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index to these Bridge to Freedom dictations & invocations

(Further Bridge to Freedom dictations can be found at for those who would gain self-mastery.)Index to the current set of webpages at orobec, number as in "index 1" given, then master dictating plus title of his dictation where possible:

1. Jesus Christ: On the Ruby Temple; The Resurrection Temple; Morya; 2. St. Germain: Letter from Francis; 3. Maha Chohan: Breath; St. Germain; Kuthumi; 4. Kuthumi: Teachings of Golden Robe Brothers; 6. St. Germain: On Board SS Florida; Morya; 8. Maha Chohan; Kuthumi; Maitreya: Palm Sunday Address; 9. Chamuel; 11. Uriel; 12. Michael; Mary: Teton Conf Address; Serapis: Teton Conf Address; 13. St. Germain: Teton Conf Address; decree; Nada: Love is Highest Manifestation of Deity; 15. Maitreya: Resurrection Flame; 16. Kwan Yin: Art of Becoming Healing Conductor; 17. Invocations; 18. Astrea; 19. Diana; Invocations; 20. Neptune: Purpose of Water Element; 21. Aries: Purpose of Air Element; 23. Invocations; Virgo: Purpose of Earth Element; 25. Invocations; Morya: Introduction to Lord Ling; Lord Ling: God-virtue of Happiness; 27. Lord Ling: Release of Cosmic Flame of Happiness; 29. Mary: Memoir #9; 30. Invocations; Lord Ling: Developing Sustained Feeling of Happiness; 33. Mary: Memoir #10; 34. Hilarion: Pathway of Truth; 35. Pallas Athena; Mary: Memoir #5; 36. Kuthumi; 37. Maitreya: Restoring the Christ; Mary: Memoir #6, #8; 38. Gautama Buddha: Doctrine of the Middle Way; 39. Invocations.