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Last but not least there is required the Indestructible Harmony & Peace maintained among your own members, among your physical bodies, your mental, emotional & etheric bodies & your Holy Christ Selves. Each individual who becomes a part of a healing group must have his own bodies in accord before he becomes a conductor of merit. Then each such member must be in accord with the group director & that group as one becomes a magnifying power of whatever God-being you invoke. They also become a radiating center of those currents that flow forth into the atmosphere like spokes of a wheel. That unbroken harmony maintained undisturbed year after year does draw forth magnificent activities for the blessings of Earth & her people.

Beloved ones, if you are desirous of specializing in the activity of healing thru the natural affinity of your city & your own lifestreams, please take it seriously & endeavor to perfect your own vehicles so that you may become a glorious power here. From this center there can flow forth that light & blessing to all the race. It is an opportunity without parallel, one that has drawn me into your presence. It has drawn the attention of Kwan Yin & all of those of the angelic host, particularly beloved Uriel & the angels of ministration. It has also drawn my beloved Jesus & Lord Maitreya, for all of us desire to use your energies to conduct blessings of healing to mankind at large.

Now we shall return to our story & give you the blessing & remembrance of it. As we recite these simple details, please accept the actual currents which flow from my heart, magnifying that particular quality which you chose to charge into your Tube of Light. This latter suggestion is for those of you who accepted my idea of the other evening that you charge you individual Tube of Light with a specific quality of blessing to mankind as a Christmas gift to our beloved Jesus. At your call this can be a sustained gift to your fellowmen.

After the ascension of beloved Jesus from Bethany's Hill those of us who knew of the coming of the Holy Spirit prepared for the first Pentecost. Our beloved Matthew was keeper of our funds & it was his responsibility to see that we secured an upper chamber where disciples might meet right in Jerusalem. Here the first baptism of sacred fire pouring thru them gave them that comfort which their hearts so much desired & that confidence & faith which their souls required. This they had formerly received from the proximity to Jesus' physical Presence but it seemed to recede from them with his ascending form. Right after the crucifixion & resurrection things were very quiet so far as the Sanhedrin & Roman government were concerned, for they felt they had put an end to this particular menace to their authority. However, beloved Jesus suggested that we should in no way draw attention to our small humble community in Bethany. He asked us to go down into Jerusalem & prepare for that Pentecost using great wisdom in all our actions so as not to draw upon our heads any undue wrath.

Therefore at that Pentecost with which you are all familiar when the radiation of the beloved Holy Spirit poured down the disciples were filled anew with vital fire, with the desire to go forth & preach the Gospel. Now they felt even a thousandfold more strong than they did when they were in the actual Presence of beloved Jesus. Personally I was greatly relieved when this took place because that ten days after the ascension was a great drain upon my strength. They all leaned on me for faith & confidence in that seeming loss of the proximity of the physical association with their friend Jesus. For a time we abided in this comparative peace & we planted our grain, flax & trees. We sheared our sheep & wove our garments. In the evenings we wrote simple Gospels. The women sewed & embroidered & the disciples themselves taught those who came to us.

Then one day there came a message from Joseph of Arimathea who had great business holdings in the British Isles. It was requisite for him to sail west on a trip to Britain & he gave us the invitation to accompany him. As we had been told by beloved Jesus that sometime previous to our own victory & ascension it would be necessary to carry the Grail to the British Isles, we felt within ourselves that this was the hour of opportunity. At about this same time we heard that Pilate was to be replaced by the Romans & we knew then that the new governor would not be as lenient as Pilate had been. The disciples therefore thought it wise for me to be removed from that place temporarily so we made our simple preparations to join Joseph's caravan & go west.

Joseph of Arimathea like all men of great wealth in his day had many slaves & those slaves manned the galleys of his boat. I said to him, "Joseph, we cannot carry that sacred chalice with slave labor." He said, "No, truly, that could not be." Then from among the Christians of our little band we received offers from enough of the gentlemen to man each oar when required when the winds of heaven did not provide sufficient motivating power for the sails. We left John in Bethany to hold daily tryst with our beloved Jesus. We also left Andrew & Mark & with us we took Peter, James, Bartholomew & Nathaniel. We also took Mary of Bethany but Martha remained at home to watch the household with her usual care. Pilate's wife also came with us for she was to return to Rome & we thought to leave her there en route. We were a simple but dedicated band. I remember as we all knelt that final morning & John gave us the benediction we felt the Presence of beloved Jesus.

The first bloom of my youth was gone & the journey seemed long to me. I wondered within myself whether I should ever return to the scenes so dear to me because of the Christian pageant of which I had been a part. However I did, I returned again! Tomorrow I shall tell you of those last days & of my own victory (see: for index showing Mary's Memoirs #11, #12 & several other "Memoirs" online). However, today we shall continue the story of our journey.

We passed Alexandria & Joseph asked me if I would like to visit Luxor. I was indeed delighted to have the opportunity. As you know Alexandria is quite a distance from Luxor & Joseph's boat could not take us all the way. So Joseph & his group waited for our return at Alexandria while Peter, James, a few others & myself went to Luxor. There I renewed my association with the magnificent hierarch of that retreat & gave him my personal gratitude for his assistance in that victory of the first Resurrection morning. I stood in the Halls of Luxor, smelled the fragrance of those lovely lilies & felt the flame of the ascension pass thru my body. I so much enjoyed that association short & sweet as it was.

Then as we returned to Alexandria, to Joseph & his group & joined our caravan, we stopped at the island of Crete near Greece. There we stayed a month & beloved Jesus in his great kindness came to us & helped us magnetize & prepare the way for the great persuader, the Apostle Paul. He was later to bring the light into that land. Then as we left Crete we headed toward Rome. You will remember that we had with us Pilate's wife whom we were to leave at that city. However, beloved Jesus came to us & said, "Stop not in Italy as there is already a great movement begun against Christianity. Move onward." So we did go on & Pilate's wife was very glad for the opportunity of continuing the journey with us.

Then we sailed onward to the very tip of the Iberian peninsula. There I disembarked in order to make the pilgrimage thru Fatima, thru Lourdes, thru Orleans, thru all the places that would be magnetized later. I stayed & prayed some time in each one & the current of energy from my own heart drew down those special rays which some great soul would later vitalize.

When I came to the north of France we met the kindly Joseph of Arimathea again & he carried us across the Channel to the magnificent Isle of Britain. As we set foot upon these shores I carried the Grail within my own hands & all of us knelt on the sands. As we were so kneeling beloved Jesus manifested & gave the first benediction & ceremony of the Holy Grail. It was this etheric record into which beloved Arthur was to tune in so powerfully later. The Grail was left by us in Glastonbury. We remained in the Isle of Britain for some time, traveling up thru Scotland & Wales. We then went into Ireland where a few hundred years later another disciple of Lord Maitreya was to render a service to life. Again we magnetized that place thru prayer, by invocation & by devotion to God until those mighty currents stood as a living pillar of vital fire & light. Into this pillar of light the mighty Patrick walked in his outer consciousness not even knowing of this preparation made for him by those who went before. Even so he felt that strength & fire which enabled him to bring the Christian faith into Ireland. How seldom does mankind know the prayer, invocation, magnetization & application that makes their ministry possible as they place their feet in the shining footprints of those who preceded them. We had a lovely stay in the Isle of Britain which was destined for a great future. Here Francis Bacon desired to establish a United States of Europe, hoping if it were successful to extend it to the rest of the world. Here also beloved Jesus gave a blessing thru radiation that one day all mankind shall see in its fullness. We left three of our party in Britain & started the long journey home around the Rock of Gibraltar thru the Mediterranean.

I was so glad to see that lovely old granary & I was glad to see the seeds that I had planted fully grown & bearing a fine harvest. It was good to see the trees we had planted grown so tall & strong. I was delighted too to see the beloved brothers & sisters who rushed forward to meet me & then to kneel down in the privacy of my own little room & kiss the ground of Judea. Thus at the close of this trip was our great mission accomplished.

After that I had but to abide within the patience of the great law until my call should come, until I should hear my beloved son say, "Mother, your hours are accomplished. Now come home!" Thank you for your loving interest. Good evening! MARY

-Memoirs of Beloved Mary, 1955 copyright.

Hilarion: The Pathway of Truth, 1957, dictated to G. I.

Beloved friends who have sought the pathway of truth for many ages, I come to congratulate you upon the constancy of your search. Upon this Earth truth has not been welcomed for many ages & the seekers after truth have always been in the minority. The great majority of people have always preferred to conform to some existing religion & have not been desirous of passing into more rigorous self-disciplines, self-denials & initiations required to find actual God-truths. For the most part in every age & every century individuals are born into some particular religious activity which their parents before them had confirmed & it is seldom they take more than one step upward in an embodiment from that religion into which they were born & in which they were raised. But then there are always the few century after century coming into embodiment again & again brave enough to spear thru hypocrisy, halftruths, dogmatism & rituals of human concepts, seeking to find the true way.

In this embodiment as well as in many previous ones you my listeners & readers have at least sought to find out just what truth is, thru truth of which Jesus the Christ has said, "Ye shall know the truth & the truth shall make you free." It is our honor, responsibility & obligation to the universe as representatives of the Brotherhood of Truth at Crete to give every God-assistance to lifestreams, not only unascended embodied lifestreams but those waiting at the gates of birth, when they really & honestly wish to know what truth is. As beloved Morya has said, the year 1957 may not be too comfortable for you from an outer standpoint. This is because when you invoke the flame of truth sincerely it will begin to act in your emotional, mental, etheric & physical bodies, dissolving human concepts exactly as one crumbles away mortar & plaster to find beautiful marble inside early monuments built in ancient times. So as the crumbling of many of your concepts takes place there is a temporary sensation of confusion & chaos which will be replaced by a firmer conviction of truth.

On Atlantis we were privileged to be among those who were priests & priestesses of the temple guarding the flame of truth. There beloved Pallas Athena was High Priestess & her great light was known to every person representing the White Order on the landed surface of Earth. Her power of magnetization of the green flame of truth covered not only the continent of Atlantis but permeated the atmosphere of the surface of Earth at that time. It was a magnificent thing to watch her as she turned her attention & the currents of her light to the source of all light & by her powers of invocation drew forth the green flame of Cosmic Christ truth. Then priests & priestesses who worked with her in that temple endeavored to duplicate the activity as she drew it forth & they too drew smaller rays of Cosmic Christ truth into the atmosphere of Earth. They practiced as we have told you before the projecting of virtue, color, feeling & pressure of truth into Earth's atmosphere.

During Atlantean & Lemurian civilization as well as those of earlier ages from time to time there came from other temples located on other continents various individuals making a visitation to the Temple of Truth. There were great patriots who wanted truth regarding the governments of their lands. There were great educators who wanted more truth, the light of truth in their consciousness regarding ways & means of providing proper directions for their peoples' education. There were great humanitarians desirous of learning the truth as how best to serve their fellowman. There were great architects & designers who were eager to carry back to their own country the perfection of designs from the Temple of Truth. There were men & women of science who wished to perfect glorious electronic mechanisms & to carry those back to their people as magnificent inventions. Then too there were great missionaries who particularly dedicated & devoted themselves to serving their fellowman spiritually. Also from every one of the continents there were priests who were powerfully active on the seventh ray. These visitors often visited the Temple of Truth where Pallas Athena gave forth her radiation. Then in proximity to her great light they would be illumined upon the seven channels of constructive expression & carry that illumination back to their people.

It is currently the endeavor of the beloved Maha Chohan to reestablish the same entire activity which will be the expression of the Golden Age of the Ascended Master St. Germain. For instance, those who desire & require protection would know there is a group dedicated to drawing & radiating that magnetic power. Those who desire grace & benediction would know that there is a focus of our blessed Maha Chohan. Those who would require healing would know where that focus is. The endeavor of Master Morya & the Maha Chohan to get this picture before the students into their minds & feelings has not yet taken hold sufficiently so that the impersonal attitude will supercede the personal attitude which acclaims any one virtue or activity more than another.

When we worked on Atlantis & on Lemuria there was no war between faith, love & healing. Each individual was consecrated to magnetizing, radiating & sustaining his own virtue, & the entire atmosphere of Earth as well as the inner bodies of people were benefited by each such temple. Of course we are yet in the beginning of this Golden Age & there is much of the personal self of individuals who have not yet come to the place of sublimation where ray & virtue are the important gift rather than personality drawing that ray or the group performing that service. When the Maha Chohan can find within some group the selflessness which is required I can tell you honestly that it will greatly hasten the expansion of the qualities which are so much required to permeate the mental, emotional, etheric & physical atmosphere of this planet.

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