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Lord Maitreya: Restoring the Christ, June 1957, dictated to G. I.

Thank you, beloved ones. I AM come today to once again remind you that I AM the Christ that beats your heart--I AM the Christ in every man come again (3x), & expanding thru the lifestreams of all ten billion souls belonging to this evolution the fullness of the divine plan for each & every one. No more shall there be a single avatar, no more shall there be a single Christus, but in this hour of the Second Coming the divine Holy Christ Self in every human heart is destined to take command of the outer form & thru it reveal the mastery of the God-plan.

O thou beloved Holy Christ Self beating the hearts of all mankind, I call to you today! Expand the virtue for which you were given individualization by the Father of Light! Expand the nature of the Father-Mother God given you before you took physical form! Expand & manifest now that part & pattern of the great divine plan for which you were allowed to come into embodiment by the Great Karmic Board! O thou beloved Holy Christ Self within the hearts of all mankind, you hear my voice thru feelings, minds & etheric substance & flesh of these blessed ones gathered together--I Summon You Now! Draw on the glory of your own Causal Bodies, magnetize the radiation that you have builded thru centuries that have been, let loose the floodgates of divinity for which the individualized I AM Presence has sustained you thru these eons of time! O thou beloved Holy Christ Self within all mankind, Now is thy hour, Now is thy day! Come forth & fulfill thyself for the blessing of all that is. To the human outer personality of every individual upon this planet I say in the name of Almighty God which I AM without limit, Peace, Be Still! No longer shall your destructive use of human freewill limit the expansion of the power of the Holy Christ Self within every beating heart even beyond the veil of death! Particularly to those who have thru the mercy of God been released from the Compound (place of great density) I speak, no longer shall destructive use of freewill be allowed you. I invoke the full release of the design & pattern of your Holy Christ Self this day that there shall be no more Armageddon & struggle.

To those standing at the gates of birth whose karma is not fully consummated I also speak, you who stand at the gates of birth who have been given an opportunity to enter into this planet at a time when St. Germain's magnificent Golden Age is being manifest, you who have been accepted while two others have been denied embodiment, I say, Peace, Be Still! I also give this fiat & decree in the name of the Presence of God which I AM that the Holy Christ Self within you as you come thru the gates of birth & go thru the process of maturity shall be allowed full action to manifest divinity! To all those who are studying in the ascension temples who have not yet made the ascension I speak also to you asking that the personality be stilled & the Holy Christ Self within you be allowed full expression.

Quickly now! The LORD cometh! Quickly now! I speak to all beings of the elements--water, fire, air & earth--all imprisoned angels, every living thing & all mankind, hear ye these my words--Quickly now! Arise in the name of the LORD, stand ye forth redeemed & transmuted by His love & fulfil the purpose for thy being! LORD MAITREYA

Mother Mary: Memoir #6 excerpt, dictated to G. I.

...Spiritual pride is one of the most subtle of the tests as well as one of the most subtle of the sins manifest in individuals who are walking the path above the mass mind. Spiritual pride is often manifested in using the lips to convey to others private heart experiences which should be pondered & developed within self. Thru radiation these should be made manifest in works & not words. I say this with very great kindness, beloved ones, because in the beginning of spiritual development your inner faculties are very tender. They are like the first shoots of a plant above the surface of the Earth in springtime & they require the protection of great wisdom & solicitude. I tell you no one loves the growth, development & expansion of your own light in the unascended realm as much as yourself. In enthusiasm, in spiritual zeal or subtle pride when you endeavor to share newly experienced ecstasies you not only lose the benefit within yourself but you arouse jealousies & unhappy feelings in others. These often keep a very promising shoot from developing & maturing to a point where your words need not confirm your spirituality but rather your very being & radiation, the very perfume of the developed quality, radiation or gift is manifest to all.

I myself passed thru that test when beloved Gabriel spoke to me. I shall never forget the hour of his coming when he conveyed to me the truth that thru my body would come the physical form of beloved Jesus who would be the Messiah. It was required of me to tell no man, to ponder this confidence & to keep it in my heart. I did this for many many months. Even after the birth of the baby even thru our flight into Egypt, even thru his early growing years though the pride of a mother might seek to tell the priests of the temple that they should be careful of such a sacred & beautiful baby, the wisdom of the law was such that I could not do this. I could not subject his tender self to the energies that would be unleashed were my lips to even intimate that which I knew within my heart. Joseph & I often talked together about this as we watched him play but we told no one else. Jesus told you from within his own consciousness he drew forth remembrance of his own great guru Lord Maitreya. He himself told no man! he grew & truly waxed strong. When he had returned from his visit to India where he had received from the Divine Director those certain currents & those certain affirmations which were required to set him free, it was not necessary for him to speak! He was the Christ! John the Baptist proclaimed it & all men & women of spiritual strength in Judea knew it!

Then another great sin, another most subtle activity attacked him. This was the subtle type of sin that destroyed the Temple of Atlantis & Lemuria--spiritual arrogance. Arrogance of priesthood who versed in the letter of the law (having lost love of the law thru their spiritual "superiority") helped to destroy the Christ manifestation to all outer appearance. So it is in the life of every man. He progresses up the path, comes out of darkness into light, accepts the masters & walks forth. Then subtle tests endeavor to destroy that for which he has labored for ages. May the God of Light & Life keep you each one humble in your knowledge as you receive more & more understanding of the law. May you have a greater & greater comprehension of powers that act in the inner realms. As you begin to draw forth thru your own body those miracles & marvels of manifestations of light may your humility increase, your love intensify, your selflessness manifest until there is nothing between you & the Ascended Christ Presence at the hour of your complete victory. Then your ascension is at hand!

As the great ones are now bringing the beloved incoming souls before the Karmic Board, the Lords of Karma have chosen to stand while the lady masters, beloved Meta & myself are also drawing here prospective parents of all those who will be privileged to bring these children into birth. As they stand thus & as I send my call to the Karmic Board may I request that you please join with me in asking for the relief & release of these lifestreams from karma of every kind before they come into embodiment. I shall now make my petition to the Karmic Board, which you might care to hear.

"Lords of Karma! Beloved Ladies & Gentlemen of the Karmic Board! I Mary, Mother of the children of Earth, who fashions the heart of every lifestream that takes embodiment stand before you now on behalf of those about to take incarnation within this 12-month period. I have stood in the Sacred Heart Temple with these spirits. I have looked upon their karma builded thru ages. I have fashioned with my own hands out of the very best of the essence which body elementals could offer the sacred heart of each one. I say to you, o merciful Lords of love & light, the garments which they must wear are not fitting for gods & goddesses! They are not fitting for beautiful spiritual beings who within the course of this next 18-year period will endeavor to set free the Lord of the World Sanat Kumara.

"The mistakes & sins of many ages have been written deeply into the energies of their etheric bodies & into those flesh garments that would be woven by builders of form within the mothers of the race. On behalf of these spirits about to take embodiment, those who had the spiritual honor (in May 1954) of standing before the great Sanat Kumara himself & in my own Presence pledging the Threefold Flame of Life a vow of obedience, I petition you. As they have taken that vow & as a balance for that voluntary bending of the knee, humbling of their pride, acceptance in freedom of their inner bodies of the existence & Presence of the spiritual hierarchy, I make the request this night for good, whole, clean, pure flesh bodies for these children. I ask for bodies with eyes too pure to behold iniquity, with lips which will speak only words of love & light, with limbs firm & strong, with bodies as living temples thru which blaze love & light, with brains well balanced to received directions of the Christ Self, with every organ in its perfect place & in perfect functioning order.

"I ask this in the name of life & in the name of the Ascended Jesus Christ. I AM willing to offer on the altar of the Karmic Board whatsoever of my personal energies, whatsoever of my time, whatsoever of my very self is required to pay any balance that you do not find within their acceptance of the vow to serve Sanat Kumara! Great Lords of love & light! The incoming children are the hope of tomorrow. Give them garments that they may occupy in ease & peace! Give them garments sensitive to their own Holy Christ Selves that the Christ Self thru them may take full command from the time they are born! Give them, o great Lords of life, the fullness of the mercy of Kwan Yin!

"O beloved Goddess of Opportunity, newly crowned Queen of Heaven (for the incoming age)! I speak to you as my successor! I ask opportunity for incoming souls, opportunity for each one! Grant thou this as my last gift as I close my reign & as you become the shining Queen of Heaven. O Portia! Portia! Child of Love! Child of Justice! I Mary speak to you! I rest my case in your sweet hands!"

Thank you, beloved ones, for your assistance. As the feeling of devotion which has been charged with my energy fills the atmosphere let your own sweet energies coupled with my humble petition do what they may! Thank you & good morning. MARY

-Memoirs of Beloved Mary, 1955.

Mother Mary: Memoir #8, dictated to G. I.

Beloved friends of my heart! I bring to you tonight all the love & devotion with which I once cared for a small child. To you I bring the blessings of this holy season as we open the magnificent cosmic currents which have flowed thru your conscious endeavors & dedicated forcefields as an open door to bless all sons & daughters of God who know not yet the way to the Father's Throne.

Your blessed hands, your sweet hearts & your gentle spirits hold open the doors to the kingdom. Have you though of that? Have your ealized in its fullness what it means to magnetize those spiritual currents of energy from Above which form a forcefield? Thru your heartbeat, beloved ones, flows primal substance of life. Thru freewill you have chosen to give that life to the magnetizing of the angelic host, cherubic beings, seraphic kingdom, cosmic masters & devas & those individual consciousnesses who dwell in what has been called for centuries the kingdom of heaven. These beings do not concentrate their energies earthward except thru conductors. Such conductors are consecrated unascended lifestreams who magnetize the masters' energies & form the open door thru which blessings tremendously subtle & currents extremely vibrant enter into the atmosphere & mental & feeling worlds of mankind. These unusual benedictions could never reach the slower vibrating action of outer consciousness if there were not embodied stepdown transformers in the form of individual consciousnesses who are yet a part of the race.

So each one of you whose vital energies week after week, month after month, year after year have magnetized the Presence of the eternal God-free has formed a jewel of blazing light in the heart of this great metropolis. From the center of this blazing jewel has flowed forth to millions of people who live here blessings, purification & spiritual upliftment of which your dear outer selves will never be conscious until you stand with me in the God-free realm. Then you may look back at the record which has been written by your own lives & see the pure energy that has replaced the effluvia of those who yet know not how to control thought & feeling.

Magnificent indeed is the consciousness of an embodied chela who can even believe in our Presence in this universe & most blessed are they who in believing weave the substance & energy of their own lives into an activity which is of benefit to the race. Do you know how many children are born every twenty-four hours within the hundred mile radius covered by the center of your forcefield? Do you know how many bodies are fashioned by the builders of form? Do you know how many come in with much clearer sight, more perfect hearing & better use of their faculties because of your constant, unbroken rhythmic calls? Do you know how many children do embody in each year with vehicles & envelopes thru which the Holy Christ Self can externalize its divine plan were otherwise they would have been born idiotic or in all manner of distress? Is it not worth the use of your life energy woven into invocation, decree & song? Some day in your God-free estate you will look with joy upon those firm bodies & those strong lifestreams & you will know that your calls & your invocations morning after morning have made possible conditions by which a soul is allowed opportunity to fulfill its divine plan in dignity with head erect, body firm & pure, & mind clear. Otherwise these same lifestreams would have been destined to live a whole life thru in darkness or confusion.

O beloved ones, I have fashioned with my own hands the substance of your very hearts. I have stood each year before all those who are to embody in that 12-month cycle, I have seen the pitiful elemental substance charged with impurity & imperfection thru the mistakes of past lives. Therefore I can tell you what a mercy it is to these individuals when you call forth the violet fire for them. As they hold the best substance they have earned thru millions of years of living & offer that to me for a heart, well, as I look upon it & think, "Is this the best that soul can offer?", many thimes that violet fire rises from your groups at your call & passes thru the substance even as it is held within the trembling hand of the soul itslef. Thus instead of an impure garment, mercy & kindness of embodied lifestreams make it possible for us to give them added opportunity, an opportunity for redemption & service that they would not otherwise have earned. I tell you then does my heart swell with a Mother's pride for incarnate children who can & do draw & wield the sacred fire, sending that fire forth impersonally on behalf of lifestreams whom they do not even know exist! it is one thing, beloved, to work for those for whom you feel a close heart-tie, but to work impersonally for the great body of mankind, that show the cosmic nature of your own developed Causal Body & that is the hope of this shadow planet which we are endeavoring to fashion into freedom's star!

Beloved friends of love & light, as beloved Morya & I close our year (1954) as Sponsors for mankind, I would like to thank you personally for the opportunity of recording thru your energies in this forcefield a few of the personal memories of my experiences following the passing of my son into his eternal freedom. This gift which you have enabled me to give to you by opening the door thru your love, your magnetization & your attention, you in turn will give to mankind. The "Memoirs of Mary" will become the thanksgiving gift of your blessed selves to the Earth. I AM grateful indeed for this opportunity!

During the ministry of beloved Jesus as I have told you briefly my mission was to hold for him the immaculate concept of his own divinity. In preparation for this I had trained many centuries. In the elemental kingdom between embodiments I had taught elemental beings how to hold the pattern of a flower, a tree, a shrub. I had passed thru the initiations enabling me to hold a concentrate of thought which no force or distraction from within myself or from without could cause me to dissipate. Previous to earning the right to become Guardian & Mother of beloved Jesus I stood before the Great Initiator beloved Lord Maitreya who is also Sponsor for your magnificent city (NYC). He was the Teacher & Guru of my Son. As I have told you, for three hours at inner levels I held the divine image of the Holy Christ against every conceivable directed force which was endeavoring to dissipate that pattern. At the end of that initiation I was given the right to embody & await the coming of my beloved Son.

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