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Elohim Astrea, Sept 29, 1955, dictated to Geraldine Innocente

Children of the One Eternal God, I have come in answer to the heartcall of the people of Earth & particularly at the request of the conscious students of life for the purpose of cleansing & purifying the astral & psychic realms of the effluvia that has been spewed forth into the atmosphere thru the creative centers of man for many many ages.

Due to the scales which mankind have made before his physical sight he is not aware of the evils he has created thru his individual experimentation with the creative powers of thought & feeling in his various embodiments thru the long ages. Little does he know also of the thoughtforms spawned in the secret recesses of his human mind which have escaped the confines of his consciousness & float out into the atmosphere of the planet on which he dwells. There these thoughtforms remain until they are drawn by the power of magnetization, or the activity of like seeking like, into strata of similarly-vibrating substance. This discordantly qualified energy forms itself into strata one piled on top of the other like layers of a cake, each stratum vibrating according to the quality of which it is composed & growing larger & larger as more of mankind dwell either secretly or openly upon thoughts of impurity, passion, greed, etc. People indulging in these activities not only add to the mass effluvia of the planet but by the power of thought tune into the stratum vibrating at the same rate as that which they are generating at the time & draw its mass evil into their own beings & worlds.

They are held responsible by cosmic law for the injurious effect their action has upon the thought processes of their fellowmen who do not know how to protect themselves from these tramp thoughts that are continually floating in the atmosphere or how to control the process of constructive thinking & feeling. Very few of the people of Earth today, beloved friends, know how to use the creative centers of thought & feeling for which they were created, that is, to draw from divine intelligence at the heart of the universe thru the indwelling Christ self magnificent ideas & fashion those ideas into form. Very few such ideas are ever magnetized by mankind in general from the Great Central Source. Far easier is it for men to absorb thru the outer senses, thru the written page, thru radio & television & thru all other types of outer pressure of learning & so-called education those thoughts & ideas that have been used before. It is easier far to accept as a pattern for the thinking man already established dogmas & credos, religions & scientific expressions than it is to shake the mind free of all imperfection that has been & return to the source of creation for truth.

That truth can only come thru incarnate lifestreams who, repudiating the discordant effluvia of the masses & the halftruths that have not brought freedom to the indivudla or the planet, will stand within the flame of their own I AM Presence, call forth those divine ideas of wisdom & balance & then have the strength & tenacity to hold those thoughts & ideas within their hearts until the Holy Spirit has breathed life & enthusiasm into them in the feelings. When those divine ideas have been matured in silence before they are presented to the world you have not theory then, beloved ones, but indisputable fact for the blessing of the race! How many inspirations, how many great inventions, how many cosmic truths have come forth from the universal into the minds of the few who are willing to stand above the masses! Yet, how many of these blessings have been lost because those few could not or would not follow thru by taking that truth or inspiration, holding it within the light of the Christ, breathing upon it the fire of constancy & then manifesting it to the world as fact. Instead, those fortunate enough to receive these divine ideas did not hold them long enough in secret or perhaps they shared them while they were yet in the embryonic stage with others & so lost the idea thru negative radiation.

So it is, beloved ones, that the beautiful world orders & golden ages perceived within the raised consciousness of the few have not materialized in these latter ages. Why? The answer is simply because the ideas unprotected by the ego who should have guarded & sheltered them were torn to shreds as a carcass is torn by a pack of wolves, by lesser minds, before the ephemeral vision could be clothed in the substance of the etheric world & lowered thru emotional stability & balance into the world of form. In the physical world you either have the man who will not think, who prefers to be brainwashed by the particular sect, cult, ism, religious or governmental credo to which he belongs, or you have the man who wants to be a so-called individualist pursuing an obstinate & dominating policy. I would counsel you to follow the example of the gracious Madonna, dear ones, & keep those things in your hearts until they have come to maturity in the secret place & be born of their own volition into the world of form. Again & again, children of Earth, I call for the middle way, that is, the path between too credulous acceptance of halftruths & the rash experimentation with so-called cosmic truths unverified by practical experience.

Bring these things together in the light of your own Holy Christ Self & after you have had the manifest expression then can you face all men. One of your great inventors could have talked for years about his ideas of harnessing the power of electricity with very little effect upon or enthusiasm from the masses. Instead he pursued the more practical method of waiting until he had first brought them into manifest expression. Then there was no need for him to talk because his ideas completed in physical form spoke for themselves.

Jesus, that great & mighty exemplar of perfection, could have publicly proclaimed his Messiahship! Instead he lived it. Thru him the dead arose, the sick were made well, the blind were made to see & the deaf to hear. He coupled his private comradeship with God with practical manifestation in the world of form & when he began his public ministry he was the magnificence of the Messiah in action.

Beloved friends, tonight we come into the atmosphere of Earth with but one purpose & one design, to clear the atmosphere as well as your own inner bodies & auras of the tramp thoughts & feelings which form the blanket of energy men breathe in & accept as part of their own thinking processes. All over the planet there are individuals & groups of conscious students whose forcefields like pinpoints of light in the darkness of the astral world are calling for the mass purification of the race as well as the individual mental & feeling bodies of the people. Thru the open doors of these forcefields come the angelic legions at our command who go north, south, east & west to transmute & remove those pressures of existing thought & feeling forms of impurity of every kind.

Why, you ask, have not these thoughtforms become disintegrated in the atmosphere? Because they are being constantly entertained & nourished secretly in the minds & feelings of the men & women of the race! You see, dear ones, a thoughtform dissolves more or less quickly unless it is consciously invited into some human mind & fed by feeling. Eventually thru the service of the angel of purification an unfed thoughtform is dissolved & returned to primal essence when it can be used again by the great source that wastes not even the most infinitesimal portion of God's precious life essence. However, when impure thoughts & feelings of sex, greed, selfishness or any other discord you might name are entertained by some members of the race they live. The moment the last member of the race ceases to sustain the strata in which these discordant forms abide, that moment those mass blankets of evil will cease to be.

Now, I AM the divine complement of the Elohim of Purity. Therefore it is the most natural activity in the world for us to render in unison this service of cosmic purification thru the mental, emotional, etheric & physical bodies of mankind of this Earth. Sometimes the so-called intellectual members of the race seem amazed that we serve in more than one capacity. For your illumination allow me to tell you that beloved Diana is the divine complement of Prince Oromosis, Hierarch of the fire element. There are many lifestreams on Earth who carry the same name. Many ladies are called Agnes, Beatrice or Cecilia. Likewise in heaven there are many great beings who bear the name of Nada & many who carry the name of Diana.

In our service one with another, dear ones, let us not become so amazed when some being steps out of the niche in which the mental concept of the people of Earth has placed him or her! Perhaps we have more fluidic motion & versatility than you give us credit for! Perhaps we work on more rays than one! Did we not tell you that one must be master of all the seven rays before one could qualify to become a Maha Chohan? Oh lovely ones, we do not stand within the narrow box into which we have been placed by our well-meaning unascended friends some of whom at least I AM happy to say have had the discrimination & intuition to discern our reality & Presence in the universal.

We are God-free beings who work at will on any ray or in any service! Common sense, beloved ones, will tell you that. If you are a first ray person & you are aware of a need for healing, do you sit down with folded hands & say, "O you must have a sixth ray man to do that healing!", then stand by & let the patient die? That is not common sense, is it? Of course, one may have a momentum of first ray power, one may be a specialist upon a specific line, but one can operate on many rays! As below, so above! We are specialists too in our particular service. The service of beloved Purity & myself is the transmutation & purification of the energies of the Earth, its atmosphere & its people. Here the beloved Helios & Vesta directed us to serve & here have we abided from the beginning of the creation of the planet, holding the perfection of design that those great beings have visualized for this Earth.

Beloved Helios & Vesta designed this system themselves. They placed that design & pattern in the heart of the Silent Watcher. The seven Elohim with their complements then chose to look upon that design cosmically & created the planet Earth thru our own particularly specialized activity using care always to observe the divine courtesy of deferring to the will of Helios & Vesta who designed it in the first place. The courtesy of Elohim might well be imitated by the people of Earth in relation to their association one with another, & may I add in the case of so-called advanced lifestreams, to the great beings who govern these activities.

Now, when we chose to create this planet we were beings who had worked on other stars & planets. Mind you, we had seen galaxies so large that your blessed sun would seem no larger than the head of a pin in comparison. We had seen golden ages, vast continents, great temples & mighty beings the like which I cannot describe to you in words. Yet not one of the seven Elohim said, "Let us add a temple from the realms of Alpha & Omega! Let us create a continent like the ones we have seen in the realms of Isis & Osiris!" Nor did we say, "We have just come from the Milky Way where there is a truly magnificent planet, let us make the vegetation here yellow like it is on that!" No! It would be ridiculous, would it not? The Elohim of Purity within the strength of his cosmic heart held the original pattern of the God-parents unchanged. Every gently rolling hill, every peaked mountain, every beautiful sea was designed to the smallest detail as Helios & Vesta wanted it, not as I or Arcturus or any of the other Elohim wanted it. Courtesy, the particular virtue of the seventh ray, is manifested in the Elohimic builders, is manifested in every sun of the system, is manifested in nature but alas is little manifested in man.

What in the name of heaven, beloved ones, is man's soul or consciousness but an accretion of human concepts? Think of it! Unascended man who has not mastered his four lower bodies yet faces the Godhead in defiance of divine will! We come now into the atmosphere of Earth with one purpose in mind, to render a service of purification to the evolving life upon it.

Thru your acceptance of our Presence our radiation flows into every sanctuary, every group director & student of life, into the leaders & members of every religious organization, into all constructive secular organizations & thru the mental & emotional bodies of all mankind as well as into the animal & nature kingdoms with the fully gathered cosmic power of Elohim Purity & myself. In that power we say to all impure creation: Let go! Let go! Let go! Be thou dissolved! Return thou to the purity of primal life essence! Arise! & by the power of the flame of transmutation ascend thou to the throne of Helios & Vesta with a plea for forgiveness from the mankind of Earth that the pure substance which They entrusted to them to complete their divine plan in beauty & perfection should have been so defiled & debased in shadow!

Beloved Helios & Vesta have given the very substance of their lives to their creation. They have conferred upon the lifestreams whom they drew forth from the realm of the great First Cause their own intelligence & creative power & have said to them, "Go forth, children of our hearts, & weave out of our life essence happiness & contentment for yourselves! Make of the beautiful planet which has been prepared so lovingly for you a shining orb, a place of peace & joy, a true habitat for angel & God! Let its radiation flow into interstellar space making a happy contribution to the harmony & music of the other stars & spheres!"

As the babe nurtured in the womb of the earthly mother is part of her life substance, so is the energy we are redeeming now part of the body of beloved Helios & Vesta. Oh the dark shroud that their beautiful bright planet wears today is more than a reproach to the humanity evolving upon it! I should like to stand so facing those great & beneficent beings of love & never let them know what has happened to their shining hopes, their happy dreams & their bright visions, but because the substance that has been so defiled is part of their own body, they well know what has happened to it. O peoples of Earth, how have you repaid this unspeakable love?

As I stand here in the atmosphere of Earth I AM drawing into my own cosmic body of light the currents of impure substance from every part of its surface, & when it passes thru my aura it is transmuted into its own bright nature & returned, rejoicing, to the heart of beloved Helios & Vesta for repolarization. Thank you, beloved ones, for your attention! I now retire in favor of my beloved sister, Diana, who will address you. God bless you. ASTREA

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