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We went out then to this old gristmill. A stream of water flowed behind it & it was very peaceful, very quiet there. First they fixed a small room for me inside the mill. Soon beloved Jesus came & he was always a practical man. I have spoken little about that practical side of my son but I remember well as he looked at the stream he called Andrew & James & said, "If you will dig a ditch here you can irrigate Mother's garden & save all the steps of carrying water for her." I was interested at that time in herbs & I made a lovely garden of them. Those herbs had much healing power & did great work. Another day as we were standing together Jesus said to Peter, "Peter, this main room is too big. The roofbeam will not hold unless you get a large tree to support it. If you will get such a tree & hew it, I will smooth it & we will place it in the center of your assembly room." So we did. In such homely ways as this did we make our forty days count. We were preparing for the separation & during this time Jesus told us much of the spiritual law & many of the glorious experiences he had while he was free from the body as it lay in the tomb.

On the hillside Mark kept the small flock of sheep which Joseph of Arimathea sent us so we might weave garments for the men from the wool. the lovely wife of Pilate sent us some imported milking-goats & a letter asking if she might come to visit us. The friends of Jusas Iscariot & his family asked if they might give us forty fruit trees, fig & olive. We gratefully accepted & planted them. So we lived in simplicity. In the evenings we would gather together & I would go over the story of the nativity. Then Matthew, Mark & John would tell the story in their own words & record it. Sometimes I would have to say, "No, that is not exactly the way it happened," & we would correct it. Thus we wrote the Gospels together.

Finally we came to the end of that period when we had the sweetness of Jesus' Presence so close. The night before the ascension he spoke to us & said to John & me, "Tomorrow at dawn I shall climb the hill of Bethany alone. You come with Peter & James around nine o'clock & let the others follow." Jesus said to John, "Even though you were not at Luxor yet because of your love & your fidelity & because you shall care for my Mother & my flock you shall have your ascension at the close of this life."

The early morning came & Jesus walked alone up the hill. He was like a magnet which was of love alone. His Presence, his sweet voice, his shining hair, his aura, all these were so powerfully magnetic that wherever he was even if people were sleeping they stirred, rose & followed him! On this morning I spoke to the boys & said, "Watch now that the flock do not follow him. Let us allow him these few hours, the last hours which he will know alone as a part of the Earth. Let him commune with Virgo & Aries, beloved Helios & Vesta. Let him adore beloved May the month of perfection."

Sure enough no sooner had his Presence started up the hill than there followed the beloved who wished to be with him. We restrained them & in order to keep them happy I told them some stories from his life. Around nine o'clock the remaining disciples & myself ascended the hill. The Presence of beloved Jesus was already brilliant & shining like a sun. So bright was the light shining thru his body we could scarcely look upon it. He spoke no more with us then. We just continued to pray with him, drawing the resurrection & ascension flames. Then on that majestic hilltop from the very rock where I had spent so many years in prayer Jesus ascended consciously in the visible presence of hundreds of people (about five hundred in all). After that Jesus came once each day for quite a while & John & I recorded what he said much as you receive our words now.

Later, Saul of Tarsus came to live with us & had a period of recuperation, endeavoring to regain his balance & his good eyesight. Many a time Peter & he sat in the garden & talked. Saul, endeavoring to become so humble, yet had such a background of the law under the old dispensation that it was difficult for him to accept the faith of this unlettered Peter. Many a time I came between them to settle an argument.

James, Peter & Andrew particularly went forth & taught. Many came from the Romans, many from the Jewish faith & many came from the Gentiles. All that time we builded the radiation which was to be the heritage of the Christian Dispensation. Finally one day there came a messenger from Joseph of Arimathea that his business was taking him to the Isles of Britain. We knew that we had a mission to accomplish, to take the Cup there & that story I shall give you tomorrow. Remembering again the sweetness & simiplicity of our life together & sharing it with you becomes my gift to you, beloved of my heart. Your homely daily living is building for you & for St. Germain the same magnetized field for tomorrow's world. Good evening & God bless you! MARY

-Memoirs of Beloved Mary, 1955.

Invocation to Truth & Happiness, from Bridge to Freedom Bulletin

In the name I AM THAT I AM our love & gratitude extends to the spirit of truth which beloved Jesus promised will set all imprisoned life free! We do invoke beloved Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth, Archangel Raphael & Mother Mary, beloved Hilarion, Lord Ling & the beloved spirit of cosmic happiness from the heart of beloved Helios & Vesta to direct the feeling of truth, the understanding of truth & the workable, practical knowledge of truth into the hearts, minds & worlds of all who are becoming truth devotees! Let Cosmic Christ truth now find anchorage in the outer consciousness of mankind! Let mankind receiving this truth use it to establish the kingdom of God here on this Earth which has so long been hostess of countless individuals learning to control energy & vibration upon her surface.

Our love & gratitude extends to the seed of God-happiness which natural abides within every human heart! It is the decree of God the infinite cosmic I AM Presence that His seed shall be nourished, developed, expanded & bear manifest fruit now in the beings & worlds of all evolutions in the Earth, on the Earth & in its atmosphere. I AM a blazing golden sun/ Of the happiness of God Ling!/ With sunshine bright I blaze the light,/ His love to all I bring! So be it in Jesus' name, amen.

Lord Ling: Developing the Sustained Feeling of Happiness, dictated to G. Innocente

Dearly beloved children of light, I AM come today thru the gracious love of the great cosmic law to bring to you the vibratory action of the buoyancy of joy & happiness which is within the use of life. the feeling of God-happiness is the feeling which you all had originally when you first came forth from the bosom of the eternal Father-Mother God & knew yourselves as individualized consciousnesses with the power to think, feel, speak & act.

When within that glorious I AM intelligence you felt the first stirring of life within your own mental & emotional bodies & when you realized that you had been endowed with the Father's infinite gifts of life, the first vibration to register within your auras was that of happiness, happiness in the realization that you had been given the gift of individualization! With such realization came the feeling of great joy in knowing that thru this gift of divine love you had become a co-creator with the one eternal Father-Mother of the universe, co-creator with the seven mighty Elohim of creation, with all ascended beings to ever widen & expand the perfection of God & his kingdom. Thus, dear ones, you dwelt at inner levels for aeons of time in great innocence & happiness. You knew no disappointment of or disillusionment in the use of life, whether it was the first sphere of faith, the second sphere of illumination & wisdom, the third sphere of divine love, the fourth sphere of purity, the fifth sphere of science & truth, the sixth sphere of ministration & peace or the seventh sphere of invocation of rhythm & the divine alchemy produced by the use of the violet trasmuting flame of Cosmic Christ mercy, forgiveness & compassion. In these spheres you knew naught but victorious accomplishment. Therefore the feelings of buoyancy & joy of life were strong within you!

So in happiness you applied to your source for opportunity to embody upon this dear planet. In loving gratitude you received this gift & so came to Earth thru the gates of physical birth for the express purpose of manifesting & expanding the glory of God right here. Your own beloved I AM Presence provided you all with perfect & beautiful physical forms in which you were able to sustain & expand the perfection of life on the surface of this planet where unascended humanity dwelled & where you took embodiment to serve. You were shown how to take a divine idea, fashion a beautiful thoughtform from it, then hold it in your mental body & nourish it with your feelings until it manifested as a lovely jewel, a flower, a song or perhaps a lovely temple of light. Whatever picture was given into your consciousness which you wished to bring into outer manifestation just naturally you had the power to bring forth direct from the universal. here again you were filled with the feeling of happiness thru experiencing victorious accomplishment! In the sight of God that is still your divine heritage. It is a part of your original divine plan & is the reason why in the consciousness of all those who are awakening from soul sleep of the ages there is the feeling that something is missing from their worlds. That which is missing is the sustained feeling of buoyancy & absolute certainty of God-accomplishment right here in this world of form.

In the many long ages which followed after your coming into embodiment you lived, experiencing the happiness & full perfection of God's will for you. It was not until later when you eventually accepted the radiation of the feelings of discord created by the laggards from other stars that certain limitations made themselves manifest in your experience because of your acceptance into your world of those shadows from others. It was then & then only that you first began to qualify your life energy with the feeling of disappointment. For the very first time the perfection of your divine idea became blurred by the imposition upon it of the shadows in your thinking processes. Your feelings then pouring into that distorted image did not rush forward in the joy of conscious mastery to fill that form with light. That was when you first began to experience the feeling of unhappiness. This feeling being of too slow a rate of vibration to keep you in conscious connection with the perfection of your source made you feel a sense of separation in consciousness from your own God-self. After many ages of your living in a profitless way the wisdom of the great cosmic law found it necessary to decrease the flow of primal life into your body, mind & world which originally had been given your your keeping for constructive creation only.

Therefore your silver cord was gradually diminished in size & thus less & less of that glorious primal life flowed thru you. Thus shadows expanded & your creations became more & more imperfect. It was then that you entered into a compromise with the outer world of appearances. The result was that your energies began to slow down thru the acceptance into your four lower bodies of the feelings of discouragement & lethargy rather than the positive feelings of creative power with which power you originally had been endowed.

Now, beloved, the four lower bodies upon which you are presently working so industriously to purify & raise are constantly absorbing the substance of realms with which they are connected thru your attention. For instance, your etheric body is by nature a magnet & when consciousness is raised to the ascended & angelic hosts that etheric body will draw into itself the radiation of the higher spheres of light. Conversely when attention is turned outward into the world of destructive human creation it will draw into itself the feelings & manifestations of discord which are in the physical appearance world. this effluvia is then imposed upon & wedged in between the tiny electrons of God's pure light as they endeavor to spin around their central core in the atom. This slows down their vibratory action. Remember, dear ones! within your etheric bodies is the etheric record of everything you have ever experienced from before the time of your first embodiment here to the present. Thus there is registered in your etheric bodies every constructive as well as discordant thought, feeling, spoken word & deed you have ever seen, heard, felt, spoken or done during your embodiment in this physical appearance world together with all your glorious experiences at inner levels between embodiments & all the victorious accomplishment of every ascended master which you contacted at inner realms which radiation of perfection you absorbed into your etheric body in which you abided in the inner realms between embodiments. This is especially true where your lifestream had worked with those ascended ones while they were still in physical embodiment here before their ascension or after their ascension when you worked with them in your finer bodies while the physical slept or when you were serving their cause in the inner realms between embodiments.

Therefore it would be very wise for you to call to your own beloved I AM Presence daily to resurrect form within your etheric body those records of the memories of perfection you once knew & had with the Father before the world was, rather than allowing yourself thru old habit to go over & over again in your minds the hurts, disappointments & seeming injustices of this life alone. You see, when you allow this to take place you are actually drawing from the lower atmosphere of Earth in which humanity abides today discordant effluvia thrown off from other lifestreams & you are actually forcing it by the power of your attention to wedge itself in between electrons of your etheric body, making it heavy & non-receptive to light. These wedges are actual substance & have actual weight which slows down the speed of electrons as mentioned before, shutting in their light & preventing the self-luminosity of the physical body which it had in the beginning.

This same thing is true of your other lower bodies. The emotional body should be your servant & not your master. It is only when you begin the conscious discipline of curbing the appetites of those bodies & the unlimited freedom you have given them in the past that you will be able to observe just how lax you have been in holding your mastery over them. Lovely ones, your four lower bodies usually respond instantly thru habit of acceptance to pressures upon you of feelings of the outer world whatever they may be--anger, hatred, doubt or fear or a host of others too numerous to mention. these low rates of vibration slow down the speed of yor electrons to the place where you cannot & do not repel destructive feelings.

When vibrations of your world are lowered to meet those of the discordant creations by magnetic attraction those discordant creations enter your world & then you have become a prey to the destructive human effluvia which floats in Earth's atomsophere continually. when this occurs your world outpictures physical distress in body, lack of financial supply in affairs & many other disorders & limitations which come about as a result of slowing down of vibrations of God's pure light, the perfection of the electron. Those shadows imposed upon & wedged in between electrons form the density of substance which prevents the drawing into & thru your outer form of the glorious light & powers of your Presence. This is also the reason why when you speak to others to whom you wish to bring light your instruction falls on deaf ears, as we say, apparently making no impression upon them & seeming not to record at all in their outer consciousness. This is because the vibratory action of their worlds is so slow & the light of the electron whick nows the truth of your words is so enveloped in shadowed substance of human creation that your words & the radiation of the truth spoken cannot enter.

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