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Neptune: Purpose of Water Element, Sept 30, 1955, dictated to G. I.

Beloved children of the Earth, I come as always as the servant of your life. I have dedicated & consecrated my being, my purpose in this universal scheme to the control of the water element which forms by far the greater part of your planet. It also forms the greater part of your vehicles of expression including your flesh forms. Therefore for many ages have I been the servant of the immortal Flame of God which chose to individualize itself thru you, & I shall remain your humble & obedient servant as long as you require the assistance of that water element which has the power of purification within it.

Water cushions the continents upon your planet. It provides ablution for physical forms, refreshment for internal organisms of those forms & has provided for you the elemental substance which makes up your emotional bodies. I AM come into your presence at your own invitation. That invitation has come thru your attention upon my element & thru the calls & decrees for the freeing of elemental life within the water from the pollution of the ages by mankind's effluvia. That invitation has come from your hearts in a desire to become friends with the great water spirits of the magnificent oceans, seas, lakes & rivers, all of which serve the planet Earth under my control, providing waterways for transportation & power by which industries produce that which is beneficial to people.

Water has served mankind on this planet since the first root race placed their feet upon landed surface of the Earth. & the very cushion of water has made the body of Virgo resilient, buoyant & porous. The substance of water in cooperation with that of Virgo, Aries & mighty Helios has made possible your every harvest. Within your emotional bodies the gift of the water element has given you the capacity to feel. The individual who cannot feel deeply has much to learn on the pathway toward God-freedom!

Beloved ones, as I bring you the blessings of my element I also bring to you the gratitude from every ocean, sea, river & body of water that you individually & collectively have acknowledged & blessed as well as from the undines who have been imprisoned for many ages in the sewage spewed forth by human consciousness. I AM grateful indeed for this opportunity to speak into the emotional world of mankind & to speak into the substance of the water element that composes it because it enables me to anchor into it certain currents of energy which will give personal, continental & planetary protection in the days & years ahead.

The divine complement of my lifestream is the great & beautiful being known as Luara. Together we create & sustain the rhythm which governs the tides. Have you any idea how much energy is required to bring the tide of a mighty ocean to flood & to control that body of water by the command, Thus far & no farther! Also, to control countless millions of undines who live therein, many of them in the form of waves eighty & ninety feet in height, others as small as a drop of water! Do you realize the pull of love that is required to draw the ebbing tide causing it to recede from the landed surface of the shore, & to control the energy that is within the power of centripetal force? That power I offer to you now! That power can be yours if you choose to accept it! Where flood tides roll, where rivers rise, where skies emit an excessive amount of rains, by the power of Neptune as I stand by your side you too may be master of the water element.

Remember & accept my momentum & that of my twin flame Luara into your world & practice upon it. Practice now in days of peace so that your momentum & feeling of confidence in the control of the water element may be one with my own! Consider in your feelings! Do you feel as assured as I do that the tides of Atlantic & Pacific Oceans ebb & flow in exact rhythm? If you cannot feel the confidence of that control in yourself, then as father of the waters I charge & charge & charge my feeling of assurance & authority of love into your emotional bodies now. Accept it & know with certainty that you too are now connected with my own self & likewise vested with master control of this energy especially in emergencies!

All over planet Earth foci of light have been created by individuals who have drawn around them lifestreams interested in the purification of Earth. They are making fiats & decrees, issuing mighty calls & singing songs which call for the purification of the water element everywhere. All over Earth like beautiful blazing fires ascending thru the astral realm the energy rising from groups of students in song & decree form conduits of light making a connection between the atmosphere of Earth & the realm where ascended masters abide. Back thru those conduits is pouring cosmic purification from the heart of Elohim Purity as well as the beloved beings & powers who represent the cleansing of the emotional bodies of individuals & the race.

Now again I ask you to follow with me the picture & pattern of the electrons as they exist within your emotional bodies. This picture will help you much in your visualization & in your use of the powers of the sacred fire to dislodge from around electrons discordant substance which you have drawn into your emotional vehicles by suction from the world without thru indulgence in thoughts & feelings of an inharmonious nature. Beloved ones, every feeling you entertain draws unto itself thru centripetal force of sympathy the feelings of a like nature that float in the atmosphere, & these coupled with discordant feelings that you generate yourself in secret during your entire waking state are drawn into forcefields around the electrons that make up your bodies, resulting in feelings of heaviness, depression & discouragement in the emotional body & your outer body as well.

As the individual uses the powers of the sacred fire, such as the violet transmuting flame or the flame of Cosmic Christ purity, what takes place? The wedges of dark heavy substance around electrons are loosened & gradually thrown off, the y action of the electron increases & it vibrates more rapidly in its orbit around the central core of each atom. Then as you consciously call to the beings who represent the virtues of a perfect ascended master nature, asking them to charge into the forcefields of electrons those virtues, they will do it! Thus you build into your emotional body a storehouse of constructive energy which will act in the future as automatically as destructive vibrations have acted in the past.

Now let us look at this from a scientific standpoint! Early in your instruction beloved St. Germain gave you a set of daily exercises which would be of tremendous assistance to you if you were to use them. Under the present pressure of daily living this instruction seems to have receded into the background of your minds but we present it to you here again if you would care to accept it. Beloved St. Germain suggested that before retiring at night you stand in your room &, calling the violet transmuting flame into action up, thru & around you for at least nine feet in every direction, you raise your hands to your I AM Presence, asking it & St. Germain to qualify those hands with the purifying power of the violet transmuting flame. Then starting at head, pass your hands down over your body to feel, taking in as much body surface as you can reach with hands. Now with left hand sweep down over right shoulder, arm & hand, & with right hand give left shoulder, arm & hand the same treatment. Repeat this activity in its entirety about three times, shaking hand from wrist once in awhile by which action the substance is thrown into the surrounding violet flame.

What is the purpose of this exercise & what happens when it is performed? St. Germain has said that if you could see with inner sight what takes place in the first part of the exercise, it is as though a close-fitting garment of black substance were being removed from the body with the hands. The second time you go over the body the "garment" removed is of a dark grey substance, the third time it is of a lighter grey color & so on. Night after night as you proceed with the exercise this astral substance gets lighter & lighter in color & texture until it is entirely removed from the body & actual purification takes place. This is real substance, beloved friends, with actual color, vibration & feeling. Now for lack of a cosmic screen let us use the upper figure on the Chart of the Presence as a visual aid. Will you please consider this figure as a magnified electron, beams of light pouring from it, forming the forcefield of one electron. That electron may be part of any one of the four lower bodies--emotional, mental, etheric or physical--each electron of course being composed of the natural element to which the body belongs, that is, air, earth, fire or water. These electronic particles have within their center an intelligence which is a replica of your own individualized I AM Presence.

Countless electrons form the atmosphere of the seven spheres. They form the tiny light particles that you see floating in the atmosphere on a bright sunny day. They make up the atmosphere of the seventh sphere where beloved St. Germain's temples are located, where etheric bodies which you use were created. They form the atmosphere of the sixth sphere where beloved Jesus dwells & where your emotional bodies were fashioned. They form the atmosphere of the fifth sphere where beloved Hilarion dwells & where your outer mental consciousness was formed before you took embodiment. They form the atmosphere of the fourth sphere in which beloved Serapis Bey dwells & where your Holy Christ Self was designed. These electrons form the atmosphere of the third sphere in which the beloved Venetian dwells where your Causal Body first took distinct form. They form the atmosphere of the second golden sphere where your indivudal I AM Presence was created; & they form the natural atmosphere of the first sphere where our beloved Morya dwells where your White Fire Body coalesced around the Threefold Flame of your individuality.

In each sphere these electrons ensoul color, quality & the nature of the Chohan, Archangel, Elohim & the sphere in which they abide, upward from the seventh to the first.

Now the electrons which make up the atmosphere of the seven higher spheres are intelligent minute beings. They are the substance of which primal life itself is composed & actually make up the body of the Godhead Himself. They also compose the substance which has been sent forth by Him into the physical appearance world & it is from them that every manifest expression is formed. In each sphere these electrons are utilized by the immortal flame of God thru any self-conscious being, master, angel or man. When you chose individualization & your immortal flame descended into the fourth sphere where the Holy Christ Self was fashioned elemental light was magnetized by your own God-identity & drawn around the flame within your heart by buiders of form.

Because elemental life is obedient & always mirrors that which it sees, the intelligence within the electron immediately took on the pattern of your individualized thoughtform. These electrons then joined together & began to move around a central core of love forming the atoms of your physical & inner bodies. The number of electrons making up each atom was determined by the God-intelligence which created your vehicles for a specific purpose. The speed with which electrons move in their orbits is determined by the feeling of the evolving being whose instruments these various vehicles were intended to be. Permit me to illustrate this as follows.

The Ascended Master Body is made up of these beautiful electronic particles all in constant motion moving so rapidly that they cannot be seen by human sight. The feelings of perfection with the ascended being make & keep the vibratory action of his atoms so rapid that they only emit light which the outer consciousness of the majority of unascended mankind can neither see nor hear because of the speed with which they move as well as the transcendent quality of their radiation. However, the master being in full conscious control of the rapidity of his own electrons can slow them down at will to a point where the Master Presence may be visible & tangible to physical sight if at any time the necessity should arise for the investment of such a concentration of energy.

In every sphere these electrons have cooperated with your individualized I AM Presence in building your various bodies. From the electronic Body down to your physical vehicle pure electronic light responded to the pull of the immortal Threefold Flame in your heart & fashioned for you each one of the various vehicles thru which you find expression--the Electronic Body, the Causal Body, the Holy Christ Self, the emotional body, mental, etheric & physical form. Electronic light circling around the central core of millions of atoms make up your flesh body. Now, what has happened to these perfect vehicles which were created to allow the lifestream the privilege of co-creation with God?

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