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That is the service performed by air elementals upon planet Earth, keeping the atmosphere clean & clear, using the purifying powers of sacred fire, the use of which you are now being taught. By purification this sacred fire changes the quality of the air by raising the vibration of exhaled breath of the inhabitants of the planet, both man & beast. If the sylphs & directors of the air currents should discontinue their service even for one 24-hour period, there would be no need for the ingenious methods of destruction conceived in the human mind to destroy the race for their breath, not purified by us, would asphyxiate them in a short time due to the ceiling placed around the Earth which locks in its atmosphere.

When you rise in the morning to a shining new day, when you breathe in pure crystal prana & when you feel your bodies renewed in strength & energy, then gratitude to the air element & the beings that govern it is surely in order! For the few people who are even cognizant of this service there are billions who are not! There are billions of people who take air, water, sunshine & God's good earth for granted, billions of people who use the gifts of the elements, pushing aside as superstition & mythology the existence of the directors of those elements. More foolish still, instead of accepting a directing intelligence who governs these tremendous forces, they attribute the regulation of tides, of sunlight, of harvest, of air to chance & happenstance!

Beloved ones, those who speak of God without form, an intelligence without definite forcus, those who speak of happenstance have not thought deeply! From the smallest business or the smallest religious organization to the greatest national government or world order there is always a focus of intelligence directing its activities as well as other lifestreams cooperating with it in an endeavor to make the service in which they are engaged as successful as possible. As below, so above! The great infinte source of all life, the universal First Cause, from which we all came into being has intelligence, focus & form! Although His radiation is universal in its aspect, this great intelligence in kindness has delegated to those of us who have qualified for service with Him the opportunity of developing our individual momentums & powers to help the evolutions on various planets & to nourish the spiritual seed which is within the hearts of all men.

Would not the God of love be selfish indeed if he were to deny his creatures & creations opportunity to serve with Him to widen the borders of His kingdom? Would it not be strange behavior in an all-loving being were He to insist upon encompassing all of creation Himself without the cooperative endeavors of angels, devas, masters & directors of the elemental kingdom, thus dwarfing opportunity for others & their ability to serve? O no! The God who made us in the beginning made us free! He meant every one of you within this room, all mankind & every one of us who has evolved along different lines & on different stars to be free! He gave us life from His own great cosmic heart, gave us the power to think, feel & use His own living body to experiment with life energy. Thus, one may create for oneself momentums which would be efficacious in expanding the Father's kingdom, or one may create for oneself the shroud of human distresses in which the majority of mankind find themselves engulfed today!

When the individual finally becomes master of all energy in & around him then his call does come & he ascends into his own eternal freedom, into the electronic body of his own I AM Presence. At this time such a one brings to the spiritual Hierarchy the harvest of his experimentation with life, his mastery. If he has been serving with planet Earth he comes before beloved Lord Gautama.

The Great Central Sun found Helios & Vesta both capable & worthy of using centripetal & centrifugal force with enough power of divine love & control of energy to not only create but sustain a planetary scheme. Thus they were vested with the authority & power to so create. Helios & Vesta then designed a plan for creation of the planets of their system & placed it in the living bosom of a cosmic Silent Watcher who guards it to this day as an architect holds the blueprint for his building. Next came Elohim & with them the directors of the forces of elements, all cooperating jointly in the evolution of the vegetation of Earth, the water element, nature kingdom & the fecundating power of the fire element on each planet of our system. These planets were destined to be inhabited by certain spirit sparks from the hearts of Helios & Vesta who were to form the nucleus of the lifestreams that would evolve upon them.

Thus was I called to represent, create & sustain the atmosphere around planet Earth & to keep purified, vitalized & ready for acceptance that energy which mankind would breathe into themselves. In representing the air element I held within my very being every sylph representative of that kingdom, quiescent & awaiting direction to go into service. My twin flame who works with me is the great God Thor. His energy is the drive of the atmosphere & he controls the spirits of the four great winds.

The beautiful spirit of the east wind brings rain where needed & withholds it where it is not. He moves the cloud formation from one place to another to allow the release of Neptune's gift of rain. The great west wind brings refreshing drying zephyrs after rain, drying up excess waters & returning them thru evaporation to the sun for purification. The beloved spirit of the south wind carries the balmy radiation of ease & peace, while the strong north wind carries the purifying blanket of snow with which he covers Earth, giving it a certain nourishment as well as beauty. On a sparkling morning after a snowfall when the sun rises upon a crystal world of purity perhaps some of Earth's evolving spirits can remember back to the time when the planet itself was so pure.

We are the beings who released the pressures of energy thru wind which filled sails of boats that carried brave men & women on spiritual missions in the past, that carried boats from Atlantis before she sank beneath the waves. Ours was the pressure of energy which drove the boat of brave Serapis to Luxor & other boats to their respective destinations. We are the spirits of air who filled the sails of the ship which carried beloved Mother Mary & the Holy Grail to England, carrying the blessing of Christ to Glastonbury. We were the pressure & power of air which drove the ships of Columbus across the sea & brought him to the shores of the Americas. We are the spirits of air who have been invoked, utilized & blessed by many sons & daughters of men. We have also been cursed by some of these same sons & daughters of men when sometimes the elemental life in the air was stirred to rebellion thru man's discord & sandstorms that swept across deserts pelted burning sands into the faces of pilgrims, bringing great distress. We are the beings whose element is held within cyclone, hurricane, typhoon--those tiny, intelligent & faithful beings who now thru your great & mighty calls are being freed from imprisonment there.

In the name of Life, as you think of the great element of air that surrounds your Earth we ask you to bless & bless & bless it, calling on the law of forgiveness for mankind's abuse of it for so long! Then, whenever the great cosmic law permits the instantaneous answers to your calls to prevent destructive cataclysmic activity we shall assist you by placing our hands upon storms & stilling them. In every way possible we shall endeavor to prevent destructive cataclysmic activity caused by undue air pressure.

The air currents of planet Earth move like rivers. Your scientists have discovered this to some extent, & they plan to send up manmade satellites which will revolve within those air currents. By means of these they hope to explore the moon, planet Mars & other celestial bodies. Their manmade plans are good except for the fact that the axis of Earth is changing, & as that change occurs the air currents are shifted. Therefore manmade satellites that are planned to move within established currents would be shifted in like manner &, losing the gravity pull of Earth, would be disintegrated in outer space. This is something the scientific world at large does not know but it is something which you know, & with all the experiments that your scientists are making to reach other planets of the system it is well to remember that Earth is a shadow star. The thoughts, feelings & human consciousness of her people are such that there has been a protective ring of energy placed around her which keeps her emanation from polluting other planets of the system to which she belongs. Nothing can pass thru this ring-pass-not but harmony & love. You might say that planet Earth is in quarantine & the air-men who plan to get out of that quarantine will never do so until they become transmuted in nature & thus rendered incapable of contaminating thru radiation of their human consciousness the other portions of the solar system of which Earth is a member.

Now, beloved ones, as the axis of Earth is in the process of being restored to its original position it is being accomplished as carefully as possible because as you know the least jar would upset ocean currents, gas belts, the surface of the Earth & air currents in the atmosphere. Yet although these cosmic changes are taking place rhythmically & according to cosmic cycles, your magnificent decrees are essential not only for the peace of elemental life but for the safety & comfort without disturbance of all evolving life upon the planet.

If we are given the authority by unascended mankind to act in their worlds, we shall most assuredly do so! If we are given the authority to act in a planetary measure, we shall do that also & use all our efforts to adjust the movements of Earth which is now beginning to respond to the centripetal force of love from the hearts of the God-parents, Helios & Vesta in the Sun, who are now sending out the call to the planets of their system--"Come home!"

For every movement in the readjustment of the planet beloved Diana, Neptune, Virgo & myself (Hierarchs of fire, water, earth & air) together with all beings that compose our kingdoms will endeavor to make the necessary changes as peaceful & harmonious as possible, provided you make the calls. Now we come to calculus again. Nearly everybody likes literature, many people enjoy botany, drawing, music & so on, but when we get into deeper work like calculus the students' minds are apt to wander a bit. However, let us be alert now for a few minutes longer! For the purpose of analysis let us take the upper figure on the chart & call it a magnified electron. This electron coupled with others of the same family responds to the pull of divine love which is its core. This is the centripetal force of science. That core is the magnetic power of divine love which has drawn electrons from the universal, submitting themselves willingly to an imprisoned form of life for love's sake, in answer to the magnetic call of love from within the heart of the directing intelligence who wishes to express life in some form or another.

All electrons move around a central core of love just as planets of our system move around the sun. What is this core of love? It is the immortal flame of some God-intelligence which has has decided to create form in some sphere. Thru direction of a thought by that flame of God into the atmosphere a tiny heartflame is created. This is the centripetal force of divine love which in turn magnetizes light essence, thus forming electrons. These electrons comprise the form of every idea conceived by the directing intelligence of the being who desires to become a co-creator with God thru thought & feeling. As these electrons follow each other around their central core, their speed is determined by what the directing intelligence governing them wishes to manifest. For instance, if the desired precipitation is gold, the speed of electrons around the core is very rapid. If the desire is for a baser metal, the spped of electrons is proportionately slow. However, whether the speed be fast or slow all is done in perfect rhythm, the directing intelligence regulating the speed according to the manifestation desired.

For instance, beloved Victory enjoys experimenting with precipitation. You have been told that he changes the appearance of his temple frequently. If he chooses to create the dome of his temple in yellow diamonds, he merely qualifies the electrons with the speed, color & vibratory action desired, & the result is a dome of yellow diamonds. If beloved Victory chooses a pink dome the next day, he changes the ratio of the spped of electrons, qualifies them with the desired color, & a pink dome for his temple results. All elemental life substance has been commanded by the Father to obey the flame of God in the heart of his children. When a God-free being is finished with a specific creation he releases the electronic light which composes it back into the universal unless it is something that he feels should live as a permanent manifestation.

You see, life essence is held so priceless by ascended beings that they do not utilize or imprison electrons except for a very specific purpose & do not cause them to remain in form longer than the requirement of the manifestation demands. When that is done these electrons are blessed. They have expanded their light by service to life in obedience to the intelligence that drew them forth. They are then given opportunity for greater service, becoming builders of form if they so desire. However, many do not respond to this invitation from life but those that do go on to great heights thru experience & service. This is one portion of the law with which all freewill agree, that is, that there is no possibility of every expression of life not getting a just reward for service rendered.

Dear hearts, along this line may I digress for a moment & say that I know it seems very difficult to labor so hard, seeing the rest of mankind abiding in comparative peace, with hurricanes diverted, erupting volcanoes quieted, people going on their merry way while a few blessed students are sweating, straining & struggling to make calls which bring these things to pass. It is sometimes very difficult not to question yourselves as to whether you are some of God's fools or not! Blessed ones, it was ever thus! It was ever thus! There is no such thing as happenstance, all is scientific. Every ounce of energy, every jot & tittle you expend is accounted for; you & you alone have the glory & reward for your service deposited in your Causal Body. Every decree you have given, every step toward God that you have taken, every ounce of energy that you have ever used to persuade souls of men to step forth upon the path, all these are treasures laid up in heaven for you.

Now to return to electrons that compose your own bodies--these responded to the immortal flame within your hearts when you were first projected forth from your God-parents. The electrons in that first sphere responded & your White Fire Body was created which vibrates so rapidly that it can only be seen by God-free beings. The electrons in every sphere thru which you passed resonded as the heartflame consciously descended & took upon itself the obligation to incarnate in this physical world.

The emotional body is also composed of electrons swinging around their central core. The mental body responded in like manner & the etheric body responded also. The etheric body however is made up of finer ethers. Now what exactly is the etheric body's service to life? It is your book of memory & within it is recorded every experience you have ever had all thru the ages whether it be constructive or otherwise. Every time a beam of energy passes out from you it sets up a cause & an effect ensues. by the law of the circle which is irrevocable the effect returns & makes either a star or a scar on the etheric body. The etheric body has accompanied you since you first took incarnation upon this Earth. In that etheric body is a record of all your experiments with life, all your victories, all your witnesses of a transfigured Christ & an Ascended Christ, a gracious Mary & an Ascended Buddha. In it are also recorded all the iniquities of yourself & the unhappy experiences with your fellowmen all thru centuries. What has all that done to the etheric body? It has done the same thing it did to the mental & emotional bodies, it has driven shadows into spaces between electrons & formed pie-shaped wedges of dark heavy substance which have been previously alluded to in other addresses during this class. This has lowered the vibration of electrons & dimmed the radiation of their light. It has also driven into the etheric body bitter resentments, lack of faith & other qualities of a negative nature. The soul when it later meets similar conditions many times reacts in a similar manner as before remembering previous experiences thru momentums of the past registered in the etheric body. However the conscious determined use of the violet flame can & does dislodge those disillusionments, rebellions, jealousies from the etheric body.

At the time of so-called death when the soul leaves the flesh body behind, it goes before the Karmic Board in the etheric body. Before this takes place however the soul mercifully passes thru a river of violet fire (the river Styx in Greek myth). In this way as much as possible of the substance of its miscreations is transmuted. However many of those etheric records still remain like corrugated welts driven into the etheric vehicle. It is to remove as many of these records as possible at this time that we have given our energies tonight & during this entire class.

If you will just let go of the memories of imperfection even in this life alone & ask your Holy Christ Self to help you let go of every memory of injustice, failure & distress of every kind that you have experienced, the Holy Christ Self in cooperation with a brother from the Ascension Temple will give you needed assistance. Now, lovely ones, as my allotted time is about up may I suggest that you breate the God-given air deeply & love, o, love the spirits of the air. Know that Aries & Thor are always with you in the air you breathe & the drive of its energy & that we always stand ready & willing to respond to your slightest call. Thank you, beloved ones, & good night! ARIES

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