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"Well, why don't the cosmic beings act independently?" Because it is not their business! You have got yourselves into these conditions & you have got to get yourselves out! That is why this magnificent Understanding was brought forth, so mankind might feel the necessity of giving the calls to Life to be released from the conditions into which they have drawn themselves. Don't forget this, beloved ones: there never will come a time in the unascended state when mankind does not need to make this call for greater perfection. Human beings never in eternity would free themselves without the call to Life & the great beings of Light because they have not the strength & courage! The energy of mankind has been wasted to the extent that they have not the courage of their own volition. Only today by the assistance of the ascended host has that been given. I say to you tonight, I AM your friend! I thank you.

Mighty Victory, Los Angeles, 1-12-39, excerpts

When your attention is upon a discordant quality, whether it is in an individual, a condition, your government, your city or whatever it is, if you allow your minds & feelings to revolve on that point you will charge that quality into your own feeling world & it has to outpicture as sure as you were born (unless one applies the violet transmuting flame to it to consume it). Remember, just pour the mighty power of lightrays into conditions needing correction, but do not be discordant & do not feel angry, critical or condemnatory to individuals who may be lending themselves to wrong activity! Your feeling must go forth in order to do this & don't you see, if it goes forth with a kindly feeling it releases the full power of the Light in its purity & perfection to go forth with its almighty power to render the service.

As you allow Me to charge my power & full feeling of victory into your application, & as that goes forth & widens its activity into your complete achievement, you will find much greater & quicker results, & that is what we want you to have. No one is condemned for making a mistake, but he would be condemned if he did not try to correct it & get out of it--I mean he would condemn himself (thereby).

Just get that strength & determination in your feelings & let Me anchor it there! I urge you again tonight, my dear ones, please do not keep up your decrees too long. If you begin to feel tired or exhausted, just stop & take up your decrees again later. You see, it is not in the matter of repetition in the decrees but the power of energy you put into them. I quite understand that these things comea bout with a great intense desire to release more power & energy for the great ones to use to accomplish these things.

Well, since you all ran away from Home so long ago, now isn't it encouraging when we see you coming Home! (applause) The glorious thing about it is you don't have to worry about transportation. (applause) Oh that glorious glorious call, beloved ones: "Mighty I AM Presence, give that to the beloved ones as a glad free gift of Love." It is a wonderful thing! Do you not see when you serve the Light you must know it is only a short way until your very service to that Light compels the Light to turn & begin to serve you? Oh my dear ones, don't think you are forgotten or passed by for a single moment by the Presence of Life.

I want tonight to impress upon you so much that as the vanguard of the Light you must be the example to the rest of the world. Let us just be perfectly still. Just let that great perfecting radiance flow thru your bodies & your feeling worlds & remember that under you is the violet consuming flame into which all imperfection is drawn. (silence) It is lovely, so beautiful! Now then, feel the replacing of that by the ascended masters' substance of Light charged thru your Higher Mental Body into your physical body, into your feeling world & activity to hold its mighty dominion there for the power of your application, for the power of your courage & strength & for the power of your Treasurehouse of money supply you require--& always ten times more on hand than you require for immediate use. (silence) Splendid! Thank you with all my heart. I think perhaps you have come to notice that when we or the Messengers call your attention to that great stillness, it is the signal for the almighty action of the inner power, & it is so far-reaching.

Just silently make that call: Mighty I AM Presence, charge me with your perfect health & sustain it! (3x) Then as you use that daily you will absolutely prevent thru suggestion or contact in the feeling world any condition beginning to act in your world in the future which would cause you disturbance. That is why, beloved ones, as you stand guard over simple activities they become majestically all-powerful in their action. That is why these things are built & built in your world.

I thank you & love you & bless you forever, & I bring to you the greetings, love & blessings of the great host of Light who are ministering to this I AM Activity! There are those in the audience tonight who have wished to do a definitely powerful work & the great host have focused their mighty mighty power to bless you! In your full acceptance of their outpouring will you see its outpicturing. Remember, Victory is your friend! (applause)

Mighty Victory, 3-20-39, Denver, excerpts

Today in your reawakening into that great perfection of Life let not a day pass that you do not return sincere gratitude to Life! These bodies are just the garment you are wearing & you have often cast them aside & built new ones. Now you are approaching the time when the Presence of Life which has provided the eternal body of Light for you says, "Return, my children, & enter into the kingdom eternal! Enter into the body of the eternal Light & wander no more in the maze of human creation & limitation." You are returning, beloved ones, into that eternal freedom once again, this time never to recede, never to forget--& what a goal!

Say to your vision: "behold only the perfection of Life!" You are in a position to command your feeling to accept nothing but the perfection of the Mighty I AM Presence in action. You are in a position to say to your power of attention, "stay here where perfection of Life is" until you have drawn t in its fullness into these forms & set them free. then you are acting in the magnificent commanding harmony & splendor of Life & you will have it manifest here!

We have the records, of course, of all who in each century won the victory of Life, the victory over self, & it is amazing how small was the number. Now today the victory in numbers will be so stupendous in comparison even with the past century. Do you see all that this means? It is the step-up of every condition of the energy of Earth & its atmosphere, of mankind & all conditions, & thru that step-up & intensification there will come the purification, release & dissolving of all humanly discordant substance in the Earth.

I thank you, I love you & I bless you, beloved children of the Light? May the fullness of the great ones endeavoring to assist you by releasing into your feeling world their qualities help you to gain in one or two years what might mean a lifetime of tremendous effort otherwise. Take advantage of it, my dear ones. Ladies & gentlmen, take advantage of this magnificent opportunity which is offered you but don't think of it idly! You could go forward in such a short time into the victory until suddenly you would behold your I AM Presence in its magnificent splendor. Its radiance thru the Higher Mental Body would enfold you! Then your struggles would be over! Mankind is nearing this state! Therefore, take advantage of it & have the eternal blessing, happiness & limitless supply which Life is holding for you, to release at any moment into your world when it finds sufficient harmony there. I thank you & bless you forever.

Mighty Victory: