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Maha Chohan: Breath, Aug 18, 1950, dictated to G. Innocente

The Chinese race as a whole have been noted for their serenity. The highly developed & advanced members of this Oriental race outpicture in their exquisitely-chiseled faces & graceful forms the self-mastery that is primarily built upon an understanding & year of practice of the proper rhythmic breath.

In the East both India & China & the neighboring countries are well versed in the power that is held within deep breathing. The art of jujitsu is only one of many accomplishments in which breath is coupled with skill in order to prove the transcendence of gravity & the natural buoyancy of matter when properly etherealized.

One of the greatest beauty treatments to erase lines from the face as well as the distortions of the figure was well known to the Chinese in this use of the rhythmic breath. It is a marvelous purgative, more powerful than any temporary means of removing the poisons from the body, & is a healing agent without parallel. For within the breath is held all of the curative powers of life.

The distance that individuals live above sea-level determines the weight of atmospheric pressure in which they must live & breathe. Individuals who are fortunate enough to live in the mountain districts find it naturally easier to breathe deeper & more slowly than the ones who live lower down because there is not the heaviness in the air to make a great effort of the inhalation of the lifebreath. The purer & cleaner the air the easier it is for them to absorb it in greater drafts. You will therefore find the people who live in the lower atmosphere of the Earth are subject to more of the evils of the world of maya than those who are fortunate enough to have their physical abode in higher levels. This deals however with those who are not conscious of their ability to draw deeper breaths even when not encouraged by natural environment.

Remind the outer self at every opportunity whenever you have a few moments of freedom for thought to set into motion the deep breath thru all your bodies, & I think that five minutes of such breathing will give you on an average more rest & relaxation than an hour's sound sleep.

Saint Germain: Sept 26, 1952, dictated to G. Innocente

The first requisite to hearing & feeling the keynote of the master is the control of the energy in the aura & bringing it into a semblance of quietude. Here music is the natural medium by which the general hurly-burly of daily living can be stilled. The development of musical therapy is one of the main activities of the ceremonial ray for the future, but meanwhile until the greater numbers come to understand the activity in the near future, we must endeavor to quiet the inner bodies of the students, particularly after they come from the outer world where they are engaged in creating & dissolving myriad shadow forms in the questionable task of making a living.

The second requisite to hearing & feeling the keynote of the master is in purifying & dissolving these very shadows that form the garments of the self & which change with every passing day. Here we have the beginning of the use of the sacred fire.

The violet consuming flame is a purifying agent which I have developed thru centuries of time by endowing the sacred fire with the quality of dissolving forms, patterns & nuclei of a binding nature. Thru experimentation with it I have found its efficacy, & my faith in it to make its action instantaneous, when I draw it forth for any given purpose. I used to think of the sacred fire & draw it into my consciousness as you draw a concentrated sunbeam by a magnifying lens.

Then I would just love it as the activity of God, visualizing & seeing it clearly in my mind & feeling it alive within me. I would endow that sacred fire with all the power of God, speaking to it without words, knowing that it was the master element in every sphere of activity. The longer I loved it, the more of it I drew, until the Divine Director told me that I looked like a great yellow sun reclining against the base of a friendly oak tree.

This flame would intelligently ask me what I willed that it should do. This began the beautiful experience in directing the sacred fire consciously. You will remember I say that many activities seem automatic but none really are, all being the result of self-conscious direction by intelligence.

I used to direct the sacred fire toward people I loved with a blessing, a conviction of strength, of hope, of courage, & much later they would tell me how on a certain day or at a certain hour when things seemed dark a new lightness appeared. Of course I kept my part of the activity to myself, for a blessing given is to be given freely.

At the same time I was dedicated to the cause of freedom, so as my teacher developed in me this deep love for the sacred fire I began to think how I might specifically & permanently endow the sacred fire with a particular quality which might be an assistance to those who would choose to use it to free themselves from the chains & limitations of their own creation. & thus the violet consuming flame was born one morning before the sun had reached the horizon & only the rosy glow of his coming heralded the day.

Adoring the flame, I endowed it with the quality of purification & watched it act, dissolving some of the tramp thoughtforms that were floating unclaimed thru the atmosphere. It caught them first like a magnet attracts a steel filing & then began a process of dissolving the form into its native elements. When the nuclear center of the form was pierced, it was just like an explosion as the imprisoned light, coated with the substance of impurity, was released from the magnetic center of that nucleus &, rejoicing, sped back toward the sun for repolarization.

& I said within me, this is a representative gift for life, & I took it to my teacher who smilingly informed me that although it was not a new use of the sacred fire, it was my privilege to give it to mankind for the first time outside of the retreats & that it would be the privilege of the seventh ray to develop it for the masses.

The cause of freedom must first be established that the full effect of freedom may be felt. There are mighty individuals who have served the cause of freedom for centuries in various activities where mankind desired to have the fruits of freedom & knew instinctively that the fruits came to those who served the cause.

What is the cause of freedom? It has been paraphrased thru the centuries wherever men were stirred to valorous action on behalf of country, king or God, & yet if they were asked to define that cause, I guarantee that there are few who could accurately express an understanding of freedom's cause. What is the cause of freedom? GOD. The God-identity of every man has within it the inherent inbred realization that freedom & Godliness are one.

The divine fiat of life is expansion, unfoldment, perfection, all of which qualities require freedom in order to manifest. A tightly-closed rosebud requires freedom to become a full-blown rose. Even the power of Helios requires freedom to shine. An animal, plant, tree or man requires freedom to breathe. There is no such thing as progress or evolution or in fact being without freedom. You might say freedom is God stretching out his arms to increase. Freedom is God in action. The quiescent God sleeping thru the solar night does not taste of nor enjoy the fruits of freedom, but when the first stirring takes place in the cosmic dawn of a solar system or the birth of a bird freedom stirs.

I AM the sun of freedom. It is my great privilege to expand the cause of freedom on the earth plane. It is not a quality which is injected into a lifestream, for love of freedom is as inherent within life as is the love of life itself. Freedom & expansion are one; freedom & activity are one; freedom & God are one.

& in this new day dedicated to the freedom of the entire planet & this system of worlds you will see the God power stretching forth & bursting the chains of limitation. SAINT GERMAIN

Kuthumi, July 23, 1953, dictated to G. Innocente

Beloved ones of the light, I greet you tonight in the name of the presence of harmony! It has been my joy & honor & privilege for many years now to carry the master control of harmony wheresoever I choose to move across the face of this Earth, & wheresoever I AM invoked, to assist those beloved lifestreams who show interest in the teaching of men to become a harmonizing presence in themselves, & thru themselves the master control of all circumstances.

Every messenger who comes from the court of the great Sanat Kumara sooner or later must be the controlled power by which energy is channeled into constructive & beautiful form, thru those chelas & devotees who drawn by the radiation of the light choose to live within the periphery of such an one's aura. For, until that accomplishment is woven into the energies of the lifestream, the secrets & powers of the sacred fire that are held within the kingdom of harmony cannot be released in their fullness into the receptive consciousness of the teacher first & thru him imparted to his disciples. So, in a measure does the teacher become responsible for the amount of truth & understanding flowing from the everlasting fount because upon the control & mastery of his own energy does the message & the truth which flow into the lifestreams of the disciples in a movement depend.

Within the heart of those great retreats & sanctuaries which dot the surface of this globe the most exquisite balanced control of energy forms the pattern for daily & hourly living, & were any one of you to consciously within your own physical bodies step within such a holy & sanctified place, your first impression would be one of exquisite peace & relaxation. This accounts for the fact that even in the orthodox world the kingdom of heaven is described as a place of exceeding peace.

In my service to life representing as I do that great embodiment of cosmic harmony whom you have come to know & love as our Lord Maitreya (for pictures of ascended masters such as Maitreya, go to & click on mestres ascensos), it becomes my joyous opportunity whenever given entrance into the consciousness of the devotee of truth to remind the outer self that harmony like mercy & love & compassion is not a negative but a powerful & positive force belonging only to the strong, cultivated thru century after century of self-discipline.

It is often thought that individuals who sleep within the lethargy of inertia are expressing & experiencing harmony, but nothing can be further from the truth. Those messengers who are embodied peace are not only masters of the energy which is their own allotted gift from the source of life, but they are the constant masters of the whirling sea of emotion & thought force of even the physical bodies of those who are around them.

I have come this evening from Ceylon where we all sat with our beloved Maha Sahib & discussed the coming opportunity when the attention of the illumined as well as the aspirants will be focused on the great teacher of all teachers whom you know as Lord Buddha, the beloved Lord Maitreya his assistant, the Brothers of the Golden Robe & my humble self. The beloved Maha Sahib in speaking with us suggested that we emphasize thru this entire thirty-day period that every facet of expression thru the entire seven rays is embodied harmony, whether it is the strong drive of ordered service in which every wheel fits into its proper place, whether it is the harmony which comes from understanding, the harmony which is within beauty, the harmony that lies within the compass of the scientific balance of life or that within the glory of our beloved brother Jesus' worship & ceremony or the perfection & harmony within the seventh ray.

We are so desirous of coupling the knowledge which feeds the intellect & stirs the feeling with that definite application by which those of you who are chosen to wear the Golden Robe may become the master control of the energies that are yet within the compass of your sphere of influence.

The dispensation from the heart of the Great Central Sun increased the number of lifestreams to be given the opportunity in this next six-month period to contact & blend with their own Christ Self. It becomes the service of the Brothers of the Golden Robe to in some manner infiltrate the consciousness of these chosen ones against the mass pressure of the tides of energy which form the lower atmosphere of Earth until they can sense at least the power of the Presence of God within the heartbeat.

Again & yet again in the East century after century after century is the disciple turned to that teacher of teachers until he can recognize his voice. Then, comprehending his truth, he leans no longer on form of any kind, neither guru nor master nor any externalized manifestation of the One. But in our beautiful East where the heaven is open & the catehdral of life provides the natural setting for the development of the soul, it is not difficult for the individual to become quiet enough so that the impressed directives of the master opens the way for that communion by which soul growth & development & spiritual maturity are attained.

When we turn our attention to the West the entire current & directives of our endeavors must adapt themselves to the rapid pace with which the vibratory action of mankind at present is so deeply enmeshed. I long for the opportunity to take you collectively as well as individually into an aura that has been protected & sustained in undisturbed harmony for even thirty days. Long long before my own personal victory when I endeavored to draw the spiritual community at Crotona, my contemplations led me to believe that in the silence this peace & harmony might be established sufficiently so that aspirants at least could find the way home. Some thought that discipline of the silence severe, & so it was for it made every man face himself & without the crutch of words or contact, he had to walk back alone into that secret place of the Most High & there abide, becoming cognizant thru that endeavor of the Christ.

As the beloved St. Germain is intensifying the radiation of the freedom flame thru his exquisite retreat in the Transylvanian Mountains, we are preparing to accept the consciousness of those of you who wish to go beyond the collective unfoldment of the group to that height of understanding which you all once knew. This is thus but a reawakening of the dormant memory which stirs with you when we come together but which slumbers again when the stimulus of our flame & Presence withdraws. With each such coming as our love enfolds you that memory intensifies thru the folds of your outer consciousness, & you sleep not as soundly as before & so in patience we return again, again & yet again, gently feeding that immortal flame of your life. We know that in so doing one day you too will become that Master Presence.

May I thank you on behalf of the beloved Morya whom I love as much as life itself for your kindness & willingness to serve with him. It was not so long ago that we sat together & he spoke to me of this design that he held within his heart which he felt would help our beloved St. Germain as he faced another crisis in his constant endeavor to serve the peoples of Earth. I was surprised to find Morya so soon after our endeavors thru Theosophy ready to begin again, but yet in that decision which was his I promised to stand by his side for I love him. I love the service in which our hearts' light has bound us together in friendship which has been one of the sweetest experiences of my individualization. It is a beautiful thing for me to see that his circle of friends grows larger & that those who feared him fear no more but have accepted the kindness, sweetness & great love that are within his heart.

As the days unfold into years & as you come to know us & to join in closer & closer association with us I AM sure you too will cherish that friendship, & as you do it brings us each into such a sweet association, dear hearts, that enables us thru you to serve the race & you too thru us to taste the glory of heaven long before the day when your own individual call is come, the final page in your Book of Life written, your record balanced & your hearts return home. We who have passed this way know well this yearning, know well the sacrifice entailed in remaining, for it was not so long since that we too struggled with opinions & we too hoped & felt disappointments thru the accumulations of human selves & we too stopped to build again upon the ashes of our previous endeavors.

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