forgetfulness the hope of man descends. Ah, I shall remember that day, I shall remember that night when first those same eyes opened in a small insignificant "stable" & could not focus yet upon the world he came to save. Well do I remember those early years when my Presence endeavored constantly to be a shield of love about him. Well do I remember the fidelity of the consciousness of Mary who held for that boy the immaculate concept of his divine image, who cut away from his senses constantly all remembrance of imperfection, who turned him back again & again to the image of the Father & who taught him while he stood at her knee to magnify the Lord. Well do I remember that because it is thru the consciousness of incarnate souls that we must work.

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