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Lord Maitreya: The Resurrection Flame, April 9, 1955, dictated to G. Innocente

I AM come, beloved friends of light, that you may have the use & understanding of life & have it more abundantly. I live but to externalize thru whatever consciousness & nature is open to receive the Presence of God the fullness of His perfection, the strength of His love, the infinite comfort of His way, the dignity of His Presence, the mastery of His energy & the ministry thru mankind who choose to become Myself in action healing the wounds of humanity, those of the elemental kingdom & the forces of nature.

I AM come to return man to his God-estate, to give once more light & life & beauty to the imprisoned angels & restore them to freedom which is their divine heritage, with eyes shining & spirits vital. I AM come to see that elementals again become messengers of the Most High Living God fulfilling the mission for which they were created which was to serve the thought & feeling centers of man who in his turn came to Earth solely for the purpose of expanding the borders of the Father's universal kingdom! I AM come into the atmosphere of the planet Earth, into the conscious minds of people who are gathered together in the upper chamber, whose feelings & thoughts combined have magnetized my Presence.

I AM come that you may taste of the sweetness of that love of God for all that is, that all-encompassing love which is strong, strong enough to stand alone with God, drawing the universal light to transmute the Earth--untouched by human creation, refusing to accept the shadows thrown on the screen of life by those who have lost the mastery & control over their energies, those shadows which turn & haunt people, driving them into fears & confusion. I AM come to be a light in the world, in the hearts of men & women who are desirous of becoming lightbearers that thru their own bodies they may emit the radiation of their own Holy Christ Selves in radiant sublimating love which is a healing purifying agent, an illumination, a freedom that this age into which you have entered demands. I AM come to all the sons & daughters of men who will receive Me & open the chalice of their hearts, rolling back the stone of human reason & in the simplicity & surrender of self bid Me welcome. There within that chamber of their hearts in that living chalice I shall abide that the Christ may be manifest in the many selves, that the miracles & mastery of beloved Jesus may be made manifest thru many forms.

Long have I waited the hour for such invitation! Long have I waited the opportunity of entering into the activities of the consciousness of men & women who inhabit & await inhabitation upon a star whose luster has been dimmed, where shadows have encroached upon the light of the solar system whose music as part of that of the spheres has been turned into a cry of pain & distress, a star which seeks redemption now for herself, for the elements that have made up her living breathing body, for her guardian spirits & for all the evolutions she nourishes.

I AM your guest & at the same time I AM your humble servant! I AM come in response to the call of your life in simplicity, in gentleness of spirit, in gratitude for the opportunity of finding anchorage within the consciousness of at least a few of mankind! I AM come this night on the eve of resurection morn to bring to you again the remembrance of the power of the Spirit of the cosmic Resurrection, that of the Spirit of Resurrection that is used so freely by the nature kingdom & so little by mankind!

Within the atmosphere of your Earth radiating to you as a living heartflame stands the Spirit of the Resurrection awaiting opportunity to resuscitate into immortal power your eternal divine memory, your inner sight & hearing, your God-dignity & mastery. If it can do this for the Easter lily whose bulb lies dormant beneath the Earth until the magnetic pull of the great spirit in charge of that species draws forth that flame in the springtime & the green shoots & pristine beauty of the flower & the beauty of its perfume are a manifestation of the natural activity of the resurrection, certainly it can do so for man!

Where is the mystery when the Spirit of the Resurrection stands manifest before you in every tree that blooms, every bush that sends forth garments of light, color & perfume? In every flower that pushes up thru the ground the Earth fulfills its divine destiny, bows to the spirit of spring & thru the power of resurrection says to man, "There is no death, there is only life, eternal, complete & beautiful!" O man, beloved of my heart, why does your soul lie dormant like a bulb beneath the Earth in winter when there lives the Spirit of Resurrection which is not an ephemeral fancy but a living proof to your physical sight, to your sense of smell & touch, a manifestation to you in nature year in & year out?

Would you think that the God of life, light & love who chose to give immortality to the nature kingdom would deny that immortality to his greatest creation, man, for whose pleasure & sustenance flower, herb & shrub were created? Think ye on these things!

You stand today at the eve of another resurrection morning. Again in song & in gospel will be repeated the story of the life of one who did not believe that death was the ultimate goal of man, that disintegration, decay, senility & the ignominious removal of consciousness thru so-called death is the goal for which millions of years of God-endeavor had created each man! How long has he continued to create for you after you destroyed one physical body after another a fine new earth garment thru which you might try again, drawing from interstellar space angelic beings whose canopy of light above & around you cuts off the radiation of the psychic & astral effluvia which is mankind's return for the gifts of the great Father in heaven! How long think you did it take to fashion those electronic bodies of blazing light in which you first came forth in being, wherein you felt the first pulsebeat of consciousness & in thought & feeling exclaimed, "My God, I AM!"

How many ages were you patiently taken thru sphere after sphere & given an opportunity to explore all the beauties of creation, all the temples & all the glorious activities of life which are there, which intelligences before you had drawn forth & sustained that you might have their inspiration & example!

How long has lovely Amaryllis created for you year after year the most beautiful gardens covering with verdure the desecrations you have committed on nature's kingdom, even making the grass grow as quickly as possible over the fissures on the Earth's surface created by man's greed & selfishness in his search for riches! How long has Neptune's great kingdom of water given you refreshment & purification! How many mornings has the sun chosen to shine, pouring its light thru your windows & welcoming you as you open your eyes, giving you some conception of home & its comfort & security! How much of the carbon-dioxide, how much of the effluvia from mankind en masse & individually have the air elementals purified, giving him in return fresh air to animate his form?

How often have the Lords of Karma listened to you as you stood without the physical body which you have cherished & cared for to which you have entrusted the destiny of your souls, & in kindness worked out a plan wherein & whereby some God-free being at inner levels might prepare you to come to the schoolrooms of Earth again giving you another opportunity!

O lovely ones, you think you know that God is love, you think you know! Only when you stand with unsealed eyes in the full glory of the God-estate toward which you aspire will you see the long path, the ways you have trod! Only then will you realize that God is love, only then even like unto that Father shall you turn &, pouring your love to your fellowmen, become Himself in action.

I would speak to you briefly upon the affinity that exists between master & chela. You see, in order that the celestial Hierarchy may better serve mankind, they whenever possible work with & thru the consciousness of those individuals who dwell upon their rays, who have the acquired sensitivity & who can be reached thru consciousness, often even making that chela a master in the world of form according to his capacity & development.

In the case of beloved Master Jesus & Myself such a oneness was accomplished because of our affinity thru many centuries, because of our association at inner levels, because of complete surrender of his outer self to my Presence. This oneness is not achieved in a moment, it involves many hundreds of embodiments thru centuries of living, but thruout those centuries closer & closer is the bond of compassion & like attunement woven until the master & pupil become almost one.

You have heard what I have previously said, that when I wished to bless any part of life the beloved Jesus would almost automaticaly raise his hand to bestow that blessing. When I wished to speak the full raidation of my words came forth thru his lips. When I wished to enter cosmic service in Judea there was my son so in accord with me that there was no consciousness of two beings, there was just the Christ in action & the service was performed. So it will be one day with you, each of you advancing along your own ray, developing your thought & feeling worlds until you are completely attuned to your master, developing your mind so that you may catch his slightest whisper as has been so beautifully expressed in the life of Jesus.

When you hold your outer self in the reverence & dignity as the communion cup thru which that master may bless all who are athirst, then truly you do become that cup & the master, conserving his own vital energies & forces for service elsewhere, may use you as himself at your particular position in the universe. There is a period of growing, a period of developing, a period of maturing before this association is evident in full manifestation! I call your attention here to a point of the law which sometimes is not understood by the overzealous, by the eager & earnest ones. If your spiritual service is forced before you have builded your maturity emotionally, your balance mentally, your purification etherically & your endurance physically, you may suffer a setback when you begin the great task of teaching because of the pressure of your own spiritual immaturity as well as that of your fellowmen.

When you are anchored, poised & balanced, when you have developed the God-nature, when the dove of the Holy Spirit has descended upon you as it did upon Jesus in the Jordan & the hour of your service has arrived, when your master & you are in perfect accord, you may move forward, drawing the attention of the multitudes, but until that hour I would prefer to nourish & protect you in my own heart's light & love.

Now observe for a moment the nature kingdom which is a marvelous example--when your fruit tree comes to its first blossoming its harvest is small. Why? Because the branches are not strong & the roots are not grounded fully. If the harvest of fruit were too heavy the branches would bend & break & possibly only one good harvest would result, but nature in its mercy brings it to a gentle blooming, a small development at first, &, year by year it grows in strength, in dignity & in grace until it comes to its full maturity. Then, its branches spread wide, it can hold the harvest of the years, &, mankind partaking of that harvest may enjoy the abundant nourishment thereof. You have in your horticultural world those who force flowers & fruit in hotbeds. They force the flowers for early bloom, for the Easter trade we will say. They make them bloom until that bloom becomes full & pleasing to the sight. Ah but the strength & stamina of stem & root is not there. Your forced bloom has not the endurance of that which grows in the full cycle of its time in the sun & brings itself to maturity nature's way.

Even in the kingdom of the four-footed creatures nature in its kindness & in the wisdom of the great Spirit that watches over it decrees that each mother bring forth perhaps one of its kind in the first litter, giving the parent time to grow & mature.

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