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Victory, Denver, 6-19-38, excerpts

(St. Germain: Beloved students & friends of Denver, since Mighty Victory holds the quality of victory & is able to convey it into your feeling world for your activity, I have asked him to give the dictation--for this is your need today!)

I say you have no idea, friends of the mountains, what is in those magnificent Rockies today. If you love the mountains, if you love your financial freedom, pour out your love & blessings to the I AM Presence of life & to all nature! Then see what nature will do for you! Did you understand fully what the radiance from the Royal Teton & from the Cave of Symbols means to you, you would understand how great was your privilege & what power you could call forth for yourselves & your city to bring about & release that great perfecting activity!

Observe the Messengers in this lifetime. They have achieved more victory in four years than they did in all the other years together. Don't you see what it means in knowing the I AM Presence is there by giving it your attention & in calling its mighty intelligent energy into action? Every year will more than double the speed of achievement which you had in the beginning! That is the power of momentum gained. I want so much to convey to you today that in all mankind's search for "the fountain of youth" they had it all the time right here in the Presence above them!

You can say: "Mighty I AM Presence, take command of this mind, body & world of action! Charge forth your divine order & divine justice into it! Hold it steady for constant action." Remember, what is it which is sending forth these decrees? O do you think it is just you physically? It could not be! It is your Life which is acting, & when you are speaking in the name of the Mighty I AM Presence don't you see its power & authority are issuing these I AM decrees for yourself or others? Call at least twice a day--it only takes you a few minutes--call earnest & sincerely for Mighty Astrea to send her legions to take away & into the octave of light any & every entity who attempts to reach into your world or come about you! Then you will keep your world wholly free! Do not be afraid of those things, they have no power unless they can throw fear over you.

Don't be afraid to repel destructive forces! Don't be afraid of calling for any destructive thing to be destroyed, blasted & annihilated! Do that to destructive forces! If you don't you won't be here long, I assure you!

Arise! Awake, o children of the light, & enter into the fullness of its glory, its perfection, its dominion, & have it manifest in & thru your physical bodies! Then raise the purified structure into the glories of light, the mighty I AM, & be free in the power of its light & dominion forever! I thank you.

Victory, Seattle, 9-15-38, excerpts

Oh, there is no thing in all the world so wonderful as to feel the glory, the victory of life! My victory is the victory of life! Tonight as I have charged into your feeling world that mighty quality of my own, making you a part of myself, then you will want to do everything within your power, I AM sure, to keep harmonized & call with firm determination to your I AM Presence to have its perfection manifest in your world. As you do that, remember at every call there is always a current of light & energy drawn forth from my world to bless, sustain & give you my assistance to your victory in the light, to your victory over human limitations, human qualities, transforming them into the victory of the light!

Observe here, beloved ones! This ray of light (pointing to Chart of the I AM Presence) before it touches your head has all the power in the universe! Now because of your lack of acknowledgment & acceptance of sufficient harmony to allow it to flow, you have come to believe that the life acting thru your body is limited--because of your power of qualification--but it is not! I want you to feel how natural we are, how natural life is, & how natural is even the higher attainment of life! It is a perfectly natural normal thing! There is not one signle thing about it which is not. Don't let yourself feel because an ascended being is present that there is something abnormal about it!

Beloved ones, let me tell you something important tonight! There is not one of you in this room, in the acknowledgment of your I AM Presence, who could not walk within the radiation of a raging mob & by absolute fearlessness call the power of Life forth which would silence everyone of them on the spot! You must feel the power of Life! You must feel its dominion to govern every condition in the outer world, in your homes & in your activity. Human creation does not have any power before the power & Presence of Light & Life, which are really one & the same. Therefore, remember, beloved ones, when you are calling this great I AM Presence into action in your world, you are calling the balanced activity & power of Life--love, wisdom & power--which is the mighty focus of God the mighty I AM Presence at your point in the universe, & there is no power to resist It, to override It so long as you keep calling It forth. Your world is the action of It! As you stand silent, calm & firm in your call to the Presence & its mighty current surges thru your body & out into your world of action, it is the commanding Presence of Life! You must feel that, beloved ones! I tell you, beloved ones, when you are silent & refuse to discuss the great Law with those who wish to criticize It, & then stand in great calm firmness, they will be compelled to leave you alone! How can Life fail?

Never cease your call, beloved ones, for ascended master friends to be raised up everywhere to bless you! You do have the greatest friends in the world in the ascended masters, legions of light & the cosmic beings. America is the only place on Earth where there is a hope for freedom to be established so it may be spread to the rest of the Earth! You do not realize, beloved ones, what it means to live in a land & country which has been drenched with human blood! You cannot realize what that means & we shan't attempt to have you, but just remember your America has had the least of it of any nation of Earth & for a long period! The whole world is awakening with a speed & power which delights us very much, & there will come a fearlessness which ere long will not tolerate a dictator on the face of this Earth! (applause)

Do you not see, beloved ones, how mankind has been hypnotized by the vicious devilish fiendishness of those dominating individuals among mankind! How do they do it? O, dear ones, all that viciousness is not in the form of such individuals or in that which they have accumulated--don't you see, it cannot be--but it is in the force focused upon them (of planetary discord) which makes them all a hypnotic power to carry mankind--millions--into the vortex of their vicious devilish destruction! That time must pass, beloved ones, with the speed of lightning until mankind will no longer tolerate such a thing!

Remember, the Divine Director is a mighty authority, & when he sees the time has arrived to release into the feeling world of the I AM students or individuals this power which makes them invincible against human suggestions, against entities & against black magicians, then he has started to render a service to the Earth which will find its dominion with the power of lightning! that is what is being done, beloved ones, to all the I AM students whom he sees are sincere--he is releasing that power of liquid light into their feeling world. I know the Western world sometimes thinks that sounds like silly nonsense to speak of black magicians. Well let me tell you there are thousands & thousands in America today who have been prevented from attaining success & happiness because of those vicious creatures who failed on the pathway of life & are determined that mankind shall not go free! That condition exists! Those creatures have been cunning enough to seldom show themselves or let anything be felt except their tragic influence, but today they are losing their power & they know that their day is finished! (applause)

When I AM speaking about the communists I mean those people who are vicious in the extreme! Those agitators who come among you, dear people, care no more for you than the rats in a cellar! Remember that! They are using the opportunity to leach off every source of supply from unsuspecting mankind & to feather their own nests & fill their pockets with money which they send to europe to put forth further destruction. Humanity & the people of America shall not be preyed upon by these vultures in human form, & they shall not deprive these innocent people in this country. Be of good courage! O my dear people, in your cities, in all large cities of America there are spies today who would cut your throat as quick as to look at you. All of those agitators are filled with fear, & they run their bluff of dominion over people who fear them! Therefore, beloved ones, understand that your power, your call to the I AM light is stronger than a regiment of individuals who want to do wrong! Will you please bear that in mind?

It is the fanaticism of mankind which looks to "channels" for freedom--instead they should be using the light of the I AM! Otherwise they are making a grave mistake! Could you see, could you believe how many many activities start with a firm magnificent intent to bless mankind & then have been used for destructive purposes, you would be amazed! Dear ones, this mighty instruction of the I AM has been no idle imagination of anyone! This is a great reality which is going forth in the final effort to save mankind! I for one believe firmly that mankind are going to give the response which will make the victory forever complete! Now whatever step is gained in your call to the I AM Presence, every particle of freedom & victory over limitation, is permanently sustained! You cannot go back in whatever is achieved in your call to the Presence. & it is natural (because good is held secure in one's Causal Body)!

Mighty Victory: