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Speaking of our specialization, except for the esoteric students mankind has not understood much of what the various Chohans, Archangels, Elohim & members of the Brotherhood have done or are doing. so Lord Maitreya has asked us whenever we are given opportunity to speak to give some portion of that specific service which we render in the divine plan. That is why I tell you that the beloved Lord Maitreya, St. Germain & myself have worked out a course of religion & ceremonial worship which we are endeavoring to direct thru this heart-center into the consciousness of interested people, & later by contagion & example set by our chelas into the consciousness of all mankind.

It is regrettable that so far so much of our energies have been used in the coaxing of the reluctant energies of the various selves of the student body into any semblance of unity. Thus we have not been able to bring forth the beauty of the ceremonial worship which I know will delight your hearts. However at this point we feel that that unity, harmony & oneness which come with understanding will perhaps give us a platform upon which we may build the future.

You are men & women who have left the mass-mind for one reason or another. I know you all well, having had association with every one of you thru the centuries & I love you very much. Now in this embodiment you have chosen to rise up, throw off your child's estate, face God & ask for your reason for being. That is a magnificent initiation & accomplishment. Do you know that no angel, master, deva or elemental would presume to ask for life or the sustaining of that life without knowing his reason for being? Then they strive that all of that life be dedicated to the fulfillment of that very reason & purpose.

You beloved ones are developing within yourselves a respect for life, a reverence for the source of life & an honor & integrity toward that source. Allow me to suggest that you ask every morning & every free moment thru your day that you may be shown the reason for your being. When that is made manifest to you you will not be dishonest enough to take or use any part of God's life for any other purpose. You will live so you will not allow any words, acts, thoughts or feelings that serve personality to swerve you from the path but rather you will see to it that every electron will fulfill your reason for being. When this time comes you will have made the great surrender.

Then no matter what the challenge of the day, resting in that serenity, knowing your reason for being, you will expand your light to widen the borders of the kingdom of God on Earth & bring the words & understanding of the ascended masters to mankind. You will not weary, you will know no discontent, loneliness, depression, selfishness or sorrow. You will be like the angels, masters & devas--joyous. You will have found your reason for being--to do the will of God.

We the ascended masters shall be most joyously grateful when every student has learned the reason for his being & has consecrated all of those vital energies that flow so freely to fulfilling that reason. That will come in time. We have learned to be patient for we have waited so long. That patience you too will learn before you walk innocently into the resentful energies of the masses carrying your light. You will wear the garments of patience. That selfless benediction of love from our realm will enfold you & your victory will then be assured.

I AM asked again to be commentator upon the activities in the heart of the Royal Teton. I was the first one given the opportunity of describing the Transmission Flame activities & I have enjoyed it extremely. I AM therefore rather familiar with the process & so shall endeavor to give you a bird's eye view of the activity today.

The Karmic board as you know listens to the great petitions from the hierarchs of the mighty retreats thruout the world. Everything works in sequence, in ordered service & precision, in the kingdom of heaven. therefore our great spiritual Lord Sanat Kumara & the court at Shamballa presented their petitions first. It had to do with the vow which was taken voluntarily by the entire evolution of Earth. Three hundred million lifestreams were chosen by the Karmic Board to incarnate in the next twelve months.

Thru the intercession of unascended beings & the calls that were made these three hundred million stood together before the Temple of the Sacred Heart of beloved Mother Mary & they pledged the Threefold Flame a vow that when they took embodiment they would live to serve the Lord of the World & all unascended life. As they took that vow & as the unascended beings sang that glorious song to the Threefold Flame, the little flames within the embodying spirits' hearts expanded until they were visible thru their white garments. Those were the souls awaiting embodiment. So much light was drawn in enthusiasm that the entire evolution & a great many others also took the vow.

Sanat Kumara asked as his petition that a brother from Shamballa be allowed to stand by every lifestream incarnating & help him or her to fulfill that vow thru the flesh. You the guardian spirits vowed never to let a shadow touch this Earth, yet look at her today! So, vows taken lightly when you are in the freedom of the etheric body are not always remembered when you wear a heavy garment of flesh. It was the petition of Sanat Kumara that the Brotherhood at Shamballa come in with the incarnating souls, stand in the aura of the parents, establish a pulsation in the homes where they are to be born & see that not one fails in that vow. It is a most magnificent thing.

The beloved Lord Gautama then made his petition. One living Buddha, one God-free Buddha from the inner realms, offered to incarnate in the next twelve months. This is a being who does not have any karma & has no reason for embodiment. He was accepted! Lord Gautama's petition was for the protection of this blessed incoming being & his parents, for the assistance from his cosmic heights to see that this child matures & renders a great service to this planet & her people.

Lord Maitreya made the petition for the restoration of the divine memory of the shepherds, for those of you who came from other stars & planets particularly because you too made a great sacrifice in that you came to Earth to help mankind & now you have forgotten also the way back home. He asked that your perfect divine memory be awakened which included the memory of all the mastery that you knew in your I AM Presence before taking embodiment & the mastery you knew on Atlantis & Lemuria, the record of which is in your etheric bodies, be restored to you to flow again thru your outer minds. He also asked that those of you who were with our beloved Jesus might again vitalize & externalize the miracles similar to those the beloved master performed. He further asked that when an individual of great light passes from the body & chooses to incarnate again the wealth of his consciousness would be at his fingertips & he would not have to go thru the slow process of growing up to maturity & drawing it out of the etheric body again.

Your beloved friend the Maha Chohan has asked for many grants. Due to your time limitations I can give you but a few brief outlines. He asked that thru Pallas Athena truth that has never come forth on this Earth before might be revealed thru the Bridge Activity, thru the cooperation of the students in magnetizing this truth & thru the cooperation between the ascended masters & students in bringing it forth. He has asked for a dispensation of painless birth & happy fearless death as long as the latter must ensue. He has asked for schools to educate the imprisoned elementals that are at present so antagonistic to mankind & which form the cause & core of cyclones, earthquakes, tornadoes, tidal waves & various destructive cataclysmic activities, for he feels that if these elementals can be won over & illumined they will no longer have that feeling of rebellion & desire for retaliation toward mankind. Thru this activity many cataclysmic changes might be averted that would otherwise occur. He requested again, as you students of St. Germain have, authority from the Karmic Board & Helios to remove the energy & life from the destructive substance that grows on the surface of the Earth such as poisonous plants particularly those from which narcotics are produced which are harmful to man & beast. It is interesting to note that the Karmic Board thruout the hearing maintains a most impassionate expression of countenance. After the pleas is heard however they ask who among the assembly would choose to join in the petition, & the responses of those who do are recorded in their consciousness. Later after all the petitions are heard they confer together & make their decisions on the various grants.

Beloved Oromasis has also asked for a dispensation. He has secured a great number of fire beings & he has asked for a grant to immediately dissolve every deceased form as soon as it is buried in the ground so that it will not be necessary for the elementals to work on that decaying substance. He has also asked for assistance in removing the necessity for elemental life to be submerged in decaying forms where there seem to be incurable diseases & that those lifestreams may be taken out quickly & their karmic suffering transmuted by application on behalf of the elementals themselves.

Our beloved Archangel Michael as you know offered to free your loved ones from the necessity of reembodiment. I might say, this goes back three generations. Lord Michael asked & received permission to bring all of these blessed ones from the ascension temples where they have been studying to stand before the Karmic Board & ask if they saw merit in the change in these people who have been given the privilege of association with the ascended masters & the violet flame. He is going to ask that every lifestream that passes from this Earth may not have to come back at all so that the mankind of Earth may be freed as quickly as possible, thus permitting new root races to come in, go thru their evolution once & finish off the cycle quickly. All of you have loved ones within those ascension temples. We will appreciate your using the violet flame on them. Many beautiful things take place within the Teton. God be with you today & every day. KUTHUMI

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