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In the case of beloved Mary four years before the usual age she entered the temple of Jerusalem, a child too young in years because the zealous members of her family were over-eager to fulfill their vow. It was only by the strength of her own light & the dispensation which I myself received from cosmic law, giving her the comfort of the Presence of the Archangels, that saved that tender flower from the effects of a forced bloom. In later days those of you who are familiar with my great disciple, Dr. Besant, know well the experience of my star pupil, Krishnamurti, who again gave promise of becoming a master but who was forced into the public eye before his time, before the maturity of the inner bodies could withstand the pressures of the great public, a public seeking knowledge, seeking self-satisfaction, seeking & drawing from a soul whose roots were not yet anchored firmly enough in the strength of the Father, thus causing that which we had planned to be postponed.

You who are in the field already know what it is to feel the pressure of the few taking the fruit & harvest from your hearts. You do not know the pressure of thousands. Even Jesus in his God-maturity, anchored in the powers of the Cosmic Christ, had to cast his boat adrift to secure some measure of rest from the multitudes seeking healings more than enlightenment, comfort more than understanding, surcease from pain more than the way back home. I say this to you now for a purpose but there are few here who realize fully what I mean. Beloved ones, put your roots down first. Anchor your souls & spirits in the God who made you, in the faith & power of the Almighty, in the peace that passeth all understanding of the outer mind, in the balance that is not swayed by anger or disillusionment. then when your time is come & the dove of the Holy Spirit hovers in the atmosphere above you a million hungry souls may drink of your cup, a hundred million lifestreams may be fed by the manna drawn by your light & you shall feel no spiritual loss in the virtue that goes out from you.

Mankind en masse is ruthless in the outer self desiring the harvest but caring not for the years of development, plucking fruit from the undeveloped tree & destroying tomorrow's harvest, cutting down virgin forest, laying waste the land, blasting asunder the great heart of the mountain to secure living gold embedded therein thus dissipating the radiation & blessing for which it was placed there in the beginning.

Ah lovely ones, when that healing power is yours, when the power of precipitation is yours, when the magic power of inner sight & hearing is yours, when you feel the rush of a million stampeding feel, you will think of what I say to you tonight! In your world of entertainment alone you have seen the sharp thorn of jealousy pierce the heart of the fallen idol of the hour. In the beautiful temples of India & the East the thoughtless tourists have chipped marble & removed magnificent gold leaf from these sacred edifces. What think you would they not do to a living soul whom they thought possessed some virtue they coveted? When things like this occur, beloved ones, all our training & development must wait again until some new flower is breathed upon by light, & if it is not previously seized upon & destroyed, matures.

There is another subject I would like to touch briefly upon in passing because I see the question in many of your minds. It is in regard to plant & animal life upon this planet & their evolution. The rose grew her thorn as a protection against the vicious currents in the atmosphere of Earth. The rose was thornless in the beginning. You all know of that great naturalist who by loving that flower & telling it from his heart that nothing could hurt it caused the rose to shed her thorns & so produced a bloom with a sturdy smooth stem that would not bend or break without untoward pressure. The elemental life that has become the thick-skinned rhinoceros, the buffalo & elephant developed their hides as a protection, a defense mechanism of a once-beautiful form of life. Thus did the oyster create its shell & thus did you also create the dense bodies you wear today, growing downward with age as a result of the pressures of discord & imperfection. Within the heart of each unit of the elemental kingdom now imprisoned in distorted shapes is a form of great beauty & light.

When elemental life first began to externalize from within itself the necessary protective activities against human viciousness, thorn, scale & thick skin began to appear. When that happened great beings volunteered to remain as guardians & protectors of each spies who wished to help raise, purify & love that life back into its perfect form again. Group souls, true, were established, but over & above them an angel deva of love & light watches, holding the immaculate concept of perfection that each one was & will be again when man has redeemed himself & becomes harmless.

There is only one redemption for animal & plant life on the planet, that is the redemption offered by the angelic host, the redemption offered by Burbank to flowers--loving them all until there will be no need for either scales or thorn or hoof. Then elemental life will resume its original state of beauty & perfection. This is true also of mankind. As you come to rest within the heart of the Presence I AM, lean upon the everlasting arms & realize the fullness of your Godhood, your bodies too will respond. No longer will your heavy skin feel that by effort of will it must repel the psychic & astral realm but, accelerated thru love & proximity of ourselves, it will become again translucent & beautiful, each man & woman emitting his or her own Christ light.

There is only one road, expressed so well in the words, "Oh tis love & love alone the world is seeking," that is the truth, beloved ones, & I AM that love of life, that love of your life, that love of elemental life, that love of angelic life. Will you not now be my love & help Me to set all life free? Thank you, beloved ones, & God bless you! MAITREYA

Kwan Yin: The Art of Becoming a Healing Conductor, April 3, 1955, dictated to Geraldine Innocente

Beloved & blessed flowers in the garden of the Lord of Hope! As I breathe the perfume radiating from your earnest & sincere endeavors thru the years & as I gather the harvest of your light's love, I AM so grateful that among the mankind of Earth there are individual lifestreams incarnate wearing yet karmic bonds of their own making desirous of bringing the gifts of mercy, compassion & healing to this race.

For many years I have been known as the spirit of the flames of mercy & compassion. I would like to speak to you about that flame of mercy because its presence is so important in the feeling world of those who desire to heal. No permanent healing of mind & body can come just thru effort of human will, beloved ones! Your feeling world is composed of far more than half of your life energy & the quality flowing thru your feelings is the conductor thru which flows that qualified healing essence into the world of the one whom you wish to benefit. Blessed ones, your feeling world is the bridge over which flows the gathered healing elixir of qualified life entering into the mind of the patient to dispel shadows, entering into his feelings to dispel depression, entering into his flesh to resurrect it & bring it new life.

Thru the ages there have been individuals who have practiced the art of manifesting healing power & who have developed a tremendous capacity for holding a mental concept which is comparatively free of imperfection. This has developed into a science by which that concept thru a trained & powerful practioner can be injected into the consciousness of the patient & accepted by effort of human will. However almost without exception you will find that when the individual who is rendering the service is removed from the Earth in so-called death, the condition will either recur in the patient in that embodiment or remain to be transmuted into light in a succeeding Earth life. You see, thru the ages there have been recorded upon the etheric body many many effects set up by causes of imperfection in though & feeling. These outpicture later on the screen of life as diseases of mind & body. By effort of will they are often pressed or forced back again into the etheric garment but not transmuted into light at inner levels. Therefore you have no sustained & permanent purification of the lifestream.

Those healers who render a service of a permanent nature use their feeling worlds as the conductor thru which the flame of mercy & compassion flows. Jesus embodied that authority in his oft-repeated statement, "Thy sins be forgiven thee;" also, "Take up thy bed & walk." Now, these flames of mercy & compassion stir within the breasts of many men & women as a vocation, although not all act in the medical profession & minister in other ways to the minds as well as the bodies of the people. When we see these feelings stir in any individual we know that we have a new candidate for our cosmic temples of mercy, new students who are ready to be enrolled among the Brothers & Sisters of Compassion. We raise them to the point where their feelings become master of the energies which they contact.

I would like to bring this to your attention today because compassion is a positive quality. Sympathy is a negative quality. These two qualities are exact opposites. Sympathy your Master St. Germain has told you is agreement with imperfection. What does he mean? He means that your life force flowing thru the silver cord from your Presence, rushing forth uncontrolled & attaching itself to a person in distress, immediately takes on the quality of that distress. Thus, rather than helping such a one you weigh him down with more of the same quality of this unhappy energy by turning your attention & your sympathy toward him. You let the virtue flow out from you without control, you magnify & magnetize distress. Compassion witnessing the requirement of the moment does not allow feelings to leave the heartflame with an acceptance of discordant appearance. It does not accept that there is a power greater than God. Then in the masterful poise of that God-anchorage the healing powers are drawn & projected to the one in need. All this time your own Electronic Presence thru your feeling world is in complete mastery of the condition or circumstance.

For instance, in the case of an accident if an individual with sympathy were to look upon a person whose lifeblood was ebbing away, the sympathetic individual would probably faint, while the compassionate person would give immediate assistance to the injured one by stopping the flow of blood. It is most important that you understand this. You see, the very nature of those interested in healing usually makes them extremely sensitive to distress. In their eagerness to help they are often prone to accept as real the appearances in the world of form. In so doing they not only deplete themselves thru sympathy but they also magnify those distresses in their fellowman.

Our beloved Master Jesus was a most positive lifestream, beloved ones. If he had allowed his positive qualities of compassion & mercy to become negative acceptance of insanity, leprosy & death itself, he would not have been the victorious master he was nor could he have become the perfect example for all on this Earth to follow. If you are going to become a healing power in this universe, you must become a fountain of positively-controlled energy. Your soul is the accumulated consciousness to which I AM speaking this morning. Your outer consciousness has recorded within it the doubt & fear, the experiences & impressions that you have acquired thru all the centuries you have lived. Now you must take your soul & in quiet introspection examine it well. Find out if you really believe in your heart & in your feelings that there is no other power than God. When you say intellectually from the lips, "I AM the God-power Almighty, there is no other power that can act," do you mean it?

You can measure yourself, my children, by the behavior of the energy which you contact. If that energy does not respond favorably, you have not relinquished your belief in every power except that of Almighty God within the secret deep confines of your own soul. To God who is all love & all-powerful-always-triumphant, master, all energy instantaneously responds. The healing lifestream must be a positive individual. Within his heart, soul & spirit he must be as sure of the Father's Presence as was the Master Jesus when he stood before the tomb of Lazarus & without fear or ridicule or doubt as to the response of that soul called, "Lazarus, come forth!" Jesus knew that the God within, the living Presence of that man, would draw Lazarus from the seeming appearance of death. Thus to all who would believe Jesus gave actual proof that there is no such thing as death. Such an appearance comes only from the acceptance of the outer consciousness. You cannot approach the healing of nations nor the healing of a planet that groans in pain & agony with a negative acceptance of defeat.

Beloved ones, we all deal with energy. Looking upon you this morning seeing the unfolding petals of your own heartflames & the virtues going out from you to bless life with the various qualities representing your particular rays I think how beautiful it is to find so many conductors of harmoniously & beautifully qualified God-energies. You all look to me like lovely flowers, some deep purples some the vibrant blue of El Morya, some white, some green, each of your representing one of the seven great rays. Your Master Chohan, standing in the atmosphere above the room, ties into the virtue that is within you & increases the pressure of his light thru you. In this way this living flower garden of faithful students, increasing in essence, in perfume, in beauty thru concentration, blankets the entire city in a magnificent healing radiation. How grateful we are to you, each precious one, who has given the time, the energy & substance of your world to come & sit at the feet of the master. Without you as conductors of our love into the world of form we would have no bridge over which to pour the radiance of our Presence & our gifts of blessings to mankind.

As we enter the Golden Age that is ahead & as your faith, your spiritual strength & your sense of personal mastery incrase, these qualities form a bridge between our octave & yours over which we come from the ascended master octave to bless you as I AM doing today. Then as you walk over that bridge from your side, as you serve mankind in our name, one day we shall consciously meet & clasp hands. Meanwhile the bridge grows ever wider & wider. Each consciousness we reach, each mind we can convince of our reality & Presence becomes another span of that bridge over which pass all our blessings to life, my gifts of mercy & compassion, beloved Mary's gifts of healing to life, to free, to purify & make whole, as well as the gifts of all the other ascended ones who are serving to set Earth free.

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