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Mother Mary: Memoir #10, dictated to G. I.

Beloved children of my heart, I bring you tonight the vital fire of my very self to give to you of the substance which I have gathered thruout the ages that have been. This has been qualified by my own consciousness & forms the glory of my Causal Body. My Causal Body is the storehouse from whence I draw forth that which is required to answer the calls of those who need help, the blessings so much needed by the sons & daughters of Earth. Truly it has been said that in the history of men's prayers it has never been known for one single call to remain unaswered which has come up to me since I achieved my position of authority. I AM the Mother of all souls belonging to this Earth's evolutions & for each of these I shall pray that they achieve the same great mastery & victorious manifestation as my own.

Nothing has caused more conflict between right-thinking men & women than the possibility of intercession before the Throne of the heavenly Father by those who have attained their eternal freedom. I AM quite sure that the great sect who protested against the possibility of such intercession has not fully understood the true meaning of the law. As I AM the one called upon the most, perhaps, by a great number of mankind to intercede on behalf of the souls of men, it is the subject with which I can deal more delicately & yet more clearly than almost any other one.

Within your own precious hearts is the flame of Immortal Life streaming from the heart of your own central source--God! Within your heart is God in action & there is no power that can ever separate you from it here or hereafter! No fear of eternal damnation, no requirement of creed or intermediary has any power to interfere when the soul determines within itself to return to God in oneness of consciousness. Even in your unascended realm the prayer of a good friend gives strength & vital essence of someone interested in you which adds to the impetus of your aspiration that rises to the Throne of the One Father. This added impetus magnetizes greater release to bless you on the return current of that energy. Then why cannot those of us who are your friends in this realm also intercede for you just in the capacity of Elder Brothers & Sisters not because of position, not because of place, but because we are friends! We are vitally & deeply interested in your life, interested in your wellbeing, interested in your development. Then why deny us the same right of access to the Father on your behalf that you give freely one to another?

How often do the words "Pray for me" come from the lips of one going into trial? How often have you asked a heartfriend, a parent, a child to intercede on your behalf before the Eternal? Just so those who come in earnestness to the feet of Mary ask her intercession for themselves or a friend. This will add to their small efforts the strength & vital essence of my prayers & calls. The plea to me for intercession enables me to release all magnetic power of those centuries of becoming free. I AM merely a friend giving of my life & drawing those currents from higher realms than the conscious soul of the aspirant can yet reach. By reason of certain applications & developments some of us are able to go closer into the heart of the Father. There becoming impregnated with the very substance of that life, health, vitality & fire we return, brimming over with the essence of divinity. We shower this light essence upon those who have called for help, each of us being merely messengers who embody the One Life, the One Principle of God. Each of us is a grail that carries the assistance needed from the one source into the world of form. Man does not divide his allegiance to the One God when he asks assistance of friendship. Therefore to you within this room who wish the intercession of Mary I come! Not for the purpose of worship, not for the purpose of idolatry, but I come with the same friendship & comradeship that you have one with another magnified by my powers of greater freedom. Now when you go forth again into the world at the close of this class carry this great truth everywhere you can, that the intercession of the saints on behalf of mankind is but the same activity of invocation, adoration & devotion which you send up in group work when you intercede on behalf of unborn children, on behalf of those passing thru the veil called death, on behalf of the crippled or insane. Ever, ever as you grow in grace & light does your consciousness intercede on behalf of those less fortunate than you & your hand is offered up to those above you. I see you are comprehending this quite clearly & I thank you.

Beloved children, you are given a great opportunity to serve in this large city, an opportunity to become a heart-center of healing light which can become planetary in its radiation if you endure. Many opportunities come to mankind from time to time & to those who endure unto the end there is given the white garment of Victory. Why are certain places upon the surface of this planet chosen as foci of protection, of healing, of purity? There are many reasons, beloved ones, all in accord with a scientfic law. In ages that have been there were golden eras when the angelic host were visible & tangible to the sight of men & God-beings who had never taken flesh bodies were still the recognized authority governing the spiritual as well as secular life of the race. During these times many foci were drawn forth at various points upon the surface of Earth & beautiful temples were builded. Within those temples lifestreams were drawn together who had an affinity for the vibratory action of blesshings that were flowing. As I told you last evening, these blessings flowed like living rivers of force down from those temples & out to bless the masses. When those foci were magnetized sufficiently & when from the civilizations that reigned during those particular eras there were drawn lifestreams who were willing & loyal enough to guard the sacred fire, that God-being who guarded it then gave the fire into the keeping of those individuals who so qualified to receive it. The priests & priestesses in these temples sustained the light that was given & it became the spiritual nourishment & focus of balance for the people.

In Atlantean days right here within the compass of your city a mighty focus of healing was manifest. Here as you have been told was a great Temple of Light & the lesser temples were visible too. Mankind was able to come into this temple from all over the planet & receive a certain balancing of mind & body which was required to maintain perfect health & to sustain their physical bodies in dignity for as long as their Holy Christ Selves desired that they should remain embodied. At the close of this Atlantean culture when the physical temples were destroyed, the etheric temples remained there. The great & mighty deva Liberty chose to sustain those activities & currents pouring forth at inner levels as well as the blessings that poured forth previously thru mental & physical worlds.

Why do you think certain people are drawn to certain locations? It is because of the great light which has been focused there in the past & has become a magnet for the cities which rise to those locations. People in outer consciousness do not know what drew them. Then come new opportunities thru the dispensations made possible by the advent of the seventh ray of Ascended Master St. Germain. Now lifestreams who have been active before in those same temples in earlier ages have volunteered to reembody. They come from various points on Earth in answer to the heartcall of the soul & are prepared again to magnetize & draw forth some etheric perfection which was known in previous eras.

Many of you have come across oceans, you have come from faraway places to this great metropolis & here you have made your home. You have come because of opportunity to again magnetize & externalize certain healing currents to the glory of God & St. Germain--that opportunity now lies within the palm of your hand. No man or God knows what any other man will do with opportunity but those of us who are free, when we see opportunities so resting in the hands of frail chelas then do our prayers rise to the heart of the Eternal, then do we make intercession that you may determine to see manifest & externalized that portion of the divine plan into which your gracious lifestreams may be woven.

What do you think is required to so draw forth a healing focus of light? It is a good question for those who are deeply interested. Very very many qualities are required for such a healing focus. In outer consciousness you have no concept of the drive of energy which would be directed toward any group if mankind en masse had the slightest knowledge that you had a way to alleviate distress! Mankind seeks surcease from pain, from illness, from disease & also death. Mankind is like a sea that has no longer control of the tide but rushes ruthlessly toward that which will satisfy the need of the moment. I speak of this because I saw my son having to go out into the Sea of Galilee to snatch a moment's peace, an hour's sleep, & in those days there was not the means of communication which would allow the entire planet to know what he was doing. Then it was only the surge of local humanity.

Beloved ones! For the establishing of such a mighty healing focus here you will need Invincible Protection. Invoke the protection of Lord Michael & his great legions of angels. See them stand around this building with their swords of flame. This protection will have to be consciously drawn about you & your environment long before the hour comes when the spiritual hem of your garment perfgorms that first instantaneous healing. You will need Ascended Master Discrimination, the capacity to seal the lips against revealing either the needs or the confidences of those who come for help. The complete Absence of Spiritual Pride is also an absolute essential to successful accomplishment here lest you unconsciously betray that which you do in secret behind closed doors & draw such a surge of energy toward you that your small numbers & frail strength cannot yet handle.

In order to have such a magnificent activity of cosmic healing there are also other requisites which are very important. One must be willing to become an absolutely Selfless Servant of the Lord. This is the great individual surrender which every man makes within the secret recesses of his own heart & not in the presence of any other person, the willingness to lay upon the altar of humanity every personal satisfaction & pleasure in order to become as pure & selfless a vessel as possible, a willingness to endure & stand by until accomplishment is attained. Then comes the activity of Perception, the training of the faculties by which conscious healings take place, the holding of the thoughtform, energizing it by feeling & radiation which enables it to lower that healing into externalized manifestation.

It takes real Divine Love & Faith. It takes the kind of love that beloved Buddha had when first he saw mankind's distresses, those distresses which had been hidden from him by the oversolicitude of his father. It is the love for mankind that will not let you rest while any among the race know imperfection, distress or limitation. It also takes the faith that in its scientific accuracy The Law Cannot Fail! One must know beyond the shadow of the faintest doubt that the efficacy of that law is dependent upon constancy of application. That application must be held until the condition yields & necessary Purity is drawn to produce & sustain healing. This Purity of which we speak is the purity of mind that keeps the mental body free from dwelling in secret upon any impure thoughts & feelings. such impurity would requalify crystal light substance thru which might flow directed healing current of the immaculate concept of the lifestream. That purity requires nothing for itself, not even recognition or thanksgiving & is absolutely selfless in every way. It lives just like a beam of light & allows the infinite power of the Father to render the service thru you. Another requisite to success along these lines of endeavor is the Power of Concentration, staying with something until it is fulfilled consciously. How many of you have the constancy to remain with one application until any one lifestream is completely released & relieved of every distress? Multiply that by ten billion souls representing every brother & sister of humanity & you will know something of the demand of constancy. When no one face is more dear to you than another, when no one countenance draws from you more healing than another but all mankind become your children, that is divine Constancy!

Then the Infinite Rhythm pours into your application systematicaly thru visualization & thru calls until you have the manifestation no matter how long it takes! O watch the rhythm of the sea, its rise & its fall, the rhythm of your seasons, your spring, autumn, winter & summer, the rhythm of your tide incoming & outgoing & the rhythm with which you feed your physical body. Then you will have some understanding of the rhythm of application which is required to enable you to become a healing fountain for the masses. Spasmodic feeding of the energy of your life into spiritual activity does not make for cosmic momentum, children. If mankind were as spasmodic in the feeding of the intellect while they learn the arts or while they learn professions there would be very few who could act with efficacy. However, in spiritual matters mankind feels that rhythm is so unimportant. It is one of the most important activities & it is one reason why I AM so grateful for the unbroken rhythm of these four days. It enables me to bring an increase each day of the currents & substance of myself into your worlds & thru you to mankind.

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