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Mighty Victory, 10-16-38, Chicago, excerpts, dictated to Guy Ballard

Come into my heart! Come into the victory which I have known thruout the centuries because I have forgotten there was anything in the world but the Victory of the Light! Come with me into the garden of my heart!

That is a very large garden & many of you have been within our garden although you do not as yet retain the memory of it. Therefore, what is there? Victory, Life, the most powerful action & presence of divine love. My victory is Light, the conscious use of that mighty power of Light, the greatest in the universe! Many have not known this but my great great teacher the mighty Sanat Kumara for four & a half million years has watched over your earth. Therefore you have been fortunate to receive the love of your sister planet which has been your great Godmother, Venus. Her light has always poured its radiance to the Earth consciously projected by ascended beings there. Had it not been for that your Earth would have vanished long long ago.

This great Presence, Sanat Kumara, is soon to leave your Earth, & I mean by that within a hundred years. Therefore I ask you tonight, beloved students, be kind enough to convey this everywhere! While you have the opportunity pour your love & adoration to the greatest benefactor of the Earth ever known or who ever will be known!

Do you realize what it means to adore the light? When you adore your Mighty I AM Presence you have entered thru the doorway into the great great light! I want you to know that your great & mighty love released to the light & to the Messengers tonight enabled us to finish the dissolving of this one--in & over your city--of three of the greatest most vicious vortices of destruction in your america, so there are but two left! Rejoice with me! (applause) Now then I encourage you, beloved students of Chicago & vicinity because you will go forward with much greater speed, power & ease than you have had, very much greater, for we are placing a guard over you here. That is the first time a city has had a special guard! (applause) According to your sincere acceptance of that will you be released from many many things. We have seen so many kindly loving people suddenly become very irritated & disturbed. They could not tell why but it just was there. That is because in an unguarded moment they had opened themselves to the mass accumulation, that is why!

Now what do I mean by this special guard which is placed about you & your city here? It is to keep shut out any of that destructive activity which has been acting here so long. So much depends upon your controlling your feeling! There is not one in this room but these two beloved Messengers who has yet come to know a slight experience of what real happiness means, for only will you know that after you have held your feeling world in perfect oise & harmony over a certain length of time. Then you will be in that perfect harmony of feeling to know what real happiness is, then no condition of the outer world will disturb you or irritate you, then will my happiness begin to find action & expression in you.

You who want health, my dear ones, turn with the intensity of love & power to that mighty Presence of Life & refuse to accept any other appearance in your bodies or your world. Stand with the power of that infinite Light! Let its mighty currents charge thru your bodies like a mighty river sweeping out everything but the perfection of Life which flows in, cleansing & purifying! Beloved ones, the privilege is yours! Since you know wavering is not the thing to do, then guard your feelings with self-mastery & self-control! When your attention is upon the I AM Presence & power of Life you forget your bodies & you forget time, & that is what the human mind needs to do.

In many of the teachings of mankind mysticism has been instilled into their consciousness until they are constantly looking for something mysterious which they have to slip around the corner to find. They look behind the curtain to see if it is there. Don't do that, look here to the greatest power & intelligence in the universe, your own Mighty I AM Presence.

When the Messengers are compelled sometimes to correct mistakes, don't have resentment or self-pity! I tell you, self-pity is one of the most deadly activities acting within mankind. Watch that it never acts within you! This beloved Messenger up until he was 23 years old had it so tremendously--& see him today! Never say to an individual, "I do not think you are ready for this light." Outwardly you don't know! Beloved ones, I have taken so-called drunkards who were wallowing in the alleys of your cities & have stood beside them & by the projection of a lightray from my heart & my hand have dissolved & consumed within ten minutes the seething vortex of accumulation which had placed those human forms in that condition. (applause) You can call your I AM Presence to project one of those lightrays which is self-luminous intelligent substance to a person, place or condition & hold it there sustained, & the result is as certain as you breathe a breath from one moment to another. Feel that! & please contemplate it until you gain the full conscious victory of it in your feeling! With the Messengers thousands of calls have been answered instantly in the past six months.

That Presence does not have to wait! (applause) The only waiting which is required is for you to determine that you will establish complete harmony within your feelings. Remember, your call is imperative. Therefore, you sitting here tonight are the Victory of Light! (applause, audience rises) Because you are the Victory of Light, I so decree it by the power of your own Life into action now & forever sustained! (applause) Will you accept it with the same firmness & power of determination with which I give it to you? (applause) Please be seated.

Do you realize how you have given St. Germain the substance & power for which he has waited 400 years to accomplish certain things in Europe? (applause) Mankind has talked of brotherly love thruout the centuries; that is the manifestation of it. (applause) If you saw the Wall of Light by these mighty calls of 600,000 people, you would rejoice as never before in your entire experience of all embodiments! (applause) Now please understand, beloved students, this power of Light which you call forth as the answer from your Presence is the substance of Light! Then don't you see how powerful & all-penetrating it is? & that is how also if you only really understood it you could cleanse & purify your bodies in 24 hours!

Waiting to come forth are these magnificent ships which gather their power from the atmosphere & they are not weighted down with loads of gas & fuel. I say, standing in the atmosphere of this room are electric currents so much more powerful than the dynamos in your powerstations are able to generate that there is no comparison. These currents are in the atmosphere of this room & everywhere! I say to mankind, you cannot much longer withhold these mighty discoveries which are all ready to come into service, into action. Mankind because they have accumulated great wealth try to hold the control of outer conditions because of that wealth & prevent the bringing in of greater perfection to mankind. Soon the cosmic light will say to individuals, "Now you can no longer do this," & they will be compelled to submit! There was a great reason for individuals' accumulation of wealth. That time is past or largely passing. Therefore the even distribution will begin to take place thru very natural means & those who have thought to corner the wealth of the world will just be mistaken in their judgment & plans.

Gold held within & for a selfish purpose will one day release itself! (applause) You do not know it, but gold is intelligent! It is the one substance which cannot be changed. You can put it into a solution, you can vaporize it! Yet when you return it to its solid state it is the same! (applause) It is the power of the Great Central Sun placed within the Earth to hold balance in connection with the Great Central Sun for the blessing of mankind. It is a condensed sun ray from the Great Central Sun. That is why it cannot be changed.

I clothe you with the substance from the garden of my heart--self-luminous intelligent substance, & I have woven that garment about you tonight! Will you do me the honor of wearing it in memory of this night so you may feel my victory & be reminded of it often, so if anything confronts you you will not quail before it but in the memory of my victory you will stand dauntless & say to that appearance world: "No longer have you power! My victory is here in full dominion! Be thou gone hence forever!" Is that not wonderful to contemplate? As you sweep your hand before you know that the mighty legions move before you to make perfect your way. I thank you, beloved ones of the Light. (applause)

Mighty Victory: