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Archangel Uriel concludes address; Archangel Michael: Teton Conference Address, 6-28-1954, excerpt, dictated to G. I.

Uriel: Beloved Mary told you in one of her first addresses that it is her joy to help the souls to fashion the sacred heart. the very best elemental substance of the physical world is used for the heart because the heart is the chalice in which the immortal Threefold Flame abides. During the month of May the body elemental & soul join in the sixth sphere at this glorious Temple of the Sacred Heart of Mary. It is situated in the country (etherically). You see, isn't it magnificent, space does not exist! Now think for a moment in your own consciousness, dear hearts! Your consciousness can create in thought the sun & moon & stars. You can just keep on expanding & you can put in as many galaxies & universes as you want. In your consciousness you can surround your home with acres of ground. You can put mountain in it if you want & seashore. Well of course that is the freedom with which we function in the inner realms. If there is one thing above all else the people enjoy at inner levels it is this spaciousness of the inner spheres. The Sacred Heart Temple is in what you would call Elysian fields. As you approach it the fields are covered at this time with beautiful yellow flowers similar to your daisies with golden centers. Mary's temple itself is Grecian in style, open to the sky & very large with colonnades covered with pink roses. Coming from all directions thru these fields knee-deep in these beautiful yellow flowers are the 300,000,000 souls offered opportunity to incarnate this year. they are approaching the magnificent temple where they will receive the blessing & substance which will make up their hearts. It will take probably a week to do this but as it began today I would like to give it to you in just a digest.

Most of these souls are in their etheric bodies. You know the etheric body is a mirror, it is its nature. The etheric body mirrors all experience. The etheric body takes on the form & shape of the thoughts & feelings. When a man dies his etheric body looks just like his prostrate form. If the physical body is shrivelled up & worn out, the etheric looks like that. When they pass over to the other side the etheric body mirrors its surroundings & it begins to throw off the appearance of age. Every one in the inner realms has returned to about a 35-year age. In a few years the etheric body of the newly passed again assumes an appearance of youth. the etheric bodies come to this temple but the physical substance which will make up the next Earth body will cause the body elemental & etheric body to be misshapen again if such is the type of garment which the soul has earned. There is often a rebellion in the body elemental & there is rebellion when the lifestream is required to enter into a grotesque form or a misshapen form, do you see? It is our desire among your many other tasks, if you would, makes some calls that those who are destined by karma to take imbecilic bodies & forms that are very distorted might have that karma mitigated. Ask that they come into bodies with at least all their members in working order & with all that you are & all that you have call for mercy for them!

Beloved Mary is wearing soft blue with the blue veil over her head. It doesn't entirely cover her lovely golden hair. It is like a soft chiffon. She is standing toward the front of the temple door & blesses their souls with her hand outstretched but she doesn't touch them. They walk along & take seats at various places. this will continue on thru the day & thru the night. Please call to Kwan Yin for mercy for these blessed ones that each one will get the best body possible. Call for those who perhaps would lose their opportunity to secure a body; those who do so lose it suffer terribly. Imagine being passed by the Karmic Board, then losing opportunity to incarnate. It is a great trial! The individuals are picked out & given a chance. Two people have been denied incarnation so that they can come in & then just when the body is fashioned it is destroyed & that opportunity is lost. This is also cause for sadness & rebellion. Please make the call that they receive the best possible garments as incarnating lifestreams come in. If you will just visualize them & feel the violet flame passing thru them it will help.

Let me see now what you will do with your aura in the days just ahead. Make it something we can use & remember! remember! remember! Uriel is no farther from you than a call! Just the silent thought of god will bring me on the instant! I AM your friend! I AM your servant! I AM your companion in the light! Uriel, the Messenger of the Most High! I thank you!

-Seven Beloved Archangels Speak, Bridge to Freedom, copyright 1954, AMTF 1986 reprint, pp. 101-22.

Archangel Michael: The raising of the consciousness is a scientific matter, beloved hearts, which many earnest & sincere students do not yet understand. The consciousness you enjoy in the physical octave or at inner levels etherically cannot be too rapidly raised into vibratory actions of a very rapid & subtle nature, for the conscious mind & ego itself would merely blackout, so to speak, & there would be no awareness in those realms.

Therefore even in mercy when we meet a soul who passes thru the change called death we must carefully measure the amount of light that such an one can comprehend, enjoy, digest, assimilate & make his own. the particular heaven or octave of light to which we take such an one corresponds to the maximum awakened consciousness that the soul can maintain within such a sphere.

Therefore we have what you would call graduated heavens, the heavens of the orthodox world, the heavens of the metaphysical world, the heavens of the esoteric students, chelas, on upward thru the adepts until finally the consciousness achieves a capacity to retain self-awareness in the ascended master octave. such an one then is a candidate for the ascension.

It is exactly the same in the type of radiation, instruction & personal presence that we bring to you. We must carefully measure the light, capacity, spiritual digestion & power of assimilation within each of your own & not bring you beyond the point of awareness, for you would receive no benefit & perhaps in that assimilation you might find yourself possessed of more information than you were yet able to control, manage, direct & qualify harmoniously.

I took a vow to the sun of this system that I should remain until every lifestream, every spirit-spark called forth from that sun had found mastery & had returned in God-dignity into the realm of eternal light. This is my reason for being! I speak tonight from a heart that is filled with love for you. I speak on behalf of the angelic kingdom & my beloved brothers the great ascended host of light who represent the seven cosmic feelings of the nature of God.

Tonight I AM privileged to bring from the heart of the Ascension Temple all of the loved ones whom it was my great joy & honor to assist in removing from them the necessity for reembodiment on the earth plane. They have spent some time in each 24-hour period within these Ascension Temples which have been established in the seven spheres. As your loved ones belong to the seven spheres & as they had to be assisted in the sphere to which they belong, there are Ascension Temples in the entire seven spheres. We have asked the beloved angles of blue lightning to accompany these blessed ones as they come now into the lower atmosphere of Earth. They come over the bridge of light which has been established by the devas to stand before the Karmic Board. These blessed ones have been exposed to the violet flame & to that graded spiritual instruction which their consciousness could accept. The Karmic Board will look upon their record as They did such a short time ago.

It was no easy task, beloved ones, to provide all these varying consciousnesses with a spiritual teacher who could give the consciousnesses enough of the law to move them forward as they proceed toward truth. As you know some were very orthodox & very narrow-minded. The improvement in each one as I looked upon them prior to the forming of the procession is remarkable! The Karmic Board will look upon their light, & my petition shall go forth then that as many of the lifestreams as possible that pass from embodiment this year be freed from the necessity of rebirth & be entered into one of these temples & that grant be repreated yearly until no lifestream that goes out (of embodiment) will be forced to return.

It is very much easier for a student to achieve freedom in the lightness of the etheric garment, & it will allow the Earth to ascend in her sweetness & beauty if the weight of these individuals does not come back in a short time to again become part of her heritage.

Mother Mary: Teton Conference Address, 6-29-1954, dictated to G. I.

In the initiations that I was privileged to pass thru before I was given the opportunity of accepting the role of mother of beloved Jesus I had to prove before the Karmic board, the great Lord Maitreya & the spiritual assembly that I was able to hold the concentrated image of the divine being no matter what the pressures of energy directed at me from within or without might be! For three long hours at inner levels I held that concept & every pressure even from Elohim was directed into my mental body attempting to divert my attention most subtly into other activities of life & light but causing me to relinquish that perfect image which it would be required of me to hold during the entire period when I carried the Master Jesus & during the long years after his birth waiting the hour of his trial & then his ultimate victory!

So I have been chosen to come to you tonight to ask you among other things to endeavor to develop a power of concentration upon one activity of the sacred fire, one exercise, one spiritual development, until you can carry it thru thought & feeling into form.

In my activities at inner levels I work with elementals & in our temples we teach them how to embody form. The elemental becomes the form of the flower & the form of the grass, the form of the blossom. His power of concentration devtermines how long that blossom or flower or manifestation will remain in the physical appearance world as a blessing to life. It is difficult for them at first to concentrate their sweet small energies, for they mirror first one form & then another, changing with every passing activity which their vision contemplates.

You, beloved ones, are in much the same condition emotionally & mentally. It is my desire thru my momentum & power of concentration to bring to you the pressure of my energy & whatever assistance my lifestream can offer to help you to draw the immaculate conception of your own Godhood in the same glorious design that was cut out of the universal light by Helios & Vesta, & to help you to hold that design, passing thru it the flame of your feeling until the hour when your flesh, obedient to that thought & feeling form held, manifests the perfection of the Christ-estate & you stand revealed the Master Presence. That, beloved children, is your supreme destiny!

Each of us in the ascended master octave is dedicated to some particular activity & service. You individually & collectively as you develop & mature will find yourselves specializing more & more & more, drawing the energies from primal life & qualifying them with a specific quality of radiation to bless life. You will become specialists in the radiation of healing, of purification, of illumination, of education, of precipitation & all the various activities which will benefit & bless the race.

In order for you to develop & mature these faculties & to draw forth that primal energy & pass the energy of your feeling world thru it, qualifying it with a specific God quality, you must have the quality & characteristic of spiritual concentration because the life essence in order to gather a momentum of any quality to be used as a specific blessing to the race must receive a rhythmic charge from the feeling world which is the qualifying agent of your lifestream.

Students upon the path who have passed beyond the metaphysical stage of development must come to a place where they recognize vibration itself & are not required to depend upon form for confirmation of the heart-acceptance of the Master Presence. This requires great balance, beloved ones, & it requires a great stillness in your heart, & it requires the silence of your lips & that you tell no man.

Serapis Bey: Teton Conference Address, 6-30-1954, dictated to G. I.

All right! Now I will tell you the story of Luxor & give you something pleasurable. I have a sweet side too, you know. Yes, I work with the Seraphic host. My nature, believe it or not, is love.

We give notice to those who are ready to enter temple one. As they enter temple one they give up their names, position, title, the substance of this world. they become just a brother or a sister, wear the simple linen garments, rise & fall on their own light. They are given an inner name & they remain within that temple until they have made the surrender to God & become willing to fulfill their reason for being. That is what we are determined to find within your consciousness in this class. If we find it within a dozen of you we feel we have done well. Those who do make it, those who are willing to become the nameless ones, those willing to wear the coarse linen garment & the sandals are then ready for the second temple.

In the second temple everyone is happy, it is the temple of beloved Kuthumi & the educators. The good in the Causal Body has been studied & there is the action of the law which is familiar to a goodly number of you. So from the Causal Body & from the heart the chela determines wherein is his greatest possible service to the community & to mankind. He determines to become a great singer, a great artist, an inventor, a teacher, a healer, a priest & so on.

He is then assigned to a temple where he can develop greater & greater efficacy according to the field of endeavor which he has chosen & he devotes so many hours a day to impersonal service. Together the master & group of chelas, using the knowledge they have received, direct that knowledge into the mental & feeling world of mankind where it is picked up by the sensitive consciousness of the people in the outer channels of world service who still are constructive in intent.

Then comes temple three. It was at temple three that Blavatsky left, it is at temple three that almost all of our friends leave. It is the temple where you are required to live with six other lifestreams who have within them the particular nature, characteristics & general qualities that irk you. You must live & pray with them. You must live & learn the law which St. Germain gave you not so long ago, that persons resist persons, places, conditins & things because they have not mastered themselves. Here the fires of rebellion & resentment & all the various many self-justifications burn the soul to ash. After you have adjusted yourself to these six individuals you are moved to another group with another six unless of course you are among the few who do not need this, & there have been a few, there have been those who could not be moved by external radiation. Those who pass from the third temple to mastery come before me for the first time since entering my retreat. Many many have left by the open door!

In temple four comes the wonderful experience which some of you have had for a moment, the unification with Christ. it is an initiation in which I myself AM the presiding master. Those who have learned to live with their fellowman then have earned the right to live with God & to see the Presence face to face! Here the veil is rent! The Holy Christ Self is revealed & the anchorage which you will enjoy established.

Those who pass that experience come to temple five, the temple of consecration. This is another happy experience & those here do not know anything of a discordant nature. They take off the linen garments, the sandals & they are consciously vested under Hilarion's radiation with the garments of the priest, the jewels of authority, scepters of power, secret words of invocation. That exquisite ceremony is performed where each one walks up the steps of the temple & presides for the first time in drawing the visible sacred fire directly from the universal in any one of the seven temples according to the ray to which the lifestream belongs. Many remain here & go no further.

Those who choose to enter the sixth temple again pass thru that tremendous renunciation. They are the missionaries under Archangel Uriel & beloved Jesus. The beautiful vestments, velvets & silks are folded away. The jewels of power & crowns from their heads are removed for the begging bowl & garment of the mendicant. The chela takes the vow of silence & leaves Luxor to perform a specific service of world benefit thru radiation.

The Master Jesus in that small boy's body passed thru the initiation, thru the consecration of the priesthood. Can you imagine that? Only his own light & I alone knew who he was, neither his teacher nor the great tall men & women who were the aspirants in his hour knew him as that little babe, no more than five with great enormous eyes wearing a little white toga that his mother had woven for him, stood with those initiates. When that child walked up those steps & the vestments cut to size were placed upon him there wasn't a dry eye among them. Even his mother was not there; we can relinquish no part of our discipline for persons. She & Joseph sat under a fig tree outside the gate, & don't think that Mary didn't pray not only at the hour of coronation but in times between.

The Master Jesus did not complete the sixth & seventh initiations within Luxor at that time. Many of the aspirants who go out so hopefully from the heart of the retreat do not return. Some are killed, some have been stoned, some are martyrs, some are absorbed by the world, some are discouraged by the disinterest of the world. A few do return & those few are the candidates for the Ascension who dwell in sphere seven & who thru radiation become fountains of nourishment & mercy to the earth sphere until the hour their complete victory is attained. SERAPIS

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