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Thruout my Earthlife as you know from the age of three on my whole being was dedicated & consecrated wholly to God & I prepared for & awaited the hour when my mission would begin in earnest. Beloved Gabriel in his great kindness promised to come & flash again into my outer consciousnes the reality of the mission I was to fulfill & a picture of the perfection of Christ. Gabriel had promised to give me this assistance when I would require his help the most. You all recall the coming of that great one & the confirmation of the benediction of God which took place before Jesus' birth.

During the entire life of our master both Joseph & myself remained one-pointed in the holding of that concept for Jesus. His senses you will recall were most highly developed, his power of sight, his power of hearing, his thought & feeling. Naturally he was the most sensitive instrument embodied at that time. Thru those senses he could draw eith the greatest light or thru connection with the appearance world he could draw also the shadow which would blot out final mastery & victory of his ascension. So we began from very very early childhood teaching him the story of the immaculate concept & teaching him to magnify only good. On the other hand, in every experience where he was in a position to encounter discord we nullified that by saying together, "Now we shall not magnify this. Instead we shall magnify the power of God, the power of good." He grew up in that atmosphere, that radiation of magnifying good & giving no power, no sense of reality to evil. This momentum took us thru even the passing of Joseph, it took us thru the years until Jesus' public ministry was to begin. Then our ways parted (outwardly) & I devoted myself to a constant novena to holding for him that pattern of the victory of life over death itself.

Ofttimes during those years when he & the disciples were engaged in public work I went up to Bethany. There with Mary & Martha I enjoyed a certain peace in the simplicity of country living. On the outskirts of Bethany we found an old mill that had been used to grind corn in previous days. I loved to sit there & weave garments for beloved Jesus, tablecloths, napkins & things of that sort. Once each day I would find myself walking up the small but grassy mound to a great flat-topped rock. There I would spend some hours in deep & earnest communion with the God of Light. There I made the application, there I built the momentum & the pattern on which my Son was to ascend to his God & mine in the presence of many people.

In those days I did not know what I builded but I sent my love & my gratitude to the God of Light & in that rising of energy from my heart I builded the very ascending flames which were to become the victory of your beloved master & mine. During this period we thought very little about the time after the victory of the ascension because we were trained one-pointedly upon holding the immaculate concept for Jesus. No thought of self entered our minds nor was there any thought of what we were to do to maintain & sustain the Christian ministry or faith of disciples. This may seem strange to you but it would not seem so if you had been trained in a cosmic current & knew that the victory depended upon holding of your immaculate concept not only for the one you loved but for an entire race thru that one.

As I would walk on that grassy hillside part of my mind recorded this old mill. It had fallen into some disrepair & yet the momory of that old mill was to stand me in good stead for when John & I walked from Cavary Hill to Bethany--o! that old mill came to my mind as a possible place of refuge & solace. It seemed to me it could be a focus for the disciples & myself until we could find what we were to do & how we were to do it thru connection which we had with our beloved Jesus.

Well do I remember Holy Thursday! After the disciples & master had finished the Last Supper & had gone to Gethsemane, the other ladies & I came & gathered together the linen cloth which I had woven & folded carefully, knowing in myself that within a day that cloth would enfold the body of my yet vital shining & beautiful Son! In a napkin we carefully wrapped the Grail & gave it to Joseph of Arimathea for safe-keeping. That Grail was to travel far & before this weekend is spent I shall tell you of that journey. The Holy Thursday evening after we had straighted up the room so that it might be returned to the landlord in perfect order I engaged in the most heartfelt prayer of which I was capable, for the next day was to bring to me the greatest trial of my life. We shall not dwell on that day because it has passed victoriously.

After we had given to Mary & Martha & those who were to anoint Jesus' body the frankincense & myrrh (carefully kept from the time of Jesus' birth), John & I descended the hill into Bethany. There again I held vigil with the help of the beloved Maha Chohan. I held that vigil thru those days while the soul of Jesus, separated from the body, passed thru the psychic & astral realms & prepared for the glory of his resurrection day.

Then strengthening the disciples with my own faith & with that inner light which came to me from the master we began to prepare that old mill for living quarters. James, John & Peter whitewashed it, fixing walls & roof. Here we established the beginning of the first Christian monastery & cloister you might say. Here off & on we abode for some thirty years. Here after the resurrection morning every day for forty days until the Ascension the beloved Master Jesus came & spoke to the disciples & myself. Because of this after that glorious triumphant victory on Bethany's hill there were happier & more consecrated lifestreams who entered into that home at the foot of that hill. Then we all prepared to magnetize the living Presence of Jesus & from that simple focus to direct those mighty currents of the Risen Victorious Christ thru the mental & feeling worlds of all mankind. The story of that service I shall tell you.

Beloved ones, a dispensation which governs an entire race at the changing of a cycle of time, such a dispensation is builded on the energies of many & not just one! Even my beloved Jesus with all the light & power of his Presence could not have rendered that service alone! Beloved St. Germain as he now draws the currents for this New Day is performing the same service that the disciples & I rendered in that day. He is doing this by magnetizing those currents of nourishment for his New Era just as we kept the entire Christian Dispensation going thru the 2000 years of Jesus' reign. It is not the work of one man, one woman nor even of one Avatar or one Christ. It is the combined woven energies of many consecrated lifestreams.

Think you well on the word "consecrated". It means the complete dedication of your mind, your spirit, your soul, your thought, your feeling & of all organisms of your flesh to drawing forth that nourishment which is to be the sustaining power for a dispensation that will grow in magnificence & glory long after you, humble folk like ourselves, have folded your earth-garments around you & passed from the stage of life.

If you could look back at these simple efforts to create a garden & to make livable that habitation, if you could have looked at the toilworn hands & consciousness of those of us at Bethany, you would be amazed that there ever could have risen the magnificence of the Christian Dispensation. It is only the glamor of ages, beloved ones, that has woven around us a magnificence that we did not then possess. We were humble folk as I said like unto yourselves. Now sometimes feeling that you have not the worth of a task, let me say to you that the number of those who Now stand around the mighty ray of St. Germain are far greater than those who stood with us thru the ridicule, thru persecution, thru crucifixion & thru those days afterward when we built the foundation in love for the master who had come to us, who had persevered & found FREEDOM!

So this Thanksgiving morning on behalf of my beloved Son, on behalf of myself, on behalf of the children that come to Earth garmented in whole & perfect bodies, I say: "God in Heaven bless you!" Good morning. MARY

-Memoirs of Beloved Mary, Bridge to Freedom, 1955 copyright.

Gautama Buddha: Doctrine of the Middle Way, 4-18-1957, dictated to G. Innocente

Beloved & blessed ones, I AM come to bring you peace, peace of mind, of soul & of body, that peace which is strong enough to sustain you & be a channel thru which the cosmic peace from higher realms may flow at will to change the quality of energy in yourself & those around you who are not yet within themselves the fullness of that peace!

To draw from the heart of the universal First Cause enough of that God-qualified energy to sustain mind peace & feeling peace no matter what the conditions in which the lifestream finds itself, is to have builded a momentum upon which others may draw in times of crisis as well as in times of meditation.

There are two paths for the true Buddhist to take, the one is the path towards the ultimate reaching thru the world of form thru transcendency of all human nature until the individual becomes one with that source I AM, & choosing to so remain, adding the consciousness of his awareness to the effulgence of that source, & thus does nirvana spread & expand in its glory as each such one is caught up & becomes a part of the light of that realm. Then there is the other path where having tasted the magnificence of unity with the source of All-Good, having become united in consciousness & being with that good one chooses of freewill to descend into a world of form & endeavor to radiate forth that consciousness of the Causal Body of the Creator & form an anchorage of divinity's Presence for unascended beings!

Those of you in unascended bodies today have the great opportunity of being such an anchorage of God-control at your point in the universe knowing full well that in the motions of energy that which you magnetize & generate & radiate must reach to the periphery of this world of form & touch every living thing from the smallest electron to the greatest Solar Lord, returning on the current of your own energy into your own world. Choose you then to be a sun of right use of life adding to the peace that his world requires or choose you to be a generator of further distresses that not only react upon your fellowman & nature kingdom but in truth of the law of the circle react upon your own souls as well.

I was one who chose the path of return to this Earth having known the joy of the Formless having expanded in consciousness into the Presence of the eternal God, having witnessed on my ascent & descent the magnificence of the inner kingdoms where many beings serve in transcendently beautiful forms. I chose to create thru my own life energy & aura that to which any disciple might have access &, touching its periphery be raised into that consciousness which I had experienced & which I did sustain during all those years of my ministry. You can do the same! That aura is required among unascended men, women & children as a radiating power to raise them out of distress into peace. That aura is radiation more than spoken word.

In the East, beloved ones, as perhaps you know very very little instruction is given thru the spoken word. Disciples are trained thruout the entire course of their lives to live within the aura of their master & by proximity to his greater understanding & illumination their own God-flames expand, their understanding increases & the natural expansion from within out takes place, though sometimes Guru & disciple do not exchange one word orally during the entire course of an embodiment.

There are various & sundry schools of thought in which individuals have been trained in the practice of silence of tongue but have neglected discipline of clamorous thoughts & feelings. The discipline therefore is incomplete. It is the capacity to so silence mind, to so quiet feelings, to so relax flesh form that full connection between God-self & the Christ that beats your heart is established. Then that Christ expanding its directions thru brain gives illumination to outer self as well as radiation of light to the world around you. All the silence in the world does not accomplish the victory when it is but silence of tongue any more than all words of the world do not accomplish victory when they are but words of the flesh garment!

Again we come to the doctrine of the Middle Way, the combination of the wise, powerful, constructive us of the Word when required & the restraint from use of those words when required, the holding of silence when necessity for peace or healing or protection is evident to the advanced chela, or the speaking of the Word of power into the atmosphere for control of human consciousness & minds & elemental life. As you have seen sun & moon reflected upon waters, you know how an agitated sea makes but a distorted reflection of those stellar bodies. That is exactly the same truth insofar as your lower bodies are concerned. Where there is inner agitation, whether it is emotional, mental, etheric or physical, you have a vibratory action that is foreign to the divine radiation that seeks to pour thru you. In other words as beloved Jesus said, you are not porous to the Spirit of God.

When you have a controlled feeling world, a mind that can concentrate & be still, an etheric body that does not carry the memory of ages that have been in which all types of distresses manifested, & a physical body that is alert & clean & functioning harmoniously then does that light of which I speak flow freely into your hearts & expand thru you to give the fullness of that cosmic radiation which is the hem of your spiritual garment.

Beloved ones, you who are on the Earth's surface today have you any conception how much the garment of the spirit is needed, whether you refer to it as the garment of Buddha or the garment of Christ? Can you with your limited consciousness conceive the requirement of virtue in this lower atmosphere which is attainable by any individual thru touching the hem of that spiritual garment which you weave out of your own life thru discipline, contemplation, control & application? There will come a day when you will remember me, when hands will reach toward your garment, & in the name of the One God who created both of us, you & I, I ask that that virtue may be ready, established & more powerful far than the turbulent energy of those who will seek assistance from you.

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