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A conductor is very important when dealing with an orchestra, & each musician playing upon his particular instrument, each one contributing to that music stops when the conductor signals to stop & does not go on blaring above the rest of the orchestra in order to make one individual heard above others. Just such unity of service & activity has been the desire & design of our beloved Maha Chohan for many ages & which he is endeavoring now to at least present to the mental consciousness of the embodied. So we who carry the flame of truth & watch the human ego find that there is so much desire to show off the power of radiation drawn that some of the virtue is lost.

You will have to be like the selfless ones in certain monasteries in seemless garments with hood drawn over head. That is an initiation of the Egyptian & early Grecian mysteries when one had no identity & no name. One was completely hooded from head to foot & his service was given in silence, he never spoke, & the radiation which passed from the body was a confirmation of what was generated, magnetized & sustained. It was a difficult series of initiations some of which you passed & some of which you failed.

We honor that great Temple of Truth the memory of which at the sinking of Atlantis was brought over to the present Grecian peninsula in the minds & hearts of priests & priestesses who had loved it & had retained the idea of that beautiful temple of Pallas Athena. when the temple of Truth was established originally in Greece it took many many centuries of embodiment & reembodiment on behalf of priests & priestesses devoted to its teaching before the actual magnificent temple itself was physically manifest. This was almost an exact duplicate in its beauty & perfection of the original Atlantean temple. You see once you have looked upon a thing it remains in your memory recorded in your etheric body, then you hold that idea in mind. Now if you had tenacity enough, energy enough, constancy enough & substance enough you could recreate that public building at any other place on the Earth's surface. That is what was done at Luxor, in Greece, in Shamballa & various other places where these temples were established. The patterns were brought in the minds & consciousness of those who had been present in the height of the great glory of those temples. Those individuals, remember, were under the law of the bands of forgetfulness which allowed the possibility of their losing the memory of those patterns when they passed on at the close of each embodiment. Thus they were born again in baby bodies & had to come to their majority retaining the idea thru an Earth life, a period of disembodiment & a period of birth & adjustment to a family & race. Then they endeavored to recreate that perfect pattern again. I challenge you, even you who have lived in one city for most of your life, could you recreate from a thought-picture one of those public buildings, especially if you were to pass from the body & come back again? I think not!

Those beings who created this Grecian Temple of Truth were of course under the radiation of Pallas Athena & they received the tremendous protection of her love & light. Centuries came & went & finnaly like the great palaces at Luxor the magnificence of the Temple of Truth began to fall into decay thru the decline of Grecian civilization. After that time there arose the order known as the Delphic Oracles. Most of them had belonged to Pallas Athena's court. These Delphic Oracles performed the same service as our speaker (G. Innocente), & any great God-being could use the body of such an oracle upon occasion in order to give instruction to a group who would gather together to receive that assistance. The original Delphic Oracles were carefully trained from early childhood. They were protected from all contact with the outside world & therefore from all pressure of personality of their own or others. They were a clear pipeline thru which divine beings could reach the few who were seeking truth upon this planet Earth. Then as you have been told the oracles no longer remained completely pure. Several of these who had performed service of black magic on Atlantis in prior embodiments sold themselves for profit to various governments. The messages which they gave to credulous people were previously written out for them by some unscrupulous individual who had bought the services of that oracle in order to further his cause.

So the light of the Delphic Oracles diminished & a great many of the people, completely disillusioned at that time, have not recovered from this disappointment even to this present day. They are those who are so very suspicious of anything in the way of a mystic phenomena or extrasensory perception of any kind. You see they had once come in hope & faith & had been deceived. It is to those people I have personally dedicated a great portion of my life hoping to bring them to a point where they desire to know the truth which will set them free. Presently in the etheric atmosphere over Crete we have a magnificent replica of the Temple of Truth. It looks something like the Parthenon, the ruins of which may be seen today, but very much larger. As you know Lord Gautama was absolutely relentless in his search for truth & his love of that virtue took him thru initiations the like of which few individuals could easily pass. When he found the ultimate he made that great renunciation of returning to the Earth to teach truth which he did for so many years.

Our temple is very large & there have been visitors to this temple for many many centuries since its advent in the etheric realm. Since we opened on the 15 January 1957 (to special classes) there have been coming many of the Hierarchy & we have had many councils, open house you might say. Beloved Pallas Athena, great Goddess of Truth, is there anything you would like to say to these people?

Pallas Athena, 1957, dictated to G. I.

Yes, son! I would like to say that I have honored the presence of truth ever since I stood in the aura of beloved Vesta & was vested with the obligation & responsibility of sustaining truth for the people of Earth whenever & wherever they should ask for & require it. I AM grateful beyond limit that not only here but all over the known world cries for truth are arising from the hearts of people. They are no longer content to be deceived & this desire for truth from within their hearts is the open door which we use to pour that truth back to them & give every God-assistance possible.

There will be born here on Earth in the course of this year two lifestreams. They belonged to that Delphic band during its decline, so will you please be so kind as to make calls that the cause & core of that weakness be removed from them & that those individuals when they reach their majority may reattain the dignity of the Delphic priesthood which we once knew & saw manifest upon this Earth.

I give to you the flame of truth which is the flame in my heart. Test every experience against that flame of truth which is within my heart & yours. Speak my name, call my Presence & you shall have that flame & all the assistance which I can give! & now my beloved Maha Chohan, will you speak to these people?

Maha Chohan: Just tell the dear ladies & gentlemen that they have done considerably well in establishing forcefields in the atmosphere of Earth while yet there are so many riptides of human creation. Tell them that the pictures & patterns of things to come flash thru the mind's eye long before they are manifest in form. Neither stress nor strain, tension nor worry can accomplish that which service given in love can do. May I say that I think our son our beloved Hilarion thru his great interest in promoting the flame of truth has sometimes unconsciously created a feeling of tension in bodies that are strung all too tightly at present & in souls that have endured much. So to these beloved chelas I say, peace & comfort! You have come far! You have done well! I love you!

Mother Mary: Memoir #5, dictated to G. I.

Beloved children, do you know that today is an anniversary? Today is the anniversary of that first Good Friday when I was given the marvelous opportunity of becoming Mother of each one of you, Mother of every soul belonging to this evolution, Mother of every precious aspiring spirit belonging to the evolutions of this planet. Thru this opportunity it is my privilege to love, to care for each one, enfolding them in that personalized radiation of interest & solicitude of motherhood until all have attained their full mastery in the light!

That first Good Friday morning I walked alone up a dreary hillside the Mother of one & walked down a few hours later the Mother of millions! Was that not an opportunity? Was it not a crowning glory rather than a sorrow? Good Friday changed me from a woman with individual interests to a cosmic Mother of all souls so dear to the heart of God & I shall always remember it thus! It is always so in one's experience, when you give that which is most dear to you returning it to the universal in accordance with God's will though it tear your heart! The return from God is most generous in its blessings in that where before there was one most precious there is born the love for the many!

How shall I describe to you, my dear ones, the exaltation of soul when consciousness & feelings are lifted up & your arms become the everlasting arms that enfold all consciousnesses that belong to this Earth with the same intensity of purpose that you have held for the one or the few? My ministry & experience is a magnificent example of this because by the very nature of the service that Jesus was to perform I was required to take an initiation to perfect myself upon one-pointedness & concentration of my energy, my substance, my protection & my life around that single lifestream. By the very importance of the cosmic moment I was not allowed to let my attention wander. Then in an instant that one was removed who was the focus of my attention, of all my life, all my love & solicitude, all the nights of sleepless prayer, all the days of constant calling to God for help, & then I received the command from the heart of the great Father of All to expand that solicitude to encompass the many, all at once!

Beloved ones, witness the wisdom of the great law in building a momentum! That great law drew the power of concentration, of love & selflessness, of purity & determination, building of it a concentrated focus that on a cosmic instant the flame from the heart of the universal struck into that momentum, expanded it & made it worldwide & world-engulfing!

Witness the kindness of the law to leave no vacuum, no emptiness, not even one moment of desolation before the Spirit of the One gave the command: "Mother, behold thy children!" & "Children, behold thy Mother!" The moment those words were spoken the flame within my heart expanded & in the relinquishing of the spirit of Jesus into the bosom of the eternal Father I was filled with that great radiation of love for all!

O the kindness of God, the mercy of life, in that hour of our initiation! I can speak with authority when I say to you, you are never, never, never alone! That which you build so humbly in your daily hourly living is forming a focus which at a particular moment can be expanded as was mine. A series of apparently humble daily experiences into which all energies of my bodies were poured builded a form that was to be for me my strength, my balance & my sanity in the hour of my need. So you also build your strength in the quietness of the days before the release of the opportunity which will be your indivudal destiny. No man knows when that hour comes, for each one it is different. For me it was at Calvary! For you each one a great cosmic climax to your Earth's experiences will occur & then the mercy of the great universal First Cause, blessing you, will sustain you thru to your victory.

It was required of me to stand guard fully conscious on that hillside thruout those hours of Jesus' crucifixion. I thought you might care to know of what I was thinking while I kept watch there. I stood & held the immaculate conception of Life Eternal within my consciousness endeavoring to duplicate in the physical body the initiation thru which I had passed victoriously before Jesus & I took embodiment. I stood there & held the concentrated Christ Focus of the Resurrection Flame for my son & to do this I concentrated all of my energies on a happy pattern of our life experiences.

I began thinking back to the council in which Lord Maitreya in his great mercy & kindness offered me the opportunity of holding the immaculate concept of the divine man against the pressures of initiation. During that initiation the spiritual winds blew & the pressures of thought & feeling from within me as well as those directed at me by the Brotherhood tried to break my line of thought, my pattern of thinking & feeling to allow the intrusion of other ideas, even good ones, on the visualization of the perfect image which I was holding. I remembered the sweet voice of Lord Maitreya giving the blessing, saying, "It is well, Mary. However, remember that the winds you have felt, the pressures you have known in the full freedom of your inner bodies are as naught before those you will feel exuding from the consciousness of mankind who in impurity, selfishness, bigotry & viciousness will drive at you, at your spouse & at your child after the mission is begun!"

Standing in the winds of Calvary's hilltop looking at the greed in the consciousness of those who loved & enjoyed the spectacle, I remembered well those words & I held with every fiber & cell of my being to that immaculate concept of the Resurrected Risen Breathing Christ. With every cell & atom of my being I called to Lord Maitreya, to beloved Vesta, to beloved Helios, to beloved Gabriel & to every one who had given me assistance. "O God! o God! o God!" I prayed. "Help me now in the physical appearance world wearing the garment of flesh, part of the mental & emotional body of this Earth, help me to hold this immaculate concept thru these hours."

I sensed the response from the heart of the sun, I saw the Presence of Vesta, I saw above Jesus the luminous shining Presence of Lord Maitreya, I felt the wingspread of Gabriel's kindly & luminous Presence, I knew friends, friends that are yours today just for the asking!

Then I thought of a winter night long ago & a simple stable. I thought too of Joseph, my loving husband, & my heart went out to him. Within myself I cried: "O Joseph! Joseph! Were it but possible that you could be here with me today! Were it but possible that the strength of your light could sustain me now as I hold the concept athat we so happily held thru Jesus' growing years to this day! O that it were possible for you to stand with me now as we stood so often at the doorway of our home & visualized & witnessed this innocent form growing to mastery." Joseph was there with me in spirit of course! Friends of light, friends that build the bonds that last for eternity, some of you were there with us then, some of you here remember that day!

I thought also of the long tedious ride into Egypt, of the sleepless nights when we fled before the soldiers of Herod, of our coming into a strange land, of the entrance into the temple to which we returned in our later years. All of these memories I summoned up from within my etheric body keeping my mind busy upon the plan & pattern of perfection, holding to every happiness, every memory that blotted out the appearance of the hour. In time as I continued to hold that immaculate concept undisturbed, its perfect work was done & I became the marvelously blessed Receiver of the Souls of Men.

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