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We dwell in a realm within which is no imperfection. We qualified to live therein because our consciousness had been trained not to create even one thought or feeling that would be inharmonious. Every lifestream, every being in the universe creates from within himself the atmosphere & world of activity in which he dwells. Anyone can live either in the kingdom of heaven this hour or continue in the generation of human thought & feeling, dwelling in the astral & psychic realm (the hell of human creation).

All we can do is breathe upon your life the essence of our conviction, the love of our hearts, the happiness of our beings, hoping to stimulate the spark within you to a point where your positive consciousness will not again recede. Sometimes after lighting a fire upon the hearth & fanning it into flame with your bellows you have seen after the pressure of the bellows was removed the flames again die down into small sparks. That is somewhat similar to our activity with mankind. While the pressure of our ray, while the power of our invocation, while the pressure of our feelings flow people respond to our radiation & their hearts' light expands. We are so grateful when we see this expansion take place & if you can, even one among you, sustain your expanded light after our visitation & hold it, carrying the radiation to your fellowman, we shall feel we have accomplished much indeed.

We are the guardians of the sacred fire. That means we are those ascended beings who keep the spark of divinity alive within the hearts of mankind. Those of us who have consecrated our lives to these specific services, when we turn our attention to an individual, we increase in such a one the qualities which are our predominant feeling. As I have been given the honor & recognition of being chosen by the ascended host & yourselves to be the presiding figure of this Easter season I AM giving you the gift of my mercy to life, my compassion, my positive assurance of all that the God-power can do for you. Accept it! Open your hearts! Open your souls! Open your feelings! Accept my gift! According to your acceptance is it done unto you! Your dear minds want to accept but it is in the unresponsive feelings that we find the resistance of even the most earnest chela. It is in the buried resentments, rebellions & disappointments of the etheric consciousness that we find the block to the building of the individual foci of the sacred fire in those of you thru whom we would like to walk the Earth as a fountain of that merciful violet flame, freeing life everywhere from distortion & imperfection & restoring it again to its God-design.

Can I give more than myself? Will you endeavor to become representatives of the Goddess of Mercy to life? Will you let your energies in tune with God wrap your world in the seamless garment of the ascended host? Thru that radiation you can change the quality of very bit of energy you contact, making the blind to see, the lame to walk, the dead to rise, the mentally unbalanced to have the dignity of mastery & control of their own consciousness. Your energies connected with mine are more powerful than the combined mass energy of the billions of souls who have not yet raised their consciousness above the erroneous reports of the outer senses.

We dedicate & consecrate this holy class to the dignity of womankind. As you know I have served womankind for many ages. I have been the protector & the guiding influence behind the women of the race. In every age where my voice could be heard or my words could be read I have pled for the removal of the degradation of women thru indulgence in passion & lust. Those who have used their vital forces in a manner that was not ordained by God or commended by men need mercy & understanding. In the astral realm which surrounds this world if you could see the amount of energy which forms the veil of human maya which has come from lust & passion, you would realize that it is by far the largest layer we shall say of the veil of human creation. Into it is woven the scorn, censure, blame & selfishness which has recorded on the bodies of women as the unecessary & undignified pain accompanying human birth. It is my desire & it is my reason for being to restore to mankind the dignity of birth. Into this world of form life should enter on a song, in beauty, harmony & full control of the faculties of mind as it did in the beginning before mankind chose to take the life of God & use it in vain.

When the souls & bodies of men born on this Earth are washed in on a wave of pain & a cry of agony do you know what that does to the lifestream newly-come from realms of such beauty & harmony that your outer minds cannot conceive such perfection possible? Can you imagine the shock such a birth must have been to the beautiful God-free Buddha who with golden hair & seamless robe bowed to the Lords of Karma & offered to take birth thru human flesh so that the radiation of his Presence in this world of form might be of some help? Can you think what it meant for a magnificent Christ, bidding adieu to Lord Maitreya, to enter the Earth plane even though it was thru the pure body of Mary? & for the glorious Siddhartha who rendered his great service to mankind centuries ago? Even this year thousands of fine, intelligent, well-developed lifestreams with talent will have to pass thru the degradation of the present system of hman birth.

I dedicated my life to the restoration of the dignity of the portals of birth thru lifestreams drawn into this planetary scheme. I dedicated it also to the dignity of retiring from the screen of life in full command of mind & in a perfect body in which there is no disintegration or decay. Birth, life & passing-away are the three activities that should represent the dignity of experience in this world of form & the manifest glory of God as expressed by the Parents of our system. This perfection shall now be restored!

The life substance qualified with the crimson hue of passion flows in great tides thru the atmosphere of a city like New York. Here you see young men & women coming from all points of the Earth's surface for opportunity. They walk unknowingly into these tides of powerfully-charged energy with no conscious protection except that which you can call forth! Oh, dear ones! I plead with you in the name of life & light to use your energies to sublimate those tides of passion, to raise that energy into the violet fire so that everyone who enters this city of opportunity may be filled with light. Call that the pressure of energy playing upon the bodies of young people shall be a pressure to produce perfection in art, music & every good activity. Their karma has brought them to Earth & we are endeavoring to stimulate within them a desire to become Gods & Goddesses & to manifest the perfection of the great Goddess of Liberty & beloved Portia, Opportunity.

I have served long, you know, as a member of the Karmic board. I have seen many of you so often both before & after each Earth life. I have seen you go into embodiment filled with new life & enthusiasm, grasping your scroll (upon which is written your mission to serve) in your hands, eager to take embodiment & set the world afire with the light & understanding which you knew at inner levels. I have clothed you round with my love, praying that you might sustain some remembrance of your vow to make things right thru the gates of birth & thru the years of growth. I have been within the homes to which you came. I have poured thru your parents & loved ones as much of myself as I could conduct thru their feelings. Sometimes I have seen you come back at the close of a life wilted, tired & discouraged. I have taken you in my arms & kissed away your disappointments, your discouragement & your pain. I have told you that there is no failure but giving up & into your souls & spirits I have poured the words so often, "Beloved ones, just continue to try!"

Now I speak to you while you are yet in the prime of Earth life. I have not waited until your worn-out physical bodies have released your weary souls. I speak to you from the heart of the Karmic Board & say, "In the name of God while you have life & faculties, while you have opportunity & the substance of this world, while you have a knowledge of this law, in the name of God fulfill your vow now! Make the call that death, disease, disintegration & decay be removed from the plaent. Call that impurity be wiped from the Earth--cause, effect, record & memory--& leave this planet freer because you have had being.

I shall remind you of this petition when you are called home & you again stand in my Presence without that flesh garment! What will you now do with my life--because this is my life that I give you. This is my consciousness I share with you. You will all come home someday. There is no escape. There is no escape, dear ones, for even the sleepers' realm now allows a respite of only one year. The "compund" itself is no more. The earthbound too must also answer the call of the Lord & fulfill their reason for being. One day, beloved ones, you will stand in my Presence & I shall say, "On a Palm Sunday some time ago in a beautiful sanctuary on Earth I gave you remembrance of your purpose for being, I asked you to become Gods & Goddesses of Mercy & Compassion & to heal a city of impurity, & I hope you can say, "I have done as you asked!" Then the great commendation of the Lord, "Well done, thou good & faithful servant!" will ring out, pouring benediction upon your spirit & you & I will rejoice together that you are home to go out no more.

In this holy Easter week I ask you to accept my love, my blessings & my real Presence, for I AM a woman as well as guardian spirit of the flames of mercy & compassion which is the forgiving activity of the sacred fire. Let us not forget for a moment that in dealing with each other we are dealing with friends for I AM your friend & you are mind! Together we shall be master of the energies flowing thru you which are capable of raising & redeeming this dear Earth. Now I will say good morning, dear ones. May God bless you! KWAN YIN

Invocations, from Bridge to Freedom Bulletins

For Unmarried Mothers & Their Children: Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of God I AM in me & beloved Goddess of Mercy Kwan Yin: I call in the name of all mankind & in the authority of the living Presence of God beating their hearts, directly to your heart of mercy & compassion for all life! Charge, charge, charge oceans of your cosmic flame of violet fire in, thru & around all thoughtforms in the atmosphere of Earth & in the worlds of mankind qualified with feelings of censure, arrogant pride & blame, especially that driven against all unmarried mothers & children of illegitimate birth. Let this violet fire of Cosmic Christ mercy transmute these feelings instantly & forever into the pink adoration flame of God's tolerant love & understanding. Free all life right now from that which God never intended to be, letting these lifestreams go forward to fulfill their divine plan in peace, happiness & God-success. Beloved Kwan Yin, we call in thy name for limitless legions of angels of violet fire to sustain & expand this decree each time it is given until this unfortunate activity & its attendant distress are wiped out forever--cause, effect, record & memory--from the records of the blessed planet Earth always. We consciously accept this done right now with full power according to thy will, O God, in Jesus' name it is done.

For Chelas to Keep Harmony, Unity & for Expansion of the Light: Beloved mighty victorious I AM Presence, I call on beloved Archangel Chamuel, Mighty Orion, Elohim Peace, Lady Venus, God Harmony, beloved Maha Chohan, El Morya, Paul the Venetian, Jesus & Kuthumi & Lady Master Nada to charge, charge, charge me, my family & all chelas of the Great White Brotherhood with whatever illumination, determination, courage, strength, unity & power of divine love are required to compel uninterrupted harmony to manifest constantly in, thru & around us, especially in our emotional bodies. Please see to it that this state of uninterrupted harmony is forever sustained, according to God's will. Beloved I AM! I now command! Do it today! Do it to stay! Beloved I AM!

Beloved mighty victorious I AM Presence, I call on beloved Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus, St. Germain, Maha Chohan & beloved El Morya. Take immediate & complete control of me & make & keep me a perfect grail & conductor thru which the ascended host may pour at any time their love, blessings & assistance to mankind. Use my light to the fullest possible extent. Draw those to me who have unselfish motives & who are willing to serve the Light. Remove all pride, arrogance & personal ambition. Let this Light expand in divine love until the Earth & all her evolutions are wholly ascended & free. In God's holy name I AM.

Bridge to Freedom Dictations: