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Oakland, CA, 8-16-1939, excerpts

I greet you in the name of Life, in the power of Light & in the authority of my Victory!

"Well, what could we mortals do for a great perfect being?" Your great love & gratitude pouring forth to us for an achievement, for your blessing, must bring a result. Therefore it is an intensification of the natural light which the student body express. No matter how humble your position you can make the call to the Presence of Life quite as well as anyone else, & your Higher Mental Body & your Mighty I AM Presence are just as perfect & powerful as anyone else's. Oh for the day that humanity as individuals realize that!

Go right on with your mighty I AM decrees & calls & one day your every heart's desire must be fulfilled! Life wants it to be! May I make clear tonight what happens with a goodly number? Every time you call to your Presence the Mighty I AM a greater power of light & energy surges into your body & feeling world. Then if you continue to let human feelings & desires charge into that greater energy which you bring forth you create conditions for yourself which are 10, 20, 50 times more difficult to handle. Dear ones, when your beloved St. Germain so lovingly asks something of you & you refuse to give obedience or rebel against it, it is dangerous in the extreme. One day if continued it would throw you out of the Light entirely.

If you would be interested I do not mind explaining to you. while the Messenger has around him his own Tube of Light, yet my Tube of Light always supersedes his during the time I AM talking to you! Now then, if he has been having irritable disturbed feelings before I did this he would be subject to the power which I wield in my Tube of Light & its intensification. Therefore do you not see that unless his feeling world was at perfect peace & he held the harmony, I would not dare drop my Tube of Light about him while I AM talking to you because I would intensify any quality too much?

We are the ones giving this I AM Knowledge, this great wisdom, & everyone should be interested in it since it is the Law of everyone's Life! It is the same Law by which we attained our freedom.

Mankind cannot have something for nothing! Every human being in America must earn what comes to each one. My dear ones, this I AM Light, this I AM call which sets into operation the activities of love, wisdom, power & light directed by the Higher Mental Body of every person in America is the only remedy in the world which can come & be permanent! If blessed mankind today only understood this every person in America would rush to understand & apply this great Law of the I AM! Then their mighty freedom would come so quickly because the more who join in this great call to Light the more powerful is the momentum for America as well as you individually!

Do you know how the dictators, not the nations of the world, get a nation into war? They drive them to a given point where everything fierce within them begins to assert itself & then they turn on the war.

My dear people, please o please o please understand what irritation does in your feeling world, no matter on Earth what is the cause! It opens you broadside to all destructive forces! Dear ones, how wonderful it is to assert--notice, dear people--to assert Self-control which is God-control & dominion over all things touching your worlds & how easily, readily & quickly each one may do this by calling to the Higher Mental Body to govern all. Please accept all that I have been permitted to do for the blessing & assistance which has come. Thank you so much.