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And when Jesus was come to maturity & could hold that concept for himself, he had eyes that were forced to look upon leprous bodies & at all forms of decay, all of which ould have registered on his pure image were it not for that guard of Mary's love that constantly cut away, cut away, cut away from his attention & senses the appearance world & helped him to magnify the image of the Father which he was to externalize in the flesh.

Joseph too was chosen to be an outer pattern of the Father of Light so that Jesus, looking upon him, might outpicture in his own form the gracious beauty of Jeseph until he had matured enough to remember his mission & anchor his own thought & feeling self in a picture of the divine image of God which was to externalize in order to be victorious in his accomplishment.

You will excuse my digression from the main point which is the release of this energy in each one-hundred year cycle. From the year 1400 until the beginning of the seventeenth century this impersonal energy was given primarily to St. Germain to bring forth a new land or to bring remembrance of a new land to the minds of the people of Europe & to encourage the selfless & brave spirits to forge ahead & in this new land create a cradle in which the spiritual endeavor which is to flourish in the ceremonial age & ray could be brought into being.

You will see that the vital energies that flowed thru Colombus & the other explorers were greater than those of their own human selves. They were ordinary men, women & children who against all reason & human judgment left home & security to face an unknown course, a chartless sea, to carve for themselves a nation out of a wilderness prompted by an intangible quality called the love of freedom. Think of it, think of it a moment, you within this room, & you will see that it was a pressure greater than the human self that carried them like a cosmic wind from comfort to privation. Who among you at this hour with just the clothing on your back would walk out that door leaving home, security & family to follow the ephemeral heaven of some human being bound in his own karma who represented it as a possibility & not a fact? Men of destiny are always swept by the cosmic mind of the Holy Spirit in spite of themselves. It has ever been thus.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century after the establishment of a focus in this Western hemisphere our beloved Lord Maitreya called the group of Chohan before him & said, "Gentlemen, it is now time that we bring a knowledge of Hierarchy to the minds of men. It is now time that the masters who have concentrated their attention in the East shall enter the occidental consciousness." Then in that pleasant, persuasive, eloquent & magnificent manner of his he outlined what you know as Theosophy. He told us how certain lifestreams might incarnate & then those of us who were close to these people could step thru the veil & the incarnate chelas open the door to an understanding of our Presence, our particular service & our willingness & desire to cooperate with anyone who would accept our friendship, our questionable intelligence & our capacity for counsel, not for personal credit or for the karma of merit that would result from their trust in us.

You sat in that council. I called you there. Why? Because for many ages in & out of body we have built an affinity & I felt that within yourselves you could not deny me when you heard my name, that when you felt the pressure of my feeling you would know the reality of myself.

Blavatsky was there, Leadbeater, Judge & Sinnet, all these names you know so well & many more, many more perhaps better qualified than the crude rough woman who stood forth & said, "Masters, I will go & be that wedge." Crude of body & mind, spirit, soul & self she was. & for all the finer, more delicate instruments who did not volunteer we were glad to accept those who did because as you know in the service of the Brotherhood we are not permitted to use any drastic measures. to use a phrase of your military service, we cannot say, "Here, you shall represent me." We can but say, "Could you represent me?" Among many thousands of qualified lifestreams perhaps ten are willing to volunteer & out of that ten maybe two are fully qualified & then it is a shifting & a sorting & a praying & a hoping until we have prepared perhaps one soul whose sole will & purpose is centered in our cause, & on that one our hope depends.

Thus was the initial endeavor of Theosophy born. The Lords of Karma gave to us a certain amount of energy to use which the lifestream had not earned, & so Kuthumi & myself & the beloved Maha Sahib endeavored to use that energy to the best advantage. We offered it then to Blavatsky & the founders to supplement their own faith & wisdom. Many is the night we sat & talked about how to confirm her appointment, you might say, the powers of precipitation & phenomena, everything to please the senses, everything to convince the reluctant consciousness of the outer man, & we spent a great store of our allotted energy in literally turning hand-springs in an endeavor to secure the faith & cooperation of those whom we lived to serve.

Hundreds of letters were written, tons of logical records went into our correspondence, & out of it all we had at least a workable knowledge of the law & of Hierarchy available for those members of the race who chose from time to time to honor us by opening the pages of our books & examining the fruits of our labors--& so that cycle closed.

The twentieth century dawned & again the council of Lord Maitreya met. Again the energies were offered to assist mankind to a workable knowledge of the law & Hierarchy. This time we decided that it would not be phenomena but radiation & feeling that would secure for us brothers & sisters willing to be ourselves in the world of form, & I have to the best of my ability stood behind the Master St. Germain in his endeavors to bring an understanding of the law to the people.

We are pleased & blessed because in this century not only was the knowledge of the law available but the method by which the students could contribute their energies to the amount allowed us by the Karmic Board has given us more to work with. It is an unalterable fact, dear hearts, that for every breath you release from your body you receive another breath into your lungs. The instant that you refuse to give your breath to the universe, seeking to hold it within your body, you being the destruction of your form & very soon death would ensue. In the same manner the energy released by the chela in impersonal service to life brings a return of energy from above in added knowledge, in added understanding, in a momentum of healing, in a momentum of supply, but if the energy given by us in instruction is not used for some humanitarian purpose & we were to release more, the lifestream would eventually die of spiritual surfeit in the same manner that the body would die of condensed breath.

If I stand before the Karmic Board & offer to use my life energy to talk to you, the first thing the Karmic Board would ask is, "What benefit will the investment of your counsel bring to the universe? Your light is too valuable to be given for the amusement of mankind, & if you invest in in human beings & there is no interest in your investment you make karma for them by reason of their indolence & indifference."

Ha! Do you not think that I have not sat & thought plenty before I have given of my light to the people of Earth? Do not think that I have not watched that light flow carrying the words of my brothers without praying to the God who made us all that someone on Earth would weave out of it a blessing, that we may not stand before that impassive tribunal, the Karmic Board, & hear them say, "Brothers, your zeal has outweighed your wisdom." That has happened to me more than once, for I AM a fiery soul with a fiery faith in men, & yet without that fiath your sorrowful planet could not be sustained in our shining solar system. I shall not tax your patience by speaking in detail on the subject of Sanat Kumara's cause, for it is a subject that stirs my soul.

There would be no Earth, no platform for your feet, no air to breathe, no loved ones to enrich your personal orbit if one being had not sacrificed himself for millions of years, precious hearts, to do for you & mankind what you should be doing for yourselves. Remaining harmonious enough so that the energy from your Presence would pour out light instead of shadows does not seem such a big order. It is the decree of the universe that every planet emit light. Look at your stars at night. Look at the entire galaxy, all obedient to the universal law except Earth. Of course you cannot look at the Earth because you are too close to get a perspective of it but I can & I AM ashamed that I AM so long a member of Hierarchy & should still have to give my energies to the awakening of Earth from the shadows.

For millions of years Sanat Kumara has emitted light so that this planet might be sustained in the system while mankind en masse has played in the shadows. Time & time again the great Karmic Board has called him & said, "Great Lord of Life, do you not wish to go home?" & time & time again he has answered, "No, I shall remain." Now the great cosmic law has issued the fiat that HE SHALL BE RETURNED TO VENUS, & that is the reason for our entire endeavor to reach more souls who are willing to contribute light, to be willing to be lightbearers & are willing to apply the torch of flame to the smoldering embers in the consciousness of the masses & to make this star a blazing planet of freedom in the firmament.

To this end have we forsworn nirvana. (On Oct 1, 1952 Morya dictated to G. lnnocente: "The beloved brother Jesus was born without sin or karmic limitations & lived in a coat of flesh as a voluntary servant of the cosmic law. In like manner Kuthumi & my own humble self, coming from a star other than Earth, voluntarily submitted to karmic law in order to assist the evolution of mankind & incarnated again & again to offer the support of our life energies to the various ages. In this recurrent visitation to Earth we accumulated an individual karmic debt which we had to wipe out by the conscious use of our own energies in much the same manner as you are being taught by beloved St. Germain. During our embodiments as the wise men at the time of Jesus' ministry our karmic debt was balanced & our incarnations since then have been wholly of a voluntary nature.") To this end do I stand in the heart of the will of God. May some among you give ear to my prayer, some among you remember your vow, some among you be faithful to it until the end when you shall receive on your shoulders the white garment of immortality, & I holding your hand might say, "Come, son or daughter of heaven, I welcome you home." I bless you & I thank you. EL MORYA

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