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Say: "Mighty I AM Presence, charge into my feeling world the full power of your feeling so when I issue the decree that all human creation has no power, It charges into my world instantly & reaches out with such power that so far as my own activities are concerned there is not one thing in human creation which has power to touch my world or that I feel it." You would soon have such a momentum going that everything which touched your world would have to come into harmony with it! You can so charge your world with the power of the Mighty I AM Presence that its great harmony flows out & compels obedience wherever it moves. If you want to give your attention to things, you must expect to handle them because you invite them to come into your world & act! You can govern all such things & can look upon a thing without accepting it, but you have got to be consciously aware of it. That is why mankind have believed God would act for them independently! Well, God does not do it! You are given freewill & you are the decreer of how the currents of energy & your life are going to act in your world! Unless you understand that & control it, you won't have your freedom! You must be strong enough, dear people, to shut off the thing which has been disturbing you!

Beloved students, never let your human selves or anybody else ever try to put a discouraging idea into you! Stand unyielding to financial problems & conditions & say to every limiting thing: "Get out! You have no power! You cannot scare me anymore! You have no power in my world! My Mighty I AM Presence is my treasurehouse & governs everything in my outer world to bring its release of supply into my use! There is no other power & I accept nothing else!"

Dear ones, you have to win your victory thru your own mighty application! You then have a joy & strength, a power & dominion which you would not trade for anything in the world, & don't forget it! Every one of you can have & go forth from this night my Victory--your power & victory in the light! I thank you.

Victory, Chicago, Oct 4, 1938, excerpts

Do you realize that it is as impossible for you to direct your attention to myself or some of the others of the ascended host & not receive back our direct current as it would be for the Sun to stop its action or the Earth to stop its action? It is Life, my dear ones! It is Life & that is all the Messengers have ever talked about! We are Life, the same Life which is flowing into & thru you! We have gained our freedom by the same identical application which you have before you! You will remember, beloved ones, in reading Unveiled Mysteries, it was myself (the Tall Master) who came forth & issued that mighty edict for the Earth! Do you think we as perfect beings would overstep any bounds or would try to exploit ourselves before humanity? Oh no! People may think well or ill of us because it is quite the same to us so far as we are concerned, but it is vastly different to you! If you think discordant thoughts & feelings--discordant feelings toward anything--to the degree that you allow that to act within your feeling world are you depriving yourselves of your freedom! There is no getting away from this. Constructive qualities, feelings & determination bring the infinite power of light in, thru & out into your world to harmonize & let the full power of Life flow forth to produce its great perfection for you.

Is it not strange, is it not almost pitiful that you have not believed this when beating your hearts all these centuries has been this great I AM Presence & power of Life which knows no opposite (being all balance & wholeness); only because you did not understand have you so far forgotten our connection, our reality, that you have believed in everything in the world but your I AM Presence of Life! Oh dear ones, I plead with you, do not ever do that once again! Stand in your I AM Presence of Life knowing its power is flowing forth thru your bodies. Therefore I say to you, beloved ones, all Life is yours awaiting its opportunity!

Rejoice with me that many of you here tonight have called forth with such earnestness, that you have charged your feeling world with a power of light you would not believe possible even from me! Isn't it joyful to look into each other's hearts & see what is really there? Oh no, oh no, there is nothing psychic or spiritualistic about that! It is just the Law of Life, dear ones, in its perfect action! Life is the most beautiful perfect thing in the world, & It is the producer of all perfection & beauty which has ever been.

So much is being gathered by your calls to the I AM Presence & just a little more effort at self-control & harmony held in your feeling would release the great outpouring of this called forth! Arise & feel this as I say: arise in the power of your Life, your Mighty I AM Presence! I say, Mighty I AM Presence, take Your dominion in the feeling world of these beloved ones! Charge it with Your great victory & power! I charge it with my victory, its eternally sustained power, its courage, its strength, its confidence, its power of action in the human octave to bring into action now the glory & victory of Life which has waited so long to find its expression thru these human forms to be the outpicturing of Life now & forever sustained. Accept that, beloved ones, as your great action of Life, feeling the full power of all It means to you!

While you are standing I utilize this opportunity to pass these mighty currents thru your bodies & ask you to feel the sweeping out of all discord. Just accept the fullness of your outpouring of Life sweeping out of your physical bodies & out of your feeling world, erasing cause, effect, record & memory of everything which has ever caused disturbance within your physical bodies. If you can accept that in its fullness, anything which has ever disturbed you will be swept out of your bodies whether it be irritation, disturbance, ill health, lack of strength or whatever it may be! Now is your opportunity to have it swept out of your feeling. & call its action to be forever sustained that its power of action may always find perfect expression in & thru you & out like a mighty river into your world of action to silence all discord & harmonize all as you move forward the victory & power of your own Mighty I AM Presence.

Beloved ones, the preliminary work in this mighty activity has been completed, & now we are going into definite action!

Oh, mankind have accused nature of alot of things for which it was not responsible! Mankind do impose upon nature their own discord just the same as they clothe their own power of light which comes into & thru their physical bodies. The cosmic light has said, "Mankind, you shall not ignore Me any longer!" The cosmic light is saying that, & thank God, the Mighty I AM Presence & the cosmic light are willing to take that stand!

Did you ever hear anything about any release of the cosmic light until St. Germain brought this forth? Did you ever hear anything about it? No, I AM sure no one else ever did! Then, there is always a reason! Let us find it! It is because you, beloved people of America--children of light--are making these mighty I AM decrees! Remember, the mighty Goddess of Liberty & the Goddess of Light are largely responsible for this mighty release of the cosmic light!

Oh, we are not talking about the cosmic light the outer scientists refer to, which is the permanent streams of energy to the Earth. We are talking about the mighty cosmic light, the self-luminous substance which is released from the Great Central Sun to the orbs of this system & to the Earth. We are determined that the other orbs shall not say "that dark star"--for they have justly said it in the past because so little light expanded from the Earth.

Your great love in your call for the Messengers is the most glorious beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in a city where so much discord has been thru the centuries! You don't know it perhaps but long ago a city was here on this same spot which mankind does not know existed! Why do you suppose St. Germain chose Chicago as the first release of this mighty intelligence?

You know in times past so much thought was given to the Christ & the service of Christ, but who was willing to become Christ in order to render that service? Who was willing to give the obedience to Life? When this good brother was clean enough, pure enough, honest enough to be chosen by the great powers of light to carry this light & help & bless all, then you must know how great are his own light & strength & obedience! That is why I mention this tonight, because this should stand as the greatest encouragement to you for your victory of anything on this Earth, because these two Messengers stand a living proof of having won the victory in the face of all this condition (such hatred & viciousness)! This is why, beloved ones, I want you to see, feel & understand you must make the same application; that is what brings you victory! How did they succeed? Because they refused to accept any falsehood, gossip, any destructive condition into their worlds. Don't you see there is no opportunity to let down?

You know the staff are such busy people they have not noticed the great change which has been taking place! They are getting handsomer & younger each day! (applause) I commend them!

You find mankind in a quiet attitude of listening to a radio broadcast in perfect stillness & quiet. They are in a position for the release of that which has gone forth (via decrees) to enter into action in their feeling world, & when they hear these words, the light takes full action within them. After all, there is only one service which can be given & that is the service to Life. It is magnificent & wonderful beyond words!

The Messengers have constantly turned everyone back to the Mighty I AM Presence, refusing to give advice, leaving everyone free to accept or reject. Then mankind more quickly come into the understanding that their call to Life their Mighty I AM Presence is the most important thing in their existence, & the quicker, the stronger, the more powerful (in steadfast & joyous serenity) they turn to It, the quicker are they free in the full power of their own application! that is what makes your victory! I thank you.

Mighty Victory: