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She said she was going to give me opportunity to develop a certain gift to life which would be commensurate with the gifts of my sisters, something which I too might offer to my Heavenly Father & to all His children. That gift she told me would be the outpouring of pure impersonal divine love. Of course as a small child those words did not mean too much to me but that same night for the first time she took me by the hand & we walked out into the garden. From her own heart she poured a beam of light into the water lilies that had closed with the setting sun. As the love & appreciation of beauty flowed from her heart & touched one of the lilies it began to unfold, contrary to its natural propensity. From her body that beam of light connecting with the lily caused it to release a perfume the like of which has never scented the atmosphere of Earth. The flower expanded, the petals became refined & in its pure whiteness it expressed all of a lily's perfection. then withdrawing that beam into her heart, she asked me to do the same thing. I looked at the flower but was unable to pour to it the love that would cause it to move even slightly in its deep night's sleep.

The lady said, "Now at first you will work with nature in the rhythm of nature. Tomorrow morning when the sun rises & the first beams kiss the lilypods use your love & amplify the light of the sun. then notice how much sweeter in scent the lilies will be & more beautiful to look upon because of your love for them & your appreciation of their perfection." With that she was gone. So I worked with the rhythm of nature. Even the songbird as I poured to it love for its life sang more sweetly, the flowers would give a sweeter scent, all in accord with the rhythm already established by the great beings of nature.

The next time the beautiful lay came she said, "Now you must draw forth that same activity without the assistance of the nature kingdom. When the nightingale sleeps by day you must pour your love to his heart & make that song come forth in the noonday sun. When the flowers slumber at close of day then awaken them by love." By that time thru practice my love had grown stronger & I was able to give that assistance to life, amplifying the natural perfection in the seasons opposite to their natural expression.

I passed thru young childhood & came to the age of ten years. Then one day the beloved one told me her name--she was the great cosmic being Charity. She said, "Now you can begin your service in earnest. All of your family have talent & with that talent the natural pride of accomplishment. In the night hours while their bodies sleep you will stand by each one's bedside & pour the love of your heart thru the talents of song, of poetry, thru the talents of dance or whatever their particular gift may be. As the selfless one you will be the nourishment by which they will flower & as your discipline they must never know that it is your love that makes of them the genius of the day!"

In loving obedience I rendered this service for many years. The beauty & perfection of my sisters' voices, the exquisite poetry & prose that they wrote, the paintings & art they accomplished became famous over all the then-known world. All of this was the result of my service & no one outside of our immediate family & friends ever even knew that there was a youngest daughter. The immediate family never knew of my endeavors with the help of Charity to nourish the good that was theirs in order that the fruit, blossoms, the perfume of talent developed might become the blessings of all men.

When my sisters were married I remained at home alone. Then it was that my great teacher told me I would have a visitor from a far distant retreat. She said that I was ready to enter upon the service & activity which he would request of my lifestream, & from that moment the association with her would cease. It was not too easy when beloved Charity withdrew her heart's flame & left me standing within my own soul's light. Then I had to abide, awaiting a timeless visitor. However, one day he did come! He was the beautiful Serapis Bey of Luxor.

He told me about the activities of Luxor, the rquirements of the chelas who wished to attain the ascension, the necessity of development from within the lifestream of every talent or gift which they had vowed to God to give to life before they returned home. This is required of every individual who is to attain the ascension. Beloved Serapis asked me if I would be the embodied incubator of those talents & gifts for all the members of the retreat, setting them free by my love. After a little thought I said I would do this. he said I would first have to pass thru the initiations of Luxor at a branch of that retreat which was not too far from my home.

I entered into that retreat & there I lived with lifestreams who found it very difficult to abide one with the other. They were in the process of training to develop their own mastery over energy & vibration, learning not to react to external or internal pressures which would qualify energy imperfectly. The aspirants were grouped in sevens. The hierarch of the retreat would see that those individuals were placed together who in association would give the greatest opportunities for overcoming the outer self in the daily course of proximity. From one group to another I went, always endeavoring thru that pressure of love to melt away the pain, the hurt, always endeavoring to draw from within the heart-center the gift, power & talent of the lifestream. when I had served enough & found myself impervious to reactions that were not under the control of the God-flame I was enabled to enter the Luxor Retreat. There I abode for several centuries rendering a service & assistance which I still continue to pour forth to mankind, everyone everywhere, to all who choose to understand what a power love is to loose the good in their fellowman.

Here in the heart of _____ I find a natural affinity to my activity. Thru it at this class we are going to endeavor to establish within the heart of every student, every individual on the mystic path who desires it a small individual pink rose which is our gift of love. As the love from the class flows forth, as the great rose devas carry that pressure, we shall endeavor thru the forcefield established by your cooperative endeavors to amplify the good. We shall endeavor to intensify & increase the talents of each one giving every lifestream greater incentive to continue on the path, greater desire to unfold their particular divine pattern & plan. As this momentum grows we shall make a beautiful garden of this entire planet Earth, everyone's heartflame emitting its own perfume, everyone's aura a magnificent flower, everyone's energy radiating the music of the spheres. Thus one completes in the physical appearance world the pattern & the divine plan for which he came into being.

Beloved ones, mankind do not understand the opportunities of class work. Mankind for centuries have come to schools for knowledge in the world of secular activities as well as metaphysical & occult channels. however, knowledge unused is more dangerous than ignorance, because with knowledge comes karma & obligation to weave out of the individual's energy a blessing to life commensurate with the knowledge given. Better had man not applied to the fount of knowledge than to satiate the mind, the etheric body & brain with more & more law than continue in the way of the senses weaving out of beautiful life more of the dissonance which forms the blanket of atmosphere in which he lives, moves & has his being.

When one comes to a class he brings his mental body filled, beloved ones, with centuries of the accumulation of knowledge--truth & fallacy. All of the various isms that have engaged the energies of one embodiment alone make a conglomerate mass of thoughtforms. The master must speak thru that mental accumulation endeavoring to anchor into the mental body even one thought which can be developed thru the feelings into an improved nature & a greater radiation of perfection. Then too there is that great sea of emotion surging constantly, never still! How rich would the student be if that great emotional world could be prepared for the reception not only of the worded address but for the radiation, & all of those surging tides could be stilled!

If that etheric body wherein all of the grievances of the ages are stored could also be stilled & that precious flesh rested & relaxed, in one address more could be done than in a hundred where the motion & lack of individual preparation make it so difficult to reach thru the energy not only of the psychic & astral planes but of the many selves.

You here today are one in harmony. Thru that harmony I AM able to anchor the substance of my love to assist you in your own particular mission to life that your gifts & talents may come forth & externalize for the blessing of all. What I did those centuries ago I promise you I shall do for you once in each 12-hour period. I see your pattern. I see your part in the great eternal scheme of things. I see the design that Ascended Master St. Germain is endeavoring to weave from the energies of a few. You are among those whom he has chosen, those of you who volunteered to finish the course for him when he took his ascension. You volunteered to tie into your own bodies the gift of freedom & to weave out of the energies of your world freedom for the life you contact.

Do you know the happiness that comes when you can kindly & impersonally love the divine pattern in another's heart? In nature you can enjoy it because you do not have the personality that aggravates. With very great relaxation you can enjoy a very beautiful sunrise, you can enjoy a calm lake at eventide, you can enjoy the song of a bird or the beautiful flowers of the garden. Yes, if you want I shall help you to enjoy in that same impersonal manner the timid shoots coming up from the human heart seeking the light, endeavoring to reach thru the turbulence of the aura, hoping for the magnetic power of love from some part of life to give strength & vitality to those first efforts. O if you would only be that magnet & help to draw forth that pattern & that plan for others! Sometimes it seems foolish to you, sometimes the halting words of a new student seem silly to one of superior wisdom, but we never feel that your words & your efforts are foolish! O, that you would impersonally & kindly nourish any & all the good in all you meet, endeavoring to understand the disciplines thru which another soul may be passing! O if there were only one hundred such men on this Earth today, St. Germain's victory would be closer, much closer indeed!

When beloved Charity was helping me with my personal application she saw within my childish heart a certain sense of frustration from being the wall-flower among so many brilliant & beautiful sisters. She said something to me one day that was so comforting & it stayed with me all my life. She said, "Now, child, it is your roots that matter. When those roots are anchored deep in the knowledge of God & the love for God, when in the secret silent places of your own soul those roots are developed in faith, purity & love of God, the flower of work & the perfume of being will just be an effect! You need have no more concern about them than has the growing plant with the natural unfolding blossom. The energies of that plant are engaged in connecting with the earth & the elements which give it its nourishment & in due time the flower appears as a natural result."

From then on I sought no longer for manifest works in themselves. I sought to set my roots deep deep in the love of God, in that great surrender to his purpose, in the realization that "One with God is a majority." I embodied as best I could the same truth that Jesus again brought forth, "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven & all these things shall be added unto you." It was so in my experience. Today you too are planting your roots deep within the flame of your heart whence comes the nourishment, the very lifebeat of your body, whence comes the healing for your flesh, whence comes the supply upon your table & the very roofs above you heads. As your roots are anchored in God, seeking no external spiritual nourishment, so shall your flower be manifest to all men. That which a man does in secret is manifest to the world about him that all who run may read.

I speak today heart to heart in a homely fashion because we are a family, because there is no doubt, because there is no energy required of me to convince you of our reality & our purpose. Therefore tonight we are one in consciousness, one great family of light. So I speak to you, looking into the secret recesses of your heart, seeing there the strong roots in the center & the newer roots that are going out from it. I see now in your aura the manifest harmony of that future flower. I say to you, dear hearts, be of good cheer! You are growing in grace, growing in light & growing in love. Until your victory is complete I stand by you & with you & so does my great teacher, beloved Charity, who is embodied love for life. Mankind will come to you bewildered & confused with hope stirring in their hearts. Remember me & love them free! "Love one another as I have loved you." Thank you & God bless you. NADA

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