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Now, blessed ones, in regard to these atoms of which we have spoken so much, the same process which has been heretofore described to you in detail takes place with regard to the physical body. The electron forming the atoms is intelligent & it obeys absolutely the law of the universal. These electrons were released from the bodies of Helios & Vesta who had received their investiture & opportunity from beloved Alpha & Omega to form a system. When the fiat Let there be light! went forth from beloved Helios & Vesta the beings in the Great Central Sun answered their call with light substance and "Behold, there was light." That light was comprised of beautiful electrons in the colors of the seven spheres which had intelligent life within them in the form of a tiny replica of the beautiful beings that called them forth, Helios & Vesta, the creators of the new system that was about to be called into being. This light, this intelligence forms the core of every electron. From the heart of electrons goes forth beams of light as forcefield, & these electrons are what is loosely called the unformed, meaning they have not yet been coalesced into atoms but exist in minute microscopic proportions.

Now in the realm of each Chohan where these electrons form the atmosphere the heart of each tiny sphere of light is like a mirror & they usually reflect the Chohan of the realm in which they dwell, the angel with whom they are working or the temple in which they function. These electrons in their pure & perfect state are charged by the deity with the quality of implicit obedience to the dively created intelligence that calls them forth, & they immediately mirror the likeness of that being in their core. Therefore, beloved ones, every expression of life upon this planet is composed of countless numbers of these shining electrons, many of them called into the world of form carelessly but each one stamped indelibly with the electronic pattern of the lifestream that called them forth. In calling for the purification of the planet & its evolutions you are actually helping to free this beautiful imprisoned life which is part of the body of God. These electrons are especially eager to respond to the call of divine love which is the centripetal force of the universe. Divine love is also the cohesive power which olds the universe together & everything that is, has been or ever will be created in any universe is done so by the power of that centripetal force which is really divine love in action.

The form of any manifestation is sustained as long as divine love is held within it. These electrons then, beloved ones, responding to the call of divine love from the immortal Threefold Flame within your heart form the atoms which make up your physical bodies. They are designed with the help of builders of form & the body elemental & formed into your vital organs, your skin & every atom & cell of your youter form. The rate of speed of the electrons which make up the atoms of your flesh body differs in proportion to your evolution. There are more electrons in each atom of an individual who is of the angelic kingdom than there are in those that form the body of a member of the human race. The elemental kingdom again carries a different number of electrons to the atom. For instance, there may be only nine electrons forming each atom in one body, perhaps as few as seven to others, while some may carry as many as twentyfour to the atom, the size of the atom depending on the evolution.

Now in the case of human beings the speed with which the electrons move around the central core is determined by the amount of light which has been projected by the I AM Presence thru the flame in the heart & expanded into the electron. If continued discord & inharmony shock the atom it sends electrons off their prescribed course & causes various organisms to break down within the flesh form. Repeated shocks of a mental, emotional or physical nature do cause that which is known on the Earth plane as disease, disintegration, decay & even so-called death itself. Therefore, beloved ones, thru the cooperation of the flame of love in your hearts the maintenance of harmony & peace within your feeling worlds will be sustained & will keep your electrons spinning around their core in a rhythmic motion, making your physical form radiate with peace & happiness & goodwill. This will keep you buoyant, vital, rested & active as long as you remain in this physical world.

Individuals like the Goddess of Light & others who had passed thru severe initiations were able to sustain life in physical bodies as long as they desired. They did so by merely learning the operation of this law regulating the rhythm of electrons comprising their atoms as well as governing the staying power of the core. Now this core within the center of your atoms is directed from the Holy Christ Self thru the flame within your heart. That core remains just as long as self-conscious life & the intelligence of God will that form to remain & just so long as electrons move around it. At the very instant the service is completed this core is drawn back into the flame within the physical heart & absorbed into the Christ Self again. The core within the heart of your electrons which is directed from your Holy Christ Self is the centripetal force of divine love. In that core is the capacity to sustain life within the physical body or to sustain any precipitation or manifestation. When the will of the individual withdraws the desire to sustain it the core is automatically removed & disintegration of that particular form takes place.

That is why so many precipitations are never completed, because the will of the individual holding the origninal design relinquishes the necessary cohesive power of divine love before the electrons fully coalesce, & when that impetus is released the electrons automatically return to the unformed. I explain this to you for a double purpose, first to remind you to try to keep yourself harmonious at all costs & refrain from jarring & changing the vibratory action of your atoms. We have stepped them up & have removed as much as it is possible for us to do at this time the dark wedges which is the impure substance that you have charged into the atoms of your four lower bodies. If you will now allow the natural rhythm of the perfection of your Holy Christ Self to assert itself thru sustained harmony in your feelings, together with consistent use of the magnificent violet transmuting & ascension flames, you will find youth sustained in the bodies of the young & restored perceptibly to those who have seemingly passed that stage. You will also realize tremendous added vitality & perfect health in all your four lower bodies.

Secondly you will understand that any business activity, be it small or great, must have a central core. Likewise any world order of a religious nature must have a strong heart-center within it if it is to survive. In this activity also, beloved ones, the core represents the heart of the movement, & all individuals & groups that draw life & sustenance from the heart represent the electrons swinging around that core. What is felt in the core, the amount of divine love & centripetal force within the center, will determine the number of groups or electrons that can be drawn & held around that core. Every jar to the center is a jar to the periphery. On the other hand the intelligence governing the outer electrons must take care that undue weight is not placed upon the electrons that form the heart-center. A human body lasts only as long as the indwelling intelligence takes care of it & this refers also to an outer business & more particularly to religious orders.

It is only natural that the pressure of evil forces that do not wish to see a world order established will not strike at the periphery but at the heart. An order where angels, men & masters work harmoniously together presents a ready target for these forces, but if the heart & will which is within it & the faith & love that have attracted the electrons that move around it & support & uphold it band together in love invincible & invulnerable, no outer force can tear down that edifice & no evil can prevail against it. That is the position in which St. Germain's new activity stands today, beloved ones.

The heart represents the love, care, protection & magnetization of those mighty powers which represent the ascended host of light. The entire student body have drawn us into the lower atmosphere by their calls & by their love, & in this activity as in every life expression from the Godhead down to the smallest elemental there must be a receiving & a giving. So you see, beloved ones, that your unity & oneness should be such as that which exists between beloved Pelleur & myself, between Neptune & Luara, between Helios & Vesta, between Alpha & Omega, all serving harmoniously in that perfect combination of the activities of magnetization, receptivity & radiation, each one doing his own perfect work, "All for one & one for all." Working this way in unison, beloved ones, you will be able to hold a centripetal force long enough for sanctuary directors, group directors & students to come to the heart-center as they came in bygone ages to Atlantis where they may get instruction & encouragement to go forth again carrying the light into those places where they are individually serving.

Now, beloved children, I want you to feel as though you were riding daily on Apollo's chariot with the reins of four beautiful fiery steeds held in your right hand. See each of these steeds representing one of your lower bodies, your emotional, mental, etheric & physical, but you as the Christ, the charioteer, in full control, the lightest pressure of the reins turning your steeds, guiding your chariot right or left but never permitting any one of these steeds to get beyond your conscious control. Do this now, beloved ones, in the holy name of God. Call to me when you need assistance & I will answer you. Remember, I have been your mother in every embodiment since you first placed your feet upon this planet. God bless you, dear ones. VIRGO

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