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Filled with an inner peace & exaltation, I walked with John down that hill & out of Jerusalem. "Ah," I thought, "Jerusalem, fickle city! Just one week ago the Hosannas rang, yet three days hence thou art destined to be the stage for a drama remembered for ages. The temples shall have fallen, the decayed walls broken & voices which were raised in the call for the crucifixion shall be stilled." In peace John & I walked to Bethany & there we remained until the days were accomplished & the resurrection was fact. My Son Triumphant visiting us thereafter established a focus for the Christian Dispensation & there we abode for thirty long years until I was privileged to receive my summons & join the celestial group of beings who have come home "to go out no more."

Well, it is done & it is written! There are so many lifestreams who contributed to the wealth of our love in that life. Among them are the beloved angels, beloved Gabriel & Michael, beloved Joseph, beloved John, Peter & James as well as many of you in this room today. In our free state we have not forgotten you, dear ones. Bless your hearts, you are all my children! You know, I have a momentum of holding that immaculate concept but what I did for Jesus I have now vowed before God to do for all ten billion souls of Earth walking the pathway home. I AM doing this now for each one with the same intensity with which I held it for my beloved son. Ah, the crucifixion is not over as long as any man, woman or child is in pain. The individual crucifixion of every son & daughter of man is not so great compared to our experience, but I promise you that by my faith, my one-pointedness, my ability to hold that vision for you each of you shall be set free! Thank you, beloved ones, for accepting my promise. The feeling of acceptance bursting forth from your heartflame is your freedom! Even while you believe that your individual cross is heavy, even while you believe that the nails in your hands & feet are painful, I AM seeing the resurrected living Christ of each of you bursting from the tomb of your human consciousness. I AM seeing that Christ stand forth transformed as I did for my son on the hill of Golgotha.

Can you withstand that vision, that hope, that faith? Ah, no! You know, a mother cannot be convinced that her child is not worthwhile. No real mother can accept even in the face of physical action proof in fact that her child is not good at heart for within herself she knows the perfection of his real Self. For you all I stand before the Sun in heaven, I stand in the Halls of Karma before the Karmic Board, I stand before every being, power, force, virtue, law & activity of the Universal One & refuse acceptance of the ability or capacity of any lifestream to sustain evil indefinitely. My light & my love shall draw forth the good from within all lifestreams as my light & love thru Jesus did draw forth his mastery! (Audience arose to express gratitude.) Thank you, beloved ones, & won't you please be seated?

If there is one thing in this world I love to do it is to make life comfortable. You know, in our activities of healing thru the temples I always instruct the devas & the brothers & sisters who assist me to first make the energies of the physical bodies as comfortable as possible. You see, the consciousness is not receptive to healing or any grace or virtue while the body is resentful or in discomfort. Therefore I would advise you individually to make your bodies as comfortable as possible but in an alert & positive way, not in lethargy! Then you will receive the blessing that is ours to give.

We are in a cosmic moment today & just briefly I wish to speak to you about it, asking for the contribution of your energies. As I have told you previously, it is my privilege to create the physical heart for each child that is to take on a physical embodiment. The Temple of the Sacred Heart in which both Jesus & I work is dedicated to drawing around the soul that substance which will make the sacred heart the tabernacle of the immortal Threefold Flame of Life. We use the most perfect substance of the lifestream to create that heart.

At this time all seven of the great Lords of Karma are present in the Halls of Karma & to them is being presented the soul of every lifestream who can be admitted to incarnation on the Earth plane within the next 12-month period. From these souls presented the Karmic Board will choose those who are to have opportunity to reembody. For every soul chosen two will be denied. That is the law.

Under the ordinary activities of life heretofore, the choice has been made without regard to the preponderance of spiritual lifestreams. It is made quite impersonally. However, now beloved Master Morya & other interested masters have evolved the idea of asking the Lords of Karma for the opportunity of bringing into embodiment spiritually awakened people who will take the vow of obedience to beloved Sanat Kumara before they incarnate. These people will then work thruout this current period to set themselves free, to bring an understanding of the Great White Brotherhood to mankind at large, to cooperated with the ascended masters & the will of God & to serve life generally. This petition was presented by beloved Serapis Bey last evening for which I AM eternally grateful to him. Your decrees, your songs, your calls to the Great Karmic Board for the granting of this petition will bear great weight & we are hoping by this coming Sunday to have some answer from that august body. May I digress here for a moment? You see, our love for Serapis Bey is very great. As head of the Luxor Brotherhood in Egypt he gave both Jesus & myself great assistance. Previous to the public ministry of beloved Jesus, my son & I returned to Egypt & we spent three years at Luxor. At this time we both became masters of the final initiation which is the particular interest of the Luxor Retreat, the conscious removal of the current of life from the body & the returning of it again thru controlled breath. This was done to prepare us for Jesus' supreme test. Being so very close to my son I also took the initiation so that my consciousness might be one with his during that experience.

Just to show you the immensity of the program, there are over three hundred million souls applying for reembodiment! That may seem alot to you but remember there are around seven billion souls always waiting at the gates of birth! At the present time there are in the neighborhood of three billion souls incarnated. The law is that approximately one-third of the ten beillion souls belonging to this planet are in embodiment on the Earth at one time, while the other two-thirds are out of embodiment living in the inner realms. So three hundred million is not such a large percentage of seven billions. The entire seven billions are scheduled to come thru the gates of birth before the current 20-year period is up. You can see this is a tremendous task.

At this time the three hundred million are moving in a slow procession before the Lords of Karma. These must be sorted out, separated according to consciousness & examined. This examination is performed in groups where the consciousness is not illumined enough to allow them to go into bodies spiritually awakened. However, this is done individually where the lifestream is spiritually awakened & where they are to be of potential service to the race. If the petition of beloved Serapis is passed then there will be a meeting in the month of May when these people will be offered opportunity at inner levels to take the oath of obedience to beloved Sanat Kumara. This should be a magnificent activity if it is accomplished. If you people in the outer world will have your classes at the time this is done we are bound to feel gratitude of the great law. From now until Sunday if you can find time & energy to use, if you will make the calls for dispensations from the Karmic Board to allow into embodiment only spiritually evolved souls, it will help the Earth tremendously.

Then of course there will be the great need for calls for these incoming souls because as you see they will be more advanced spiritually than their parents. If the advanced lifestreams are given the preponderance of vote there will not be enough sufficiently illumined parents to guide & guard them so we will have to ask for purification & illumination of consciousness in the homes into which these new children come. I thank you so much for your interest in this very important matter.

Now this morning as your attention has been turned to our blessed Jesus & to myself I bring to you our love & gratitude for your depth of feeling, your magnificent harmony & for this exquisite forcefield. It is a lovely thing to be welcomed & the welcome in your feelings which you have given to those of us who are ministering to you makes possible the radiation we pour to mankind everywhere today. Thank you & good morning! MARY

-Memoirs of Beloved Mary, Bridge to Freedom publication, 1955 copyright, AMTF 1986 reprint, pp. 33-45.

Kuthumi, June 1957, dictated to G. I.

Beloved friends, I bring you today from the Brothers of the Golden Robe my gift & theirs, the gift of an understanding heart. Contemplate that! In the earnest sincere application that you make walking along life's way how many truly understanding hearts do you meet? How many even can you count in your association in an entire embodiment? We upon the golden ray endeavor thru the service of our collective & individual instruction to widen the capacity of chelas to understand upreaching hearts within mankind, within imprisoned angels, within small elementals, within those who have passed thru death & wait at the gates of birth, & as understanding grows, tolerance grows with it. Then love naturally ensues in the consciousness of the individual who has developed an understanding heart. Dear ones, to understand the motive behind action is to treat a situation with a great deal more God-love, God-wisdom & God-authority.

To allow orthodoxy & accepted mental concepts to close the mind toward the growth of understanding thru fear, thru superstition, thru bigotry & various activities that seek to hold the mind riveted upon one aspect of truth, not allowing consciousness to grow thru understanding of other members of the race, their conditions & their past experiences with their racial & karmic backgrounds & everything else that makes them what they are today is not the way of love & wisdom.

We are endeavoring to widen the scope of human consciousness as a whole & this day thruout the entire world angels from the temples of Lord Jophiel are coming into the atmosphere of Earth & into the aura of individuals who hold positions of trust & authority of every nature everywhere so that we can endeavor to give peoples of every nation, every race, every nationality & background a greater understanding one for the other. There cannot be manifest a true world brotherhood until an understanding heart is developed thru the outer consciousness of mankind who are privileged to be embodied upon Earth today, especially in that of future teachers. This does not mean that you should be indiscriminate. It does not mean that you should loosely follow all sects & credos losing contact with the ascended gurus, but it does mean the development of a sense of discrimination, discretion & an understanding love that enables you to stand firm upon your own path convinced within your heart of truths you have been privileged to learn yet able like the teacher in school to understand the requirements & immediate instruction to pupils. How much do you know of the cultures of Asia & of their poverty & limitations?

As beloved Morya told you some time ago there might be an instant request for you to go as his envoy into Asia, Tibet, China, South America or any of the places where there is great need! How much understanding do you have of the background or nature of various people whom you may be called upon to serve, whom you will be called upon to instruct, to whom you will be called upon to present this truth building it upon the foundation of their own already accepted doctrine, finding the heart-truth within that doctrine & building thereon?

For instance in the Christian world it is easy to take a text from your Bible & build around it some aspect of cosmic truth. Individuals who are within orthodox channels feel a foundation & a firmness in instruction when you have a script of their own doctrine upon which you can elaborate. It is the same with Buddhists, Mohammedans & with every group of individuals who have learned from childhood to maturity how to develop some aspect of worship of deity. When you come to them with greater light & greater understanding you must have a common ground of meeting with their consciousness. "Ah," but you say "that common ground is our love & we will need no words." It truly will be so when we can say that your love is intense enough, when it has expanded thru the power of the Gods, thru the development of the Holy Christ Self to a point where your own physical vehicles, your mind, your feelings & all energy in your etheric bodies is a radiating center of love. Then you have developed an understanding heart, a radiating Presence of Christ made manifest & there will be no need for words.

Until that time comes I ask you, those of you who love the light, those of you who have followed the beam of light from the heart of ascended ones thruout the course of not only this embodiment but of many that have gone before, do not be reluctant or fearful of learning a little of what goes on around you in order that in a split second on an instant when the requirement comes you will be able to meet all individuals on a common ground & build upon their aspect of truth, developing it into maturity.

Now in the golden sphere where great teachers under the aspect of the second ray dwell there between embodiments gather those whom the Karmic Board have sent to us for instruction on cosmic law. Here gather together individuals who are to come into embodiment shortly, & here they learn the meaning of the coming of the Cosmic Christ. Here in the temples of the Brothers of the Golden Robe all incarnated souls are instructed while their bodies sleep at night & absorb teachings they will be called upon to impart as well as requirements of the moment to the multitudes. As was explained to you recently, the brain structure of the physical body usually does not vibrate quickly enough for the etheric garment to convey even to the most earnest chela the fullness of instruction received, the memory of the experience coming back as an exhilaration of consciousness or as an impulse of the outer vehicle to render some certain constructive service. As the violet transmuting flame is used, as the electronic substance of the flesh body is quickened, as the brain itself is purified & electrons moving around central cores which form the atoms making up the skull become pure enough, they become more receptive to divine direction from the individual I AM Presence & the ascended masters & the etheric envelope when it enters the flesh body in the morning can & will bring the fullness of memory of instruction given at night into the outer consciousness. When this occurs there is not that sense of forgetfulness which so many students deplore.

At present however forgetfulness is really a mercy because, dear hearts, you have enough to handle in the unpleasant experiences you have had in this embodiment thru association with individuals with whom you have come in contact without having the remembrance of all previous contacts you have had with them since man first fell from the state of grace. Therefore there is great mercy, wonderful mercy in so-called death & in dropping bands of forgetfulness over centuries that have been wherein there has been distress. There is even mercy in the present state of your evolution while you are not in full control of your vehicles, there is mercy I say in your not remembering the full glory that you have while you are out of body at night.

For instance when you go to the Rocky Mountain Retreat, when you salute the great Lanto, when you meet in council hall with members of the spiritual hierarchy & discuss with them magnificent plans & petitions that are to be developed there, when you associate with the angelic host & you see the magnificence of that retreat it would be very difficult for you to come back to a rather monotonous mundane existence in the morning with full cognizance & remembrance of the freedom you enjoyed at inner levels. It is difficult enough for advancing chelas to stay within confines of flesh, but were there more freedom allowed to enjoy the bliss of inner realms there would not be so much manifest expression in work well done down here. That is one of the weaknesses of oriental culture, the enjoyment of raised consciousness, contemplating beauties of higher spheres but refusing to translate that beauty into manifest expression. For instance in the India we love so much there are many holy men, o many holy & true but yet there is much poverty. Many teeming millions die of actual starvation in India. There we have the contrast between ascetic's radiation pouring upwards & backwardness shall we say of the great mass of people excepting of course in large cities like Calcutta, New Delhi & Bombay, which cities have been infiltrated by Western culture.

In the East there is that decline because the tendency of the chela is to try to raise consciousness into a state of heavenly bliss (nirvana), but yet not follow the example of the great Gautama who himself tells of having reached the ultimate, then returning bringing that ultimate forth for the blessings of mankind. That is why beloved Morya & myself & those of us who organized Theosophy looked to the West for some strong vehicle to whom we could impart some wisdom of the ages & begin the presentation of truth of the ascended masters of wisdom thru that society first, then on upward unto the present day. It is the Western consciousness that grasping this understanding is helping to create for St. Germain on this Earth the kingdom of Almighty God. You live in it! You dwell in it! You come sometimes almost consciously into its presence but in between you are serving in a world that cries with pain. Now my great teacher who has assumed the office of the new Buddha & whom I have known & loved so long as Lord Maitreya comes. Let us honor his Presence! (Audience rises.)

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