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Mighty Victory: Dictation excerpts, dictated to Guy Ballard, late 1930s

May I remind you that there is only one victory in all of eternity, in all of infinity, in all of creation, & that is the perfection produced by the cosmic love from our octave. Victory is the eternal perfection of life's divine plan fulfilled in ever-expanding love, beauty & radiation to all the universe around you.

There must come something to draw mankind's attention away from their misery & the hate & destruction that has sought to engulf them; therefore the great cosmic magnet of my victory is a flame of love so irresistible that it compels victory! The one who will accept that & call forth that flame of victory to surge thru the physical form & surge into the conditions of the outer world will become a great magnet that lifts mankind so much more rapidly than the cosmic law would permit at any other time. Mankind is taking their initiation in love....mankind can draw forth enough love uninterrupted from their own beloved mighty I AM Presence to accomplish that which fulfills the divine plan & holds protection at the same time.

Let me tell you one of the secrets of victory is our joyous confidence which just rests within your knowledge of the I AM & the ascended masters' determination to assist you. Keep acknowledging our cosmic flame of cosmic victory in & around your physical body day after day, once an hour or more often if you can! Just hold your arms up to your Presence & say: Charge again, intensify & expand your cosmic flame of cosmic victory around me & see that I feel naught but your ascended master victory! Then just turn your attention to your blessed I AM Presence & say, Thank you!

It comes around you first of all like a mantle of flame, an atmosphere of flame about you. It expands to a certain radiance & then begins to intensify in its activity directly around the body. Then there comes the condensation of our substance which is like an armor, like a golden armor harder than steel to human creation but soft & flexible & harmonious to the one who wears it! This has a powerful healing effect as well as an insulation & a power of accomplishment to produce victory in whatever channel you are active so long as it be constructive.

Wear my armor & try me out! I have told you I would never leave you until you are free! Won't you make the atmosphere about you the blazing cosmic flame of my cosmic victory & just expand, expand & expand it? Wherever there seems to be imperfection just say: O mighty I AM Presence & Mighty Victory, plant your cosmic flame of cosmic victory there & wipe out all else! To have victory you must acknowledge it. To get rid of your human you must turn your back upon it & command it to be no more!

Out of the fullness of thy heart, thy great glorious mighty I AM Presence, we accept tonight for these children of Earth the fullness of thy cosmic outpouring into every heart here. O thou glorifying, expanding, electrifying Presence of all life energy within each one, radiate thru these children of my heart until everywhere they move they are a glorified being in action--with such speed & activity of light that they never lack for any good thing! Let the glory of Thyself go forth, o great Presence of all life, for Thou art that power & mighty intelligence in action, & this great cosmic victory goes forth performing its perfect service & it cannot be interrupted by any human thing. Anchor into the consciousness of these blessed ones all that You want them to have to absolutely sweep everything of imperfection out of their worlds. & that great light that beats their heart--let them enter more fully into thy glory! We rejoice in all heart-love at this great accomplishment, in all heart-fullness in the glory of this mighty activity building its momentum; we rejoice & thank the great host of ascended masters for their assistance & great courage to help these hearts to go forward to their eternal victory! In thy name & by thy power we forever abide!

-pp. xxi-xxx, I AM Discourses, v. 9, 1986, I AM Activity, Chicago.

Mighty Victory: Dictation excerpts, dictated to Guy Ballard, SF, Calif, 2-6-1938

I was given the name of Victory by the ascended masters who have made the ascension from your Earth because all that I attempted to do has been victorious, for a tremendously long period!

The greatest meance to the American people today is dope. Decree for the dissolving & consuming of all dope, its cause & effect, (record & memory) in America, call for its annihilation & to the forces of nature to no longer allow to be produced that from which it is made!

To bring in perfection perhaps several hundred years in advance is why this tremendous effort is being made by the powers of light, the ascended masters, cosmic beings, legions of light & the great cosmic light itself! Once you understand how great is this power you will use it. Of course the Messengers & we have tried to convey that point to you for the one-pointed focus of your vision--your physical sight, your attention & your power of qualification--act with infinite power to produce any given result which is constructive.

Let no man or woman be so proud in the human octave as to hesitate to use the enduring terms of "beloved" or "precious" to their friends or associates. Remember, beloved ones, in those words is the feeling of kindliness which mankind needs today--o so much more than you can imagine, & every ounce of energy you put forth filled with love & kindliness is lifting mankind to where they can be the victory of light! May your memory of me & my words to you always contain the feeling of victory in your life, in your activity, in all that you desire! Even unto your ascension still may the word "Victory" shine out before you & beckon you on to the final goal, your ascension! I thank you.

Victory: Kansas City, Missouri, 2-27-38, excerpts

Not that there is the slightest thing to fear, not at all, but because you become a greater focus of light & more noticeable, then you must have the greater protection. If you draw that Tube of Light about you or call the I AM Presence to draw it, you cannot fail to have the protection which is necessary. You are not the frail beings that you think you are! This great energy which you are calling forth in purifying & charging your feeling world, the large percent of it yet needs to stay there! Then as you gain this, when something wants to come forth or an achievement before you needs this energy you can say, "Now go & do your perfect work," & just as straight as you point your finger to an object will go that energy in full volume to accomplish whatever is needed! Try not to battle anything in the future, but rather in the great calm serenity of your I AM Presence call it forth into action to govern all things, & let this light which I charge forth into your feeling world & activity today do its perfect work for you. Therefore according to your acceptance be my assistance unto you! I love you! I thank you! I bless you forever in the power of the infinite light & its expansion--of your own mighty I AM Presence--forever sustained, all powerfully active in you & your world! I thank you.

Victory, Detroit, 4-30-38, excerpts

In your feeling is both sight & hearing; don't ever forget that! Because in the first expansion of your light, as that intensifies the day will come when from right directly above you you will hear the audible spoken Word! You who have read Ouspenski's work will understand that man's joy when in his search he like many others began to hear all kinds of voices around him which were probably large entities! He knew that something was not right & he kept on calling. Then all of a sudden above him this one powerful masterful voice spoke, & from that moment on the other voices around him became silent! Be sure the voice or words you hear are constructive! Be sure, then go ahead! This is important! Remember, as St. Germain has requested you from the beginning, your first loyalty is to your own Life!

Won't you be patient & go on with your great application until the great cosmic light releases its final mighty impulse into the Earth, when the curtain between the invisible & visible is no more? When enough of human creation has been dissolved then the remainder of the curtain of flesh--otherwise "limitations"--will dissolve & disappear, & you will walk & talk with us as you do with each other!

Therefore I say to you in this quiet atmosphere today, keep your attention away from people who oppose the light in any form whatsoever, or who are antagonistic if they disagree about something, because if you allow your attention to be on a destructive quality which seems to be acting in someone else, if your attention holds fast enough on that you will compel that quality to act within yourself, for what your attention is upon you become, where your attention is there you are.

Remember, there is not one thing unusual in the magnificence of life even to the ascension! All of it is practical! It only requires complete harmony in your feelings. Stop of course all human qualification, then everything is natural, & as you begin to find you can hold that harmony, your joy is boundless! Now notice when your beloved Messenger in Los Angeles turned upon his human self & told it that it no longer had any power, look what happened, how quick he became free, & he maintained it! Therefore, beloved ones, the only thing which ever touches him yet is if he thinks someone is in danger of failure. Then he is not able always to shut out that sadness. Even then that is only momentarily acting, for he arises in the power of light & charges forth its mighty victory of light to that individual who he knows is in danger. Won't you do that in everything which confronts your life in the future & see how quickly such peace, rest & happiness will fill your world with success, because you cannot have success without harmony maintained in your feeling world! Beloved ones, your love is so great, please do not blame anyone else ever again for anything whatever! Just please don't do it, & see how quickly your blessed world will come into divine order, & then you will see all the proof your hearts require that your freedom is at hand.

Mark you, I shall find some means of reaching our young people in tangible form! I shall find some means of reaching them in great numbers so their attention goes to their I AM Presence of life & is held there firmly!

Mighty Victory: