Mother Mary: Memoir #9, dictated to G. Innocente

Beloved ones, do you know what it means to a city to be given the opportunity of four successive visitations? Also, do you know what it means to give to me the opportunity to draw from the energies of my world & from those Temples of the Sacred Heart where I serve those cosmic currents of life & light eternal? Thru your forcefield these can then energize the mental & feeling worlds of all people in this great metropolis (NYC) as well as their physical bodies & etheric garments.

At Lourdes as well as at Fatima there were visitations but we were able to say very little since we dealt with the consciousness of children who could not grasp deeper law & who were not prepared & ready to understand more than the beauty of the actual visible Presence. Yet thru these visitations we were able to anchor into those localities a sufficient cosmic current which has remained to this day & has made possible the healing & freeing of lifestreams that have been encompassed for centuries in limitations of their own making. It is time then that you who are entrusted with our confidence, with our very Presence & with our instruction should accept in the deepest recesses of your feeling those currents of energy which we bring with us & leave as a permanent river of living force. This surges forth from the heart-center of the established forcefield, & with a far greater efficacy than the thin stream of energy we have been able to draw forth at the healing shrines, it can be directed into your hospitals & asylums, into your homes & into the consciousness of your people everywhere.

Can you realize for a moment the intelligence that is within energy & the power of magnetization that is within your heart? I would like you to think of it for a moment. Within your heart is a magnet & that magnet sustains life within your physical body for as long as your Holy Christ Self desires to have manifestations in this world. A constant flowing stream of electrons from the great source of all life flows into your heart with such rapidity that there is no outer means by which it can be photographed as yet so you might see your own silver cord. However, in the near future there is coming a much greater sensitivity in the photographic world & many of the magnificent things of which we have spoken will be recorded & confirmed to the sight of man. This stream of living light that pours from your Electronic Presence into your heart is what you have lightly called your lifestream. It is exactly that, a river of living breathing force & intelligence. It is primal life unqualified, awaiting the command of man's freewill to become for him & everyone whatever he shall decide to make it. This primal life is already qualified to obey, it is the elemental substance that has taken the command from the universal to obey the creative principle of man & out of that primal life you have woven your chains & your limitations even as you have woven the glory of your Causal Body. You have also woven magnificent momentums upon which we depend to draw mankind again out of the pit into the glory & victory of their own God-free estate!

As this life flows thru you it is yours to command. For the most part according to the caprice of the moment your thoughts & feelings qualify it & the invisible inner garments which you wear, your sphere of influence, your aura & your Causal body are a conglomerate mass of thoughts & feelings of your daily life. Many men have come under the influence of evil. Conversely many other men & women have come under the influence of a good man or a saintly person & on the impetus of that one idividual's magnetized & qualified life have lived a holy life themselves. In time they returned to their God-estate. Your individual sphere of influence is important, more important than you realize! Some of you humble of heart & sweet of spirit feel that the individual self matters little but your sphere of influence & your radiation are all we have with which to work in this world of form. The quality of your sphere of influence can be changed by your conscious application & the conscious qualifying of this beautiful primal light thru your feeling world. Then the hem of your spiritual garment becomes an influence for good wherever you move among mankind. Even though you never used your lips to speak at all just the radiation passing out from your body become a healing raising power & you become the leaven in the loaf.

Now as you join together in a constructive activity what happens? All of your individual lifestreams combine, drawing rivers of life flowing from the Presence, all of them join together & descending make a great mighty river of force, magnetized by the heartbeat of each one of you who chooses to come to these magnificent classes & give of your energy. Then as you make invocation to the great masters of light & speak their holy names in word, in song, even in silent visualization your magnetic heartbeat draws around the river of force a tremendous current from each great being whom you drew by thought & feeling. It is exactly as if a little rivulet that had trickled down from the mountaintop by the very first melting of snow was caught up then in the great mighty rush of mountain torrents when glaciers melt. That tremendous added impetus then sweeps down into the valley carrying the currents of energy & fertilization to the plain. The magnetic power within a group of unascended beings to form an open door to the ascended masters' realm cannot be overemphasized. Beloved Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name (nature) there I AM in the midst of them." Every group of dedicated lifestreams whether they are orthodox, metaphysical, occult or spiritualistic who are sincere & deep in their desire to draw forth greater good from the heart of the universal magnetizes & draws these cosmic currents from these glorious beings. Those currents then flood out from the center of the forcefields north, east, south & west. According to the intensity & power of the group, the feeling & sincerity of the leader, according to the energy that is released & the power of concentration among the assemby is mankind blessed cosmically & bathed in that radiation of purifying essence.

Your individual sphere of influence, your individual aura is a conglomerate mass of good & evil. When you join together to form the forcefield for a cosmic activity, for the radiation of the ascended masters & for the magnetization of the angelic host the portion of your personal sphere of influence that is not constructive is muted for the moment. The portion which is constructively qualified is emphasized & the great angel devas & builders of form together weave from the assembly a magnificent pattern. That pattern conducts the blessings of the group & the blessings of beings who gather in the atmosphere above the meeting place back into your homes, into your blessed families, into your worlds & into the consciousness of those who need such assistance.

Beloved children, in my position I hear so many calls for help. If you knew the prayers that come up to me from this metropolis alone you would realize how grateful I AM to be given this open door & opportunity to bring to your great city this gift of my energy, my life, the river of light which comes from my Presence. To these are added the blessings of beloved Jesus & of the beloved angelic host who work with me. We direct those currents thru your forcefield & then allow that to bless & bless & bless life everywhere. Each one of you who has come & given of your own life to make this opportunity possible, each one of you is dear to my heart & my gratitude shall flow to you eternally.

Will you please remember each evening to consciously direct back into your own city, your own sanctuary & your own home a mighty ray of intelligent life & light substance from this class? This ray of light substance can duplicate there the same activity which we draw forth here & make it active in those portions of the country from whence you have come. You see, as much as you will personally do for yourselves you spare me in the use of my energy. Then my service can be given you in more powerful currents for the purification of your inner & flesh bodies. Will you do something for me tonight? Will you please accept the Presence of my humble self in your midest with at least as much faith as the pilgrims at Lourdes? Will you accept deep within your heart that healing momentum which has become the hem of my garment? That garment covers this entire building tonight & each one will take as much or as little as he or she may choose according to the power of his or her acceptance. As my gift of thanksgiving to you accept the substance of the radiation of one what has been your mother for countless centuries. Accept this into your blessed minds, your bodies & your worlds. Then, beloved children, as your gift to beloved Jesus this holy season will you specialize in drawing forth some particular quality to become the spiritual garment which you wear? You can charge your glorious Tube of Light with a particular essence so that as you move thru the great metropolis, as you rub elbows with mankind some of the virtue consciously drawn forth by yourself may be absorbed by them. Then the hem of your spiritual garment will be a blessing & an uplifting power to life everywhere. This would be the greatest of gifts of the season to one who gave of himself so long ago.

Now, turning my attention & yours back to those early years let us pursue that sweet story of a long ago era. It still lives in my heart as though it were yesterday & lives in many of yours too. Many within this room were part of that drama, part of that joy & part of the heartache. You were part of the despair of Calvary & part of the resurrection morning. Deep within your etheric bodies there vibrates the memories of a majestic being who walked across Judea & left an example for all mankind that has never been equalled even down to this present day. Now we come to celebrate his birtday & it is for him that we prepare our physical & inner bodies to give him the gift of our very selves even as I gave myself to him before I passed thru the gates of birth, before I was to know physical embodiment.

When the initiation was complete at the close of the three hours on Calvary's hillside beloved John & I walked together down that hill as I told you, leaving others to perform the final rites prreparing the body for entombment. We returned to Bethany, to that blessed Bethany where Jesus & the disciples & I had spent the few private moments of his ministry. Here the gardens smelled sweet in that spring, birds sang beautifully & there was no great press of the public, no tremendous need & pressure. There in the quiet of that place I asked beloved John to leave me in the privacy of my own room two nights & one day. I was given fresh water & fruit, & closing the door I sank to my knees in the deepest most heartfelt prayer. In that prayer I followed the soul & spirit of beloved Jesus thru those hours until we would be assured that the resurrection was accomplished. At Luxor years before both Jesus & I had taken the initiation of the suspension of the breath & the so-called removal of life from the body. We had passed thru this initiation victoriously. However, as I have told you, it is one thing to accomplish that initiation in the protection of a retreat where the ascension flame blazes bright & strong, the cosmic masters & hierarch standing guard over the body. Here there is no breath of evil & there is the vital fire of life & confidence. Here the twelve masters who stand watch over the body during that period have already mastered the initiation themselves & they know that law is law. They have the confidence, faith & conviction which comes alone when you know the exactness of the law thru the use of your own life energy. It is quite another thing indeed to accomplish such a mission amidst a roaring mob, a mass mind & consciousness which emboided all viciousness of the astral & psychic realms determined to destroy the greatest manifestation of the Christ in that era. It is a different thing too to reanimate a body that has been broken. It was for this that I prayed! I prayed & prayed long hours thru.

Finally it seemed as though I had fallen asleep at my vigil. then thru my mind came the most magnificent melodious voice of Gabriel whom I knew so well. I thought that I was again dreaming of that first visitation. I would recall those words so often during the early years in Egypt, during Jesus' growing years, during the years of obscurity in Nazareth--those words of Gabriel & that confirmation of Jesus' Messiahship would come to my mind over & over again. So that morning as I waited in my lonely vigil again I heard Gabriel's voice say, "Hail, Mary! full of grace." Ah, I thought, again I AM recalling from memory the words of that blessed one. Howevr the words changed then & he said, "Beloved, your son is risen! He is victorious! The tomb has been shattered! He inhabits his body & I come the announcer, the protector of the immaculate concept to bring to you the first word of the victory!"

Then I fell to my knees & the tears of gratitude streamed down my face. The room was filled with light & the fragrance of the lily. The magnificent Presence of Gabriel stood there before me & as the brilliant light in the room softened there also stood my son, clothered in the same white robe that I had woven for him! At great moments you know how little things magnify, for instance, the ticking of a clock in your day. In mine I kept tracing my own stitching in the hem of his garment & I looked as a mother would look at the line & contour of his face. I looked at the delicately arched eyebrows, the beautiful deepset eyes & I said within myself, "No! My hope has not conjured up this image, it is not the result of my wishful thinking." Then Jesus reached out his hands & spoke to me, saying, "Mother, it is I."

I rushed toward him thinking to kiss the hem of his robe but he raised me to my feet. We walked over to the window together to see the sun, the great symbol of life & light which we had worshipped & loved as an outer manifestation of God the Father & the Holy Mother. Jesus remarked about the beauty of the morning but my eyes were so wet with tears I could scarcely see the light of the sun. I looked upon his hand & saw that there was yet the stigmata, the mark of the nails. I said, "Son, in the resuscitation why have you left this imperfection on your hands?" "Mother," said Jesus, "for authenticity's sake. Not everyone has the discerning eye of a mother & would know me by the line of my cheekbone, the length of my hqand or by the light in my eye. Those who know have said, 'Wear yet the marks upon your hands & feet until you have come to your disciples & those who love you.' However, we shall remedy this in time." I said, "Thank God! At least the deep marks of the thorns in your forehead are gone." He just smiled. Then as time was fleeting Jesus said, "I must be upon my way, beloved. I must now go to the disciples, to Mary, Martha & Magdalene, to Peter, James & John, for they are still sore afraid & the sight of death has shaken them to their roots." Before leaving, however, Jesus asked me, "Beloved mother, do you wish to come with me when I go into my glory or will you remain yet awhile?" "Son," I answered him, "what is thy will?"

He said, "Mother, the magnetizing of the great & mighty cosmic currents for the Christian Dispensation can only be done by an unascended being. There is much yet that I can do & a dispensation has been offered me that after my public ascension I may come to you & to John for thirty years, giving you instruction that has not yet been written if I can call upon you for that sacrifice." "Behold the handmaiden of the Lord," I said. "Willingly, joyously, beloved, if it were a thousand years I would stay. I who have lived these 33 years to see your victory, should I not now allow you the greater opportunity for a few years of exile on my part?" He was pleased.

Jesus then said, "Go to the granary & I will send Peter, James, Andrew, John & Luke & I will send the ladies who have loved us. For forty days we shall visit together & I will give you some understanding of the law. Then after the completion of my mission I shall be enabled to appear to John & you alone. One of you must remain at Bethany until this period is completed." That is why John remained at home when we went to England, in order to hold that vigil & to make possible that magnetization. This was the same sort of activity of which I have spoken to you concerning your great constancy of application & group work together.

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