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The adoration flame is practical. It is one of the most practical activities that can be generated within the heart, soul & spirit of the bound because it is an actual treatment of the feeling as well as of the mind & an actual therapy to the flesh. True adoration to God has within it no self-seeking. It is an absolute relaxation, basking in the goodness of God & loving Him for Himself or loving any great God-being who represents some special service to life. There is therefore within it none of the tension that sometimes attends prayer & invocation because of the use of human will. Adoration to be the therapy for which it is meant in the return of the exile is a complete devotion to the goodness of life. It is the same relaxed devotion that you feel when you sit in the sunshine on a beautiful spring day & absorb into yourself the goodness of the light of that mighty sun. Adoration is just a pouring forth of your life & all the gratitude that your heart can draw forth to the heart of the sun (Son), to the heart of the Presence, to the heart of St. Germain or any God-free being. I challenge any individual in depression, any individual in pain, any individual in chains of any kind to use the flame of adoration that is the true nature of their being. If in using that they do not see & feel freedom, then the sun & planets themselves will no longer move on their appointed course.

The flame of adoration has been looked upon by the practical man as something for the visionary, for the aesthetic, for the devotional. It has been put aside by the human intellect as an opiate of the soul. yet that flame of adoration contains within itself the most practical scientific aspect of the law. That to which you give your life grows, multiplies, matures & develops, whether it is a garden plot, whether it is a farm crop or whether it is a friendship human or divine. The pouring forth of the gratitude of your love & life multiplies & makes things grow. The pouring forth of adoration to the heart of the Presence makes that Presence within your own heart to grow. It makes that golden man expand & mature within the heart even as the plants in your garden to which you give the love of your life & the care of your hands expand & multiply themselves. Adoration & love is the spiritual aspect of the law by which the beloved Jesus multiplied the loaves & fishes, by which conscious precipitation may be increased in your world & your affairs. The giving of thanks for the substance at hand can duplicate that substance indefinitely.

There is no limit to the response within life to love poured forth consciously, for love is life itself & the cells within that which you love double, triple & increase as you pour out your love & gratitude to them. Adoration is a divine alchemy, beloved hearts, which you may use well in your association one with the other. It is that power to adore the God-flame within the hearts of unascended beings that enables us to continue to serve age after age, to continue to love, to continue to hold impersonal kindness, brushing away the appearance & the shadows. It enables us to give no thought to them but adoring that God-flame, & our confidence & drawing it forth from that airless cell until one day each flame will arise the Master Presence of that human form. It is our adoration & devotion to that imprisoned life of God within the heart that has kept mankind from annihilation thru the ages. If you in your dealings one with another were to use that flame, centering within the stillness of your own heart & acknowledging then that the Presence of God beats the heart of those around you, if you were in calm impersonal devotion to pour your adoration to the flame within the imprisoned heart of those who cause you distress, what would you do? You would increase the power, the pressure of that Presence within that heart, you would increase the light rather than accentuate the shadows by the added accumulation of your censure & blame.

The man who learns to adore the Flame of Life, to acknowledge that Presence everywhere may move in the world & find all life his frined because the intelligent Presence waiting within the heart of even those who seem to be the most difficult responds instantly to the salutation when it comes from the feelings & not from the will or only from the lips. Beloved hearts of life! That flame of adoration directed to that which is good is a practical magnet within your hands to draw to you every good & perfect thing if you will use it! Over & over again we come bringing to you the key to freedom, & your precious hearts respond but so soon, so soon you slip back into the habits of the centuries & forget to use these gifts which are ours to give, ours to remind you of but yours to externalize!

In the action of the violet ray that now plays on planet Earth what do you think that ray will do for you when you give your adoration to it? How it will leap forth in response to your devotion & love! In the action of the resurrection flame, in the action of the ascension flame or any of the gifts from the hearts of the masters of heaven, beloved ones, practice pouring forth your greatest adoration. Although you know not its fullness, thanksgiving & gratitude are the activity of the adoration flame. Feel it increase & multiply within you! Prove that not behind convent wall, not in hermitage alone but on the streets walking the pavement, cleaning your homes, turning the wheels of business the adoration flame is a practical alchemy for multiplying good & decreasing evil.

Among the millions of sons of men incarnate on this planet Earth today you are the few who have chosen to part the veil of silence & allow me to give to you an outline of my service to life. I know because of your centuries of devotion to spiritual things that it shall live & truly wax strong. O the happiness within that pink flame as it rises within your hearts & calls to the Central Sun of this system! O the happiness that your bodies will feel & the lightness you will experience as you drop the appearance of age, distress, discomfort! As you learn to relax within that pink flame of gratitude & thanksgiving to life the softness will erase the lines on your face & love will replace the hard look in the eyes. All these blessings come from the use of that flame of thanksgiving, of gratitude & adoration of which my beloved complement is the spiritual being & heart. It is a cause for rejoicing that the mighty infinite spirit of thanksgiving & gratitude whom I love & who is part of my life shall increase & intensify now until her spirit covers the Earth. When the beloved pilgrim fathers gave acknowledgment to the spirit of thanksgiving they did draw into the lower atmosphere of Earth a focus of that flame & that is why in, thru & around the New England States particularly the focus of love (in the etheric plane over New Bedford, Mass.) & the activity of beloved Nada is so powerfully felt.

There is no such thing as happenstance in the placing of lifestreams at various strategic points on the Earth's surface! You think you are born to a family in a nation by happenstance! You think you are drawn by circumstance from a place of seeming security into a new locality where you must hew again for yourself a means of making a living. Yet if you could see at inner levels those great magnetic currents which draw your light that you might join together in cooperative units to be used by cosmic law, you would rejoice as your feet responded, as outer circumstances caused necessary changes. It is thus that you are builded into grails thru which specific qualities & blessings are poured to flow thru the planet Earth & its evolutions to bless, uplift & enrich all!

The Silent Watchers who guard great movements magnetize certain lifestreams & those individuals who are builded into a strong & mighty focus of light are guarded from time of birth & before. Then when the cosmic moment comes & the clarion call of the master is sounded in the inner world of spirit thru natural channels these people are invited to join together. Thus seemingly inconspicuous little lifestreams unite & make a grail, building a momentum of energy & service if they can stand the riptide of disintegrating force. You have been thus drawn together. You have stood against those riptides, those mighty tidal waves of energy that have dashed themselves against your minds & bodies sometimes with almost more force than you could stand individually. Sometimes your hands were almost torn from the Rock of Ages & your souls swept away to spiritual oblivion in those tides. We have watched & you have survived! Your testing, your suffering, the salt tears you shed, the floors you have paced while standing in this light against seeming injustice, tests of faith & tests of character, have made these groups possible. As beloved Mary Mother of Jesus said, "The small activities of your daily living, the invisible victories, the decisions that you make in your own closet with doors shut which no man sees but ourselves do not go unnoticed." Not only Jesus shed bitter tears & not only Jesus sweat blood. It is thus that we carve from a world of chaos an orb of freedom.

There is the cosmic activity in which you engage, in which your soul & consciousness are able to arise & function freely at these inner levels backed by your faith & understanding. Then there is the outer self of you, the weary flesh, the tired mind, the striving consciousness. Jesus experienced this, Mary & Joseph too. They pursued an ordinary course of life, carpentry, gardening, walking to the well, setting the table, meeting their friends & carving for themselves a little personal homely existence. Then they had a mystic life with the angels, a life of beauty & mysticism which they could not even voice in their small village lest they be cast from a cliff as sorcerers. They lived with their heads & hearts in heaven & their feet on Earth, balancing the two activities. So it is with you. You return now to your individual orbits. Never say again "Could it have been?" It is! It is! The world of form will prove it!

With all your cosmic endeavors please remember that hand in hand with cosmic service is individual development, application & self-mastery. Some of you have made predges of kindness to life, pledges to refrain from slander, pledges of mercy. Some of you gave private pledges of kindness, the homely things out of which to build the kingdom of heaven on Earth. Remember these things as you move forward now. I challenge you! Sweep my flame of adoration thru every condition in your life to double your supply, to double your enthusiasm, to double your ability to strive & desire to serve, to triple all your activities! It can be done! Works not words are the order of the day! Everything increases thru attention. The more lifestreams that have their attention on God the greater the magnet, & the greater the magnet the more souls come into divine alignment. You have seen it with crowds, two people gather together & soon you have a grouping. People are drawn here & there by attention & by love. We move now into the new day. Remember Chamuel! Remember to magnify & amplify the good! Take the money in your pocketbook & pass the adoration flame thru it! Bless it & increase it & see what the use of that flame will do for you! I challenge you, children of my heart, to try this! I leave you now in the heart of adoration's flame.

As you sing that beautiful song "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow," you shall receive my feeling of that adoration flame, the heart of the pink fire!

-Seven Archangels Speak, Bridge to Freedom, 1954.

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