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Mighty Victory, NYC, 12-4-38, excerpts

Beloved students & friends, truly the cosmic hour is here & nearer & nearer are all of you drawing to God the Mighty I AM Presence! You have the opportunity now in answer to the great release of the cosmic light to enter this cosmic hour into the fullness of its majesty, presence & power, to release into the human octave limitless assistance which all mankind need. Make no mistake about it, fellow students & friends, the hour is here when mankind must give this assistance!

Your friends of Light are in a position to keep you definitely informed upon every condition which exists in your America so not one action of deceit or treachery may go on in your government that you do not know it. (applause) May your selective intelligence, may your discriminating intelligence be so quickened tonight that you are alert so that it will always be on guard to stand before you & in your call to the Mighty I AM Presence of Light render you a service which no one can touch. Although you are here for the first time if you will accept it I will give you plenty of proof in the months to come that my charge was real in your feeling world. (applause)

You beloved ones who are here cannot even imagine the persistency, the power of determination with which these two humble Messengers have pounded away all walls of human doubts & fears! You have no idea. People now must choose. The Messengers out of love & kindness have gone forth rendering this almighty service to mankind, now let the people awaken & invite them to come! (applause)

Do you think that we do not see & know your heart's cry for supply, for harmony, for happiness, for the ability to achieve success--some of which you have held from childhood? Think of the joy of the incoming friends who have not come to know us yet. We invite you to meet us. (applause) I do not think you quite get that! (Mrs. Ballard: "We accept it!") Thank you very much. We invite you to meet us. (applause, audience rising, "We accept it!" in unison) Victory! When the day comes that you understand all your response just now has meant, your joy will be boundless. My dear ones, you don't know what you have done!

Mankind has not understood that we are beings of happiness & kindness & of great reality, & one day when you do accept my invitation you will then see that Life does not struggle! I so charge that into the world of mankind that one day at a great banquet table St. Germain shall sit at one end & I shall sit at the other! (applause) Please rest in peace. You who have read Unveiled Mysteries & The Magic Presence have seen where more than 200 people sat at the banquet which the Presence of Life provided. You are closer than you dream, beloved students, to where you will see many of these natural things. In the great understanding of the Laws of Life as you go from one step to another it all becomes just as real, natural & tangible as your achievement here in passing from kindergarten to the university & then on to the completion of what you desire to accomplish. Why not bring that perfection here into the human octave where it is needed? Since men are the decreers of their worlds, if you decree perfection why not have it?

I say to you, beloved friends, I do not wonder that you love these beloved Messengers as you do. You never had anyone in all the centuries in which you have lived & the undreds & thousands of various embodiments which you have lived, you never had such friends in any embodiment who are willing to battle for you & hold the balance of life until you in your call to life could sustain it. (applause) Beloved ones, adore Life! Give your attention to your Presence of Life the Mighty I AM as never before in great calm mastery & adoration so the fullness of all that it wants to give you will flow like a mighty river. We call eternal blessing upon all those who have assisted in the radio, for you have no idea, beloved ones, what the class broadcasts have done for your city.

O please won't you remember to not ever say I can't, I am broke, I am a failure, I am sick, I am unhappy, I am helpless, I am a victim of circumstances. Oh my dear people, what makes a discordant circumstance? Your denial of the I AM powers of Life! Beloved ones, I plead with you, be careful of your feeling world! I ask everyone of you in the days to come to watch your feeling & watch your conditions & see if you will not come back to me within six months & tell me of my victory acting in you. (applause)

Mighty powers of Light! Enfold these beloved people of Earth, these beloved students of the Light & clothe them this hour in your crystal armor & hold it about them until their ascension! Clothe them tonight in the glory of Thy Presence, Thy mighty radiance which this crystal armor holds within the compass of action within the human octave & let it do its perfect work for the people of America, for your beloved America, that each may render the maximum service in the call to Life for themselves & that which America needs today!

Remember this Cup of Light which America is & how much depends upon that Cup being filled to overflowing with Light so it can spread to the rest of the world. Remember, children of the Light, you have a mighty service to render! As more of your beloved Americans & those of other nations are drawn into this great light of the Mighty I AM Presence then will all become easier & easier for you in your service to the Light. Then there will come one great family of harmonious happy action which will release the powers of Light! So tonight carry with you, my beloved ones, my victory! Wear my garment of crystal armor so you may walk in the world but not be of it. Then you will be untouched by its human discord! Then in that harmony of Life you may call forth the perfection of Life with such speed & power that no one will question the Presence & power of Life in its victory over human conditions! I thank you.

Mighty Victory, Los Angeles, 12-19 -38, excerpts

I have limitless power to charge my power of victory into your feeling world & I AM going to specialize it now & henceforth for your financial freedom. (applause) Since there has been a deliberate intent upon the part of vicious individuals to interfere with you, then I shall take a hand myself, & we shall see whether they have the power or whether I do! (applause) Will you close your eyes & silently accept the power of victory, that quality of ascended master light-substance which I shall charge into your feeling world for constant action, for dominion for you in your application & your acceptance of the Presence & power of Life. Thank you so much, will you be seated. Will you be kind enough to make yourselves as comfortable as possible & please no matter what I may say remain perfectly at rest & quiet, & for this service I wish to render tonight please keep your seats!

You must have more powerful action, oh not to the outer appearance but from within the feeling world--which is a great calm power acting just as if you were entering into the full power of the great silence. You will remember that in the trinity of action which is the presence of love, wisdom & power in your physical body, there is the vision, attention & feeling--the power of qualification. Then you will see at all times in the harmony of Life the combination or trinity of action is released--which is the power of the Mighty I AM Presence--at all times drawn forth at your call. Therefore I say to you tonight as you become firmer & more joyful in your application, you will find greater & greater manifestation coming of that for which you ask, but, beloved ones, do not become too serious.

Do you not see, beloved ones, you have not understood. You have accepted the appearance world as powerful & you have given power to the appearance world which has none except what you give it so far as your world is concerned. Do you not see that? Let me bring before you again tonight the reason why things seem to limit you. If you pour your life energy by the power of your attention into the appearance world which limits you, is there anyone to blame but yourself? You don't have to do that. You can take your attention off that appearance of limitation & put it back with the Mighty I AM Presence where it belongs. Then the attention cannot observe limitations in the appearance world which have no power there.

My dear ones, we mean business! Please mean it as earnestly as we do for your freedom. Not only that, we are furnishing the energy, substance & qualification into your feeling world which will place you there unless you reverse it. Within your hand is the scepter of power to mold your bodies at will into whatever you would have them be, but because of the long accumulated suggestion of mankind people allow a little pain or disturbance of human creation to be their master. Isn't it a shame? Isn't it ridiculous? Be not discouraged!

Remember, flowing into your heart is the perfection of Life & it only requires the stopping completely of your power of misqualification to let that perfection of Life bring its perfection into every atom of your body & hold it in its expanding activity. Then let it flow out into your world like a great river of light, harmonizing everything & causing everyone who touches your world to love you & want to bless you. If you have irritation & disturbance in your feeling world it is a repelling force! It is not a matter of persons, places or conditions, it is a matter of the quality of energy acting. Therefore if you want to be a mighty magnet for all good of every description, you must pour out divine love & blessings continually.

Therefore I say to you, be of supreme courage! Go forward, beloved children of the Light, in the victory & power of the Light which is yours from this hour henceforth! Let no human suggestion deprive you of that almighty acceptance in your individual world. Do not discuss it with other human beings but stand in the glory of the happiness, courage & full power of our conviction which has been brought to you tonight. Silently call forth the unyielding power of Light to take its dominion in your life, body & action, produce its perfection, hold dominion there & release from your Treasurehouse the limitless supply of money & all else required, anything you require in the service of the Light! Remember, beloved ones, the Presence of Life does not limit you! Oh my dear ones, how firm you must be against human suggestions. Human suggestions will remain as long as mankind remain in imperfection. Do you not see that?

As I myself AM charged into your world, be careful what you do, for remember from tonight you are a part of Me, so be careful! You would not do anything after tonight that I would not do because you are a part of Me.

Oh my dear ones, joy is the great motor of life, & when you make your application let that great happiness release with great firm realization that your application could not fail because it is the power of Life, the power of Light acting at your call flooding & controlling you completely.

Here in the city are groups of people--I could point them out & give you their names--who are holding sessions twice a day to throw a force of disturbance into this coming class. The foolish creatures! Oh that they might realize what that energy could do if turned to draw forth perfection to themselves! I repeat to you again: there are no longer left feeders of destructive energy which were the black magicians in your America. When the destructively qualified energy in the atmosphere of Earth is completely consumed, we have only the discarnate entities to clear from the Earth. One day mankind can live in a charmed world of beauty & perfection. Then will the desire world of individuals cease to act with discordant suggestions, discordant feelings! Then in the great peace which will rest upon mankind will they find that Peace which passeth understanding.

Mighty Victory: