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In the upper figure on the chart the substance of imperfection or effluvia has been wedged in between the light rays that pour forth from the central core. This dark substance looks like pie-shaped wedges as it has been forced into those spaces thru centuries. These spaces should be filled only with light substance so that the tiny electrons might be able to spin freely around their central core. When this dark substance is present however it slows down the vibrations of the electrons which make up the atoms of your inner bodies as well as your flesh body. How is that done, you ask? By the absorption of discordant effluvia of the outside world thru individuals' attention upon & acceptance of discordant feelings released by the mass of people, whether those feelings be fear, depression, impurity, rebellion, hate, whatever they might be! Into these wedges is drawn dark substance. What effect has this on electrons as they spin around the central core of atoms? It bogs them down. In other words it slows down the motion of electrons &, even as Earth groans because of the heavy weight of man's discord which it carries as it turns on its axis, so do electrons in their endeavor to keep circling around the central core of each atom at their natural speed carry the weight which has been absorbed by contagion in your feelings, your mind, your etheric body & your flesh form.

Now, dear ones, I call to beloved Jophiel & to beloved Cassiopea to give you the following picture clearly. when you call to powers of the sacred fire you would if you had inner sight see that violet fire passing thru your flesh body & etheric garment which interpentrates it as well as thru your mental & emotional bodies. There it loosens & throws off into itself for purification the dark substance that is responsible for slowing down the vibrations of these bodies. This is the action which took place in the bodies of those privileged to sit within the atomic accelerator in St. Germain's retreat.

The sacred fire of purification which is the violet fire of freedom's love & mercy renders this same service & makes each one of your four lower bodies lighter. Why? Because as you consciously invoke that violet fire & see it sweep up, in, thru & around that dark heavy substance, it instantly obeys your command & that effluvia is removed from the forcefield around each electron & transmuted into pure light again thru the action of sacred fire. This removal of discordant substance allow the electrons in your flesh & inner bodies to spin more rapidly, thus making these bodies more sensitive to the presence of the Holy Christ Self within the heart. Buoyancy, joy, love, happiness & light are the practical, natural & scientific results of the use of sacred fire when you invoke it with faith. If you do not feel these results it is because you have not consciously accepted the reality of that purifying fire or its ability to restore the natural rhythm of your four lower bodies.

Now, beloved ones, those of you who are following my words with understanding should feel a tingling sensation in the extremities of your outer bodies, in your fingers & even in your toes because while I AM speaking to you we are dislodging tremendous concentrates of that dark heavy substance form each one of your lower bodies. This substance that I speak of looks something like the sooty deposits inside a chimney that has not been cleaned for a long time, & we are extracting that heavy substance almost by hand you might say, it is wedged in so tightly around the electrons. As it is removed you will feel a great sense of relief & release especially in your emotional bodies. However I must warn you to be careful not to draw this substance back into your various bodies again thru the affinity you have for it in your feelings, having lived with it so long.

If you so determine, beloved ones, you can let go of every discordant feeling & allow your emotional bodies to become saturated instead by God-feelings from the ascended masters. You can subject these overshadowed electrons to a transfusion of spiritual forces of faith, hope, charity, peace & purity & thus fill in with light substance the spaces just vacated by the accumulations of discord. This light substance can then be qualified with buoyancy, love & other constructive qualities, keeping a strict watch over your thoughts & feelings that you do not draw again human effluvia with which the outside world is flooded. The feeling bodies of mankind are active 24 hours of the day. While some are asleep others are awake & the human feelings literally catapulted into the atmosphere form blankets of misqualified energy which are looking for a home & for some life to sustain them thru their own life energy.

If the attention of even the student body could be permanently removed from the contemplation of discord & distress & their feelings anchored on perfection, it would not be long before the kingdom of God would be manifested on Earth. It would be a smiple matter then to sustain the emotional bodies of one & all in the same magnificent harmony & perfection experience by the ascended masters & angels every hour of the day. Furthermore, it would only be a question of a short time before the rest of humanity would want to emulate them thru the desire in all men's hearts for happiness & peace. Your feeling bodies were provided for you for one purpose alone, that is, to radiate, magnify & expand some particular virtue of the God & for no other reason. Your feeling world was given you to enable you to intensify the feelings of God Himself in this physical appearance world where you now abide, as well as in the inner realms where you will abide when you lay this earthly garment down. Therefore, beloved friends, you have not the right to allow your feeling license to add to discordant effluvia of mankind, which effluvia becomes a probe & a temptation to weaker lifestreams who do not know what stirs their feelings when they are roused suddenly to violent emotions, to mob hysteria, to panic & depression or whatever discordant appearance this effluvia may assume on the screen of life.

Let me say that in days ahead the appearance on the screen of life will be such as will make it necessary that some members of the race be in control of their feeling worlds in order to hold the balance & form the conduits thru which our energies may flow to protect that which is constructive, cooperating with the universal scheme. I thank you for listening, beloved ones, with as much attention & comprehension as you have. I thank you for remembering that every vehicle you have is an instrument for your use, & that the electrons which compose them are at the mercy of your conscious self. They may either be free, buoyant, ageless, beautiful, positive & strong, or they will have to carry the unnecessary weight of discord imposed upon them by yourself because you refuse to bridle the impulses of the senses, allowing your feeling world to be a plaything for passing destructive forces.

You who with such pride have held to the purity of your physical bodies might well think of how loosely you have governed your inner veh8icles thru the ages. Those inner vehicles are as much a part of the temple of the Most High Living God as is the flesh garment & more so because at so-called death the substance that composes your physical body goes back to the various elements to which it belongs, while your mental, emotional & etheric bodies are garments that your soul wears when you stand before the Karmic Board & the records written therein will comprise your Book of Life, not the flesh. The flesh body is actually innocent repository for indulgences of the inner bodies which bodies should be held in check by the indwelling ego who in the final analysis is the real culprit & is the one held responsible before life.

Beloved ones, remember as you think of the water element & as you have opportunity to concentrate on the control of storms, excessive rains, tidal waves & other elemental disturbances, I AM as close to you as you will allow. Thru the use of the violet transmuting flame your inner bodies have had more purification than they have had in all the centuries before the fall of man.

Now, beloved ones, I would ask you after you have placed all these discordant thoughts & feelings with their resultant conditions in the violet transmuting flame, please do not resuscitate them again thru allowing your attention to dwell on their imperfection. Remember me as you go about your daily affairs & accept the purity & freedom which I AM. God bless you, beloved ones. NEPTUNE

Hierarch Aries: Purpose of Air Element, autumn 1955, dictated to G. Innocente

I AM Aries spirit of the air! I AM the first visitor you had when you first took embodiment & your infant form accepted into your lungs your first breath from our Lord Maha Chohan! This breath is the animating principle of the air element which enabled you to begin the rhythm of breathing. & it will sustain you in a physical form as long as you have a service to render here. At the close of your earth life this breath will be returned again unto myself thru the kind offices of the Maha Chohan. Therefore I AM very close to you, beloved ones, the very very first visitor whom you accepted of your own free will, that acceptance bringing with it the responsibility for the use of life & its resultant karma.

The breath of life is offered to many. A goodly number of new infants born from the womb of woman refuse to accept that breath &, standing at the very threshold of a new life, return again into the realm of the unborn. To those of you who were brave enough, whose Holy Christ Selves were determined enough & whose outer consciousness was constant enough to grasp the breath of life, to you I AM grateful! I AM the servant of your light! All of the breath you desire is yours to fashion from it your beautfil melodies & songs, to fashion from it the spoken word & to utilize it as the motivating power by which all activities of the physical form are performed.

You have not known, you have not touched the hem of the garment of power which is within your capacity to draw from the air & ethers the nourishment, spiritual stimulus, eternal youth & beauty, vitality & fire which awaits the magnetic pull of your free will & the expansion of its qualities thru your flesh body. Those who have even surfacely studied the control of the breath know something of the buoyancy, vitality & refreshment that is within it. However, few there are in the West who have drawn from the air element that substance of fire which is the elixir for which mankind has sought thru the ages. By its use one may regain eternal youth & beauty, indestructible health, strength & energy, transforming the flesh body into a translucent form of light!

Thru your loving cooperation in the transmission classes of our Lord the Maha Chohan you are taking the first steps toward controlled breathing--the inbreathing, absorbing, expanding & projecting of your breath. With the help of the Almighty Father of us all you shall develop greater efficiency in the use of the breath & in the absorption of its God-qualities & powers for your own benefaction! You are like individuals within a storeroom filled with gold, crying that there is lack & poverty! In the air you have everything, everything required, to sustain the human form, to vitalize it, to quicken the vibration of its electrons & to redeem it. If you will experiment with this I shall assist you to bring back into the organism of your flesh form the perfect rhythm which you once knew. We shall also bring it back into the etheric body, back into the emotional world & into the mental body as well, for when you abide within the natural rhythm of your being you can know no tension, distress, disease or limitation of any kind. It is merely because you have broken the natural rhythm of your inner bodies & flesh forms thru discord & inharmony that you find yourselves suffering under certain pressures which are weights upon you at present.

During this class we are honored by your recognition of our reality, your invitation to us to be with you & your loving gratitude to & for our various elements. The upreaching of your energies thru the veil of maya allows us to render service to every human being upon the planet & to cosmically transmute a certain portion of destructively qualified energy in the mass strata of discordant thought & feeling which form the effluvia of your planet.

Naturally, beloved ones, mankind have used air thru the ages. From the time the first root race descended every lifestream breathed free pure air into its lungs. After the coming of the laggards from other stars & the distress of the shadows created by discordant thought & feeling, every lifestream breathed out some poison into that pure fresh air which was prepared for you by myself & the mighty sylphs who work with me in this service. Can you conceive of the magnitude of that service for one lifestream alone? Placed within a room into which there was not an infiltration of oxygen an individual would eventually destroy himself by his own polluted breath. You know that! What think you then of the billions of lifestreams on this Earth today who thru the mercy of life breathe in energy, vitality, light & breathe out, how many times a day, polluted substance & waste matter? This is the imposition placed upon the breath of life thru discordant thought, feeling & etheric consciousness as well as flesh waste, all of which must be purified & redeemed by the nature spirits thru the night hours so that the individual may receive the next day's supply.

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